Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 30th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Siddhant Challenges KK And Wishes Simple Marriage With Anushka

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Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 30th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Siddhant asks Anushka, if he shall come now. She asks him to come. He comes inside and gives her resignation letter. Anushka asks are you leaving company? Siddhant says I told you. Anushka says you told your would be wife there and here I am HR head of the Reddy Corporation. Siddhant apologizes and says you have won.. Anushka asks him to remember and tells that they have love relation between them and rather than this, they can’t have any other relations. He asks her to accept his resignation. Anushka says you are board of member for reddy pharmaceutical and tells that she can’t take the decision alone. He says ok and asks her to give him relieving letter sure. She calls him and asks if they can have lunch together. Siddhant says ok and thinks that’s why girlfriends are called as


Karthik comes to meet Purva and says he came thinking she might have important work with him. Purva slaps him and says you have raised your hand on my brother. Karthik says whatever your brother was wrong. Purva says they both love each other, what is wrong in it. She tells that those who love each other shall be together and asks him not to do anything again. Karthik says I came here thinking of my friendship, and says you think we have nothing between us. Purva says sorry. Karthik says I slapped him as he did the drama in the engagement function. He says shall I slap you, and says our friendship is over. Purva asks him to slap her if he wants and closes her eyes. She asks him not to slap tightly else everyone will ask. He gets attracted towards her and hugs her. She also reciprocates the hug and then realizes and breaks the hug. She goes inside tensed. Karthik leaves in his car. Purva collides with Gayatri and her phone fall down. Gayatri picks the call. Anushka says hello and says I will call you Maa later. Gayatri says Purva is not here. Anushka says whatever happened was in a hurry and says she wants to come and say sorry. Gayatri asks her not to call them again and asks her not to come in her house. Anushka gets sad.

Riddhi is going to America. Srikant asks her to go and take care of Sudhanshu. Srikant asks her to return before Anushka’s wedding. Riddhi thanks him for accepting Anushka and Siddhant and tells she saw her crying for him a lot. Srikant gets angry and says you know it. Riddhi says I knew and tells that she had promised Anushka not to tell anyone and that’s why she didn’t tell him. She gets upset. Srikant asks her to relax and thanks her for being with Anushka.

Siddhant comes to Anushka and says she makes his morning with her smiling face. Anushka says buttering in the morning. He is about to give her bouquet. Neeta asks him to give and asks Anushka to take it. Siddhant tells KK and Neeta that he will talk about the marriage talk. Neeta says Gayatri bhabhi shall talk. Siddhant says I will be handling this responsibility. They sit down. KK asks him to tell straight. Siddhant tells them that he will do the right thing being Prabhakar’s son and that’s why he wants a simple wedding. He says I have 1.5 lakh rs and that’s why I want you to spend the same amount. We both will share equally. Srikant says you are in our house. Karthik says are you joking? And tells that marriage don’t happen in such an amount. KK says I will spend 30 crores in my daughter’s marriage, and will handle your expenses also.

Siddhant gets up and says you are a big businessman and is very famous. He tells that it is a matter of his values and it is like taking dowry. He says I am prabhakar reddy’s son and don’t want to showcase anything. He asks Anushka to give her opinion. Anushka says we shall agree with Siddhant. Karthik says my marriage was simple as well, due to hurry. Nupur says everyone will joke. Anushka says she is with Siddhant and asks everyone to agree. KK says if my daughter is happy with 3 lakhs rs. marriage then okay. Sweety tells Siddhant that you exploded bomb on KK’s head. Siddhant says I want to marry in a simple ceremony and says people made it tamasha.

KK and Rao ji come out. Siddhant asks him to say. KK asks what did you do inside. He says if you don’t have any status then forget my daughter. Siddhant says your heart is sad as you couldn’t spend 30 crores for your daughter’s marriage, but I promise that I will make you spend 300 crores before anushka and my marriage, but it will be spend some where else. He tells that his marriage will happen in 3 lakhs rs. KK asks if he is challenging him. Siddhant says yes and asks him not to be hesitant. He says this is my first attack and I will snatch your money first. Anushka comes out. Siddhant and Sweety leave. Anushka thinks he went without talking, Gayatri’s talk is left. Rao ji asks KK to give an order and tells that he will cut Siddhant into pieces. KK asks him not to do this mistake and tells that Anushka fought like a tigress with Vedant for him. He tells that first he will break the alliance, then will send Anushka to America, and then will send Siddhant to Prabhakar.

Siddhant waits for Anushka and calls her. Anushka asks are you missing me. Siddhant says yes. Anushka says she is going to his house to meet Gayatri and then will come to office. Siddhant thinks to stop Anushka and goes on his bike.

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  1. nice episode

  2. Yvonne Codner

    Siddhant, such spunk…you have thrown down the gauntlet on the great KK Reddy. I guess you know what you are doing, but I do admire your attitude because not many dare argue with KK…Awesome!! I did enjoy this episode and I am happy that Anu backed Siddhant 100 percent…Well, Mrs. Gyatri is not happy with this alliance, you Siddhant will have to pacify her so the drama with the DIL hatred does not happen. Let her know that Anu is innocent because she is really a pure soul.

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