Mere Sai 23rd July 2018 Written Episode Update: Kulkarni Decides Punishment For Rana

Mere Sai 23rd July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sai talks to Tatya about Bayaza. Tatya says I shall go home as Aaji is alone at home. Sai smiles. Rana Dacoit is in Dwarka Maai and thinks of villagers’ taunts and behavior. Sai comes to him and asks him not to hide his face. Gangaram’s wife tells that her gold necklace is missing. She searches for it. Sai makes Rana have water. Rana folds his hand and says I have served the punishment and did penance, but nobody’s perception is changed. Sai says people’s thinking is not in your hands, but your thinking is in your hands. Sai asks Rana to forgive himself and then only people will forgive him. Gangaram’s wife tells that she cleaned the necklace yesterday and then kept in the box. Rana asks why I couldn’t forgive myself. Sai says you are running away from your family, self and past. He asks him

to accept his past to get some peace. Rana drops knife on the floor. Om Sai plays…..

Sai says it doesn’t matter what people think about you and says you are just Rana from now onwards. Om Sai plays…Rana touches his feet and hugs him. Gangaram recalls seeing Rana dacoit a day before.

A villager complains to Sai that the vegetable seller is cheating with the weighing scale . Vegetable seller tells that he has no enmity with the villager and says I will weigh infront of Sai. He weighs and says it is half kg. Sai look at the weighing scale. He finds a magnet under the weighing scale. He asks vegetable seller to let the man weigh it and sell for some more time. Villager puts more onions, but it is not half kg still. Vegetable vendor tells that the vegetables are 1.5 kgs, but it is showing as 0.5 kg. Sai smiles.

Gangaram calls Kulkarni. His men bring Rana there. Kulkarni asks him to tell in detail. Gangaram tells that he saw Rana peeping in his house and then his wife necklace is stolen. Bheeva says when Sai is believing him, how can we doubt him. Gangaram says a dog’s tail can never be straight. Rana tells that he heard them talking about the puja in Shani temple and that’s why he went there to meet Sai and since then he is in Dwarka Maai with him. Kulkarni doesn’t believe Rana and laughs. Mhalsapati thinks this way he will not get justice. Vegetable vendor says how can this be possible and checks the weighing scale. He sees magnet on the bottom of the other weighing scale and apologizes to Sai. He says I have understood that you did this to make me understand. Sai asks him not to take advantage of the people and make money by cheat. Vegetable vendor apologizes to villager. Sai smiles.

Kulkarni tells that he doesn’t take anyone side and gives a chance to Rana to prove his innocence. He tells that his son studies in London and there, justice is taken listening to both parties. He asks him to prove his innocence and go from here proudly. He asks can you proof. Bheeva asks Sai to come and tells about Kulkarni’s men taking Rana to chawni. Rana tells Kulkarni that he was in Dwarka Maai. Kulkarni says like I said that a culprit gets a chance to prove their innocence and if he couldn’t then they pour hot boiling water on him. He says hot boiling water will be poured on him. Rana says I am innocent and haven’t done any crime. Mhalsapati ji says it is injustice. Gangaram says he must have hidden the necklace. Mhalsapati says did you see him stealing the necklace. Sai comes there. Kulkarni asks Mhalsapati, how dare he to go against him. Kulkarni blames Sai for provoking and instigating others. Sai says it is necessary to prove that if he is guilty and not. He says you have to make sure if he is really guilty or not.

Kulkarni asks Anta to put boiling water on Rana. Rana cries and takes Sai’s name.

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