Mere Sai 4th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Sai’s Miracle To Surprise Shirdi People

Mere Sai 4th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bai sa feels something bad will happen. Kulkarni along with his supporters are going towards Sai. Moni tries to take her mum to Sai. A villager asks her to not to take Moni there and says Kulkarni will give rigorous punishment to the bhairagi. Bhai sa says she will go and check Sai. Her husband tells her that Sai will not go anywhere. Kulkarni comes to Sai and sees him praying. He asks who are you? Sai says answer is not simple. Kulkarni asks him to answer silently. Sai says it is simple if you hear it calmly. Kulkarni says I just wants to hear truth. Sai says I am in Om and in everything and asks him to move ego and see.

Kulkarni laughs and says he wants to say that he is God. Sai says he is God and tells God is in everyone. Kulkarni blames him for doing magic. Sai says that flower burnt because of your arrogance. Moni comes there with her mum. Sai smiles.

He turns and starts walking. He lifts a stone. Bai Sa and her husband comes there. Sai picks a stone. Kulkarni says you tried to do magic on me and now trying to harm me. Sai throws the stone on Moni’s head instead of Kulkarni and she falls down unconscious. Everyone is shocked. Moni’s mum asks Kulkarni to do something. Banta asks Kulkarni to handover him to police. Kulkarni asks his men to keep the bhairagi captive. Moni’s mum cries and tells that Bhairagi aimed at her daughter’s head. Kulkarni’s men ties Sai’s hands with the intention to handover him to police in the morning.

Sai smiles as the rope opens again and again. Moni’s mum continues to run while many people gather there. Bai Sa comes there and says she is having high fever. She tells Moni’s mum that there must be a reason behind throwing the stone. Moni’s mum asks why she is favoring him and asks if she have said the same words if same thing happens with Tathiya. Bai sa says yes. Sai tells Anta and Banta that he will not elope. He later wakes them up and asks them to wake up. They sleep again.

Moni’s mum comes to Shashtri and brings her unconscious daughter. Shastri questions Sai why did he throw stone on a girl.

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