Mere Sai 30th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Sai Helps The Lady

Mere Sai 30th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sai, Jhipri, Tatya and others are standing near the animal shelter home which they made. Dog comes there. Sai tells Puppy that his mother came. Om Sai plays….Sai smiles. Jhipri tells Sai that she will bring water for them. She gets water for the puppy. Keshav is still standing. He gets his stuff and says now I will go. Tatya and others ask him to wait. Bheema asks him to see his house. Keshav says it is good and says I have to go. Sai stops him and clears mud from his clothes. Keshav asks what are you doing? Sai says cleaning your clothes as you took a long journey. Keshav says I went to my house first, took rest and came here. Sai says years long dust will not go. Keshav leaves. Jhipri asks Sai why did he scare him. Ali says Keshav’s behavior was strange. Tatya says he was away from us and will need

time to be back with us. The mysterious woman collides with a man. Man scolds her and tells that the clothes were for her son’s marriage and asks her to give money. Jhipri asks her to calm down and asks what did she do? Man says she made my loss. Jhipri says she is scared and asks with whom she came to meet. Woman couldn’t speak. Villagers gossip. Man tells that he wants money and will not leave her until she gives him money. Jhipri says Sai will solve this problem. They go to Dwarka Maai. Man tells Sai that the woman ruined the clothes meant for his son’s marriage. Woman takes the clothes and begins washing. Sai smiles.

Woman needs more water. Sai says I will bring water. She washes the clothes. Sai ties rope in Dwarka Maai so that they can dry the clothes. She washes the clothes and keeps them for drying on the rope. Sai tells Man that she has washed your clothes and it is looking new, and asks him to forgive her.

Keshav comes home. Kulkarni asks where did you go and what happened to your clothes. He asks did you meet villagers? Rukmini says he came after many years. Keshav says I went to village and met everyone including Sai. Kulkarni gets angry. Keshav says I felt that they are still childish and they have no motive or aim in life and is not capable of doing anything. He says they were making house for stray dog and says I am thankful to you for sending me to London, else I would have been making the same. Kulkarni gets happy knowing this and says you got good values and teachings in London. Rukmini looks on. She comes to Keshav and asks why did you talk bad about your friends. Keshav says they were my friends, but not anymore. He says I am feeling ashamed to befriend them in my childhood, but now I am grown up and knows what is right and wrong. Man tells Sai that the clothes will take 2 days to dry, I have to buy new clothes as my son’s marriage is after two hours. Sai keeps all the clothes in the cane basket. He keeps the cane basket on the vibuti’s fire. Man says my clothes will be burnt. Sai asks him to have saburi. Om Sai plays…..Cane basket catches fire and but don’t burnt. Sai picks the clothes which is like new. Man thanks Sai and leaves with the clothes. Jhipri asks Sai to help the woman.

Keshav comes out of bathing and asks Govinda, what is he doing here? Govinda says why didn’t you take me out. Keshav asks him to go with his friends. Govinda says I have no friends and asks him to ask Kulkarni to ask him to let him go and play. Keshav refuses. Govinda blackmails him. Keshav agrees angrily. Jhipri tells Sai that the woman is very scared and says who might be her relative. Sai says God is for everyone. Jhipri asks shall I take her home. Sai says she has to search her way. Jhipri says then who will take care of her. Sai smiles. He asks woman to go to temple. Woman takes her stuff and leaves. Jhipri tells Sai that it is difficult for her to understand him. She asks why did you ask her to go, when you can give shelter to dog. She argues. Sai smiles.

Mhalsapati ji comes to the khandoba temple and rings the bell. He sees the temple clean and thinks who has cleaned it today. He comes out and sees a woman sitting. He asks did you clean the temple and cared for khandoba. He says I am not angry. Woman gets up and turns towards him. Mhalsapati is shocked to see her. He says Tulsa…Woman cries.

Two men come to Sai with their problem. They accuse each other. Sai looks on.

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