Mere Sai 6th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Sai Advices Vishwanath

Mere Sai 6th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vishwanath apologizes to Sai and tells that villagers gathered because of us. He asks Keshav to apologize to Sai, but keshav is hesitant. Sai says no problem and goes. Vishwanath says Sai is upset with us and goes behind him apologizes to him again. Sai says I know why Keshav is not talking to me. He says Keshav is a kid and the mistake is of the people who give him wrong teaching rather than giving right teaching. Keshav thinks Sai is scolding his phupha ji. Vishwanath says even I feel the same and he shakes his hand. Sai says I know you are troubled from within and can’t share your problems with anyone. Vishwanath continues to shake his hand. Sai touches his hand and heals them with his divine powers. Vishwanath’s hand stop shaking. Jai jai ram Krishna hari plays…..Vishwanath smiles and feels energetic.

He smiles looking at Sai. Sai tells him that sabka malik ek. Keshav thinks everyone left. Sai didn’t think that I am left alone again.

Next day, Keshav insists to take Gramophone again. Vishwanath reminds him what happened yesterday and says if rain starts then it will be ruined. Kulkarni comes and scolds Vishwanath. Vishwanath stammers. Kulkarni asks Anta and Banta to take gramophone. He asks Vishwanath to be in his limits. Chivu scolds him and asks if he again got an attack. She tells that it would have been good if she had married a tree rather than him. Vishwanath thinks Chivu is right and he shall return back to his house.

Keshav tries to stop villagers to hear gramophone, but nobody stops. Keshav thinks to play it so that people gather there. Vishwanath is leaving Shirdi and thinks of Kulkarni and Chivu’s taunts. He comes to Dwarka Maai and tells Sai that he is leaving Shirdi. Sai blesses him. Vishwanath is about to leave, and his suitcase opens up. He keeps clothes back and starts walking again. It opens again and his clothes fall down. He picks it again and locks the suitcase, but same thing happens. Vishwanath thinks what is happening with him. Sai smiles. Sai song plays…..Vishwanath sees Sai standing infront of him. Sai asks how can you leave Shirdi without taking her for whom you came here, and asks can you live without her memories.

Vishwanath says how do you know and tells that his patience is given up. He tells that his relatives taunt him for giving more liberty to Chivu. He tells that his wife don’t respect him. He says he couldn’t speak properly with others except his mum and you. Sai asks him to bring a change in him rather than expecting change from others. Keshav plays gramophone, but nobody comes. Banta says Kulkarni will scold them. Jhipri and other kids come there. Keshav asks what do you want to hear. They tell that they have test now. Jhipri says they will listen to him in the evening. Keshav talks to them arrogantly and asks them not to come to him if they want to listen music. Banta tells that Sai is instigating kids against Keshav. Keshav falls in his words. Sai asks Vishwanath if all his students are same? And asks how do you inspire the kids. Vishwanath says kids have some good quality even though if they are mischievous. Sai says you are scared of people and asks him to search people’s goodness before talking to him. He asks him to go to market and talk to the people and try to find their goodness. Vishwanath says they are stranger to me. Sai asks him to go and says if you try then will get successful. Vishwanath goes.

A woman comes to Sai and tells that her husband is staying far from her and she don’t want her child to stay away from his father. Sai looks on.

Update Credit to: MA

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