Laal Ishq 7th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Harsh’s Immense Love For Sonal Forces Him To Betray Riya

Laal Ishq 7th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Riya sitting in her car listens to RJ on radio and calls him. RJ says he got a first call, who is this. She says 0she wants to talk about him, he helps her a lot and reaches wherever she needs help. He asks if he is her boyfriend. She says he stalks her everywhere. She goes into flashback where she is enjoying swinging on a swinger and her father talking over phone about his elder daughter Sonal’s alliance. Riya gets shocked seeing her elder sister Sonal sitting right in front of her and says she frightened her, where did she go that she emptied whole car’s petrol tank. Sonal requests her to handle papa, she needs to go out, it is important, it is her life’s question. Riya senses someone’s presence, wind chime shakes. Next, Riya rushes to hospital hearing about Sonal’s accident. She speaks to Sonal that she told it is her life’s question, please get up and speak to her. Doctor informs father that Sonal’s condition is critical and her vital signs are slowing down. Riya walks out and seeing tender coconut on bench extends her hand to pick it when she gets afraid when her father touches her shoulder from behind and says doctor told Sonal needs surgery. Riya turns and sees coconut missing, rests on bench and gets afraid seeing a weird looking nurse when she opens eyes who asks to get medicine from laboratory and its on first floor on left side, without blinking her eyes and leaves. She walks up and sees whole floor dark and secluded. She sees pharmacy board and asks if someone is here. She enters room and finds no one there. She tries to walk out in fear, but door locks. She gets more afraid. She then sees a man in dim light who says door opens from inside, it is a morgue, why did she come here. He opens door and shows her pharmacy. She busy medicine and turns and does not find anyone. She goes down and gives medicine to nurse and says she went into morgue by mistake and someone was there. Nurse says morgue is always close and she told pharmacy is on left and not right. Doctor comes and informs that Sonal’s condition is stabilizing. Nurse comes and informs patient is sinking. Doctor rushes in and sees ECG monitor going blank, he stabilizes Sonal’s condition. Riya gets worried peeping from glass door.

Next day, Riya weeps sitting outside hospital on bench. Sooraj sits next to her and says he wants to tell her a story, an 8-year-old boy’s father went to get him something and never returned, son thought father must have met with an accident, he is still waiting for his father even now. She asks what. He insists her for a coffee in cafeteria on hospital’s third floor. She agrees and walks with him. Tender coconut is seen there. They enjoy coffee. Riya says she did not know hospital has cafeteria. He says it is an old cafeteria. He continues that he searched his father for long, but then kept himself busy in work, he used to listen to Kishore Kumar Songs and fall asleep. Riya excitedly says even she likes Kishore Kumar songs and Sonal used to taught she is too old. Sooraj says he likes singing Ek Ladki Bhigi Bhaagi si…song.. in rain. Riya says she can sing it imaging rain any time. He coughs. She goes to get tissue paper and when she returns does not find him. He calls from 2nd floor and asks to come down and enjoy rain. They both enjoy rain singing Ek Ladki Bhigi Bhagi si… Her father calls her and asks where is she. She says cafeteria. Sooraj says he needs to go and walks away. Father walks in and says he is thinking of taking Sonal to Mumbai if her condition does not get better and asks what is she doing here alone. Seh says a man with blue jacket was here aand he just passed in front of him. Father says he did not see anyone. Riya gets tensed. Riya asks nurse if there is any employee in blue dress. Nurse says all employees wear pink dress code and maybe she should check in accounts department in 2nd floor. Riya gets into lift. Lift malfunctions and stops. Lights flicker. Riya gets afraid. Sooraj emerges and asks her to calm down, he is here. He gets lift to basement, opens door and asks what is she doing in basement. Riya asks how did he come into lift. He says he is electrician and was already in lift repairing it. He introduces himself as Sooraj, electrical engineer. She says he reaches everywhere whenever she is in trouble. He says he will protect her always. Riya returns down and tells nurse and doctor about electrician Sooraj. Doctor says Sooraj is dead 15 days ago while trying to repair lift in basement, he treated Sooraj. Nurse says weirdly Sooraj’s name appears in list even now. Riya stands shocked.

Out of flashback, traveling in car Riya speaks to RJ and says Sooraj and she like each other and he reaches wherever she needs helps. He asks to tell more about Sooraj. She sees her car losing control and shouts. Car stops just before crashing to a car. RJ asks if she is fine. Riya comes out of car. Coconut comes under car tyre and then under Riya’s feet. Sooraj comes on bike and calms her down, asks if she thinks he is a ghost, he is not. There are 2 Sooraj named employees in hospital and other Sooraj died. Their love grows stronger for a few days. Coconut appears ans flies to hospital. Sooraj speaks to nurse and says he got coconut and wants her life back. Nurse says Priya should trust him if coconut has to work. Sooraj says Riya loves him and blindly trust him, he can do anything to save Sonal’s life. He walks into Sonal’s room and mixes coconut water in glass. Riya starts coughing and sees blood. Sooraj feeds coconut water to Sonal revealing he is infusing Riya’s life into Sonal. He reminisces Sonal and his love for each other, telling Sonal that he cannot stay away from her. Sonal says her pappa is thinking of her marriage and he does not like love marriages. Sonal opens eyes and calls him Harsh. He gets happy. Riya’s condition worsens. Doctor informs father that Sonal’s condition has stabilized now, he can come and take her home. Sonal is taken on wheelchair and Riya is taken on another wheelchair in critical condition.

After a year, Sonal is seen married to Harsh and serving food to her father. Father sadly says god saved his one daughter and took away another daughter, looking at Riya’s garlanded photo. Sonal calls Harsh for lunch and tells father that Harsh has changed after marriage, he used speak a lot before marriage, but now does not speak at all and is always in room. Harsh tells let us go and walks down as if something heavy is on his back. Sonal suggests why don’t he consult doctor for his back pain. Harsh says even doctor cannot help him and sits on chair bent. Riya is seen on his back and then her garlanded photo.

Precap: Tomorrow’s new episode with a new story is shown.

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  1. Mona146

    sonal ko bachate donal ke saath fas gaya………………..

  2. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    Amazing, thrilling episode! Firstly feeling bad for Riya, Then witnessed amazing and funny revenge taken by Riya from harsh. For the first time we are laughing at the end of a horror show! Well done makers for the fresh and new concepts!

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