Savitri Devi 23rd July 2018 Written Episode Update: Sanchi betrays Veer for Dr. Kabir

Savitri Devi 23rd July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dr. Kabir regretting his actions and says don’t know how he shall apologize to her. Sanchi thanks him for bringing his mentor back. Dr. Kabir says I have hurt you enough and says do whatever you think right, I will not come in your way, you can go to Veer whenever you wants. Veer comes there. Dr. Kabir asks why did you get up from bed. Veer asks him not to act. Sanchi moves towards Veer and her mangalsutra breaks.

Veer asks Sanchi not to be scared of Dr. Kabir and says he can’t harm Sunny or you. He asks her not to act to be happy and come with him. Sanchi leaves his hand. Veer asks what happened? Sanchi looks at her mangalsutra. Veer says it is an illusion which you were worn to get trapped. He says you are freed and I am with you and Sunny. He says nothing will happen to Sunny, I promise. He forwards her hand, but Sanchi doesn’t hold his hand. Veer says I don’t know what you wants and asks why do you wants to close the doors. He says your marriage with him is fake and says our marriage was destiny, how can you raise question on destiny. He asks do you love me? Sanchi looks on. Veer says you have 24 hours and waits for her. He says you will come to me divorcing Dr. Kabir and if you don’t come then I will write my own destiny and then nobody can stop me, not even you. Dr. Kabir, Sanchi and Veer are restless. Veer thinks Sanchi will come to him as there is no helplessness. Dr. Kabir thinks he will support Sanchi’s decision.

Sanchi thinks she will take the decision thinking about everyone’s betterment and their lives will change. Dr. Kabir gets some papers from the lawyer. Kusum comes and asks why did you call me. Dr. Kabir says I am divorcing Sanchi. Kusum asks why? She asks what is the matter? Sanchi comes and hears them. Kusum asks can you live without Sanchi. Dr. Kabir says I love Sanchi a lot, but I have done so many mistakes that I can’t tell openly that I can’t live without her. She says one side love is very painful, I have hurt everyone enough, not anymore. He says I want to see Sanchi happy and this is needed for that. Kusum asks him to rethink again. Dr. Kabir says I have thought enough.

Gayatri calls Dr. Malhotra and says I remembered everything. She tells him everything. And says Dr. Kabir played a big game. Dr. Malhotra says now we have proofs. Savitri asks Veer to have food. Veer says let Sanchi come first, then I will have food. Savitri says she will not come. Veer says she will come surely. Sanchi looks at her mangalsutra and thinks what is happening with me. Why I am hesitant to go to Veer. She thinks if this mangalsutra is stopping me. Her innerself comes and says your happiness is with Veer. Sanchi says Dr. Kabir is my husband now. Her innerself asks if she will forgive him and let him play with your life. She asks her to look at Veer’s condition. Sanchi says how to break the promise made to Dr. Kabir and says he has saved Veer. Her innerself asks her not to hurt Veer anymore. Sanchi cries and asks her Maa to help her. Her innerself asks her to follow her heart. She asks her to decide between Veer and Dr. Kabir.

Veer calls her Maa and says he will marry Sanchi in the temple. Sanchi says dr. Kabir is my husband and you and I will never unite. What you wants can never happen now. Veer is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Dumas001

    Wow now she remembers her magalsutra when she broke the one with Veer she did not remember what it stood for hope she finally stay out of Veer life all she has ever do was being pain to him.

  2. What the hell was that
    Really now sanchi will leave veer for kabir….
    Stupid show

    1. Dumas001

      In this show it shows having a husband who love and trust you is not good instead having one who forces you away from the love of your life and blackmail breaks a good man and forced her to break her mangalsutra is the better man so disgusting.

  3. 23SAMAIRA0906

    ????? RS is great!! Finally got Kaanchi??? Now its just a backfire to Sanveerians who badmouthed Kaanchi and laughed at the Kaanchi fans!!!! But whatever Sanveer was not so good couple now i m soooo happy to get Mugdha back to the television that tooo opposite to Varun!!! I think its a very good pairing!!! Hope now this daily soap gets to its track of a hospital drama!!! And the love should be backgrounded with love for the goods and revenge for the bads!!! And about this story line then i think that to make a story interesting the makers have to show twist and turns!!! So now both the hot pairs will put the television on fire!!! But the storyline should be good and must be related to hospital!!!

    1. Dear it’s not the sanveerians but the kanchians who degraded veer for no reason
      Anyway I am happy that finally Sanchi is out of veer’s life personally I am not interested in Sanchi’s love life now after all this unwanted drama but at least now both kanchi &vk fans would be happy honestly it was really very disheartening to see him getting abused everyday without any of his fault hope the new pairings rock

    2. Veer ne bhi Jo harkate pahale ki thi usi wajah see logon be use Jo kuch kaha jaise tum log abhi Kabir ko keh rahe ho. Kabir ka character bhi bagut accha that tabhi would logon ko pasand hai.

    3. Ohh really we kabir and kanchi fans are always degrades veer?? Like seriously ms. or mr. someone of sanchi veer fan commented on Facebook let me remind you when saanchi was going to marry veer by leaving kabir then your dear friend means one of the sanchi veer fan commented you know what was that?? okay so read she said “Mujhy toh yeh soch soch ke hassi aa rahi hai humara varun toh itne show main lead reh chuka hai ager iss main nahii hua toh kiya hua usse koi aur show mil jayega lekin bechare kabir ka kiya hoga usse toh isss ke baad koi show nahi milega ha ha ha” see what is this?? Is it not degrading?? without any of his fault… that time he wasn’t shown negative personalty then you and your Saanchi veer fans didn’t leaved him without degrading him on his acting on his expressions on his age on his everything. Every social media platforms like Facebook, twitter, Instagram and also here. Even some of psycho saanchi veer fan tagged Vikram sir in his nonsense. and you are saying that we are degrading veer. toh sun lo shuruyaat tum logon ne kiya tha now do you feeling so bad when someone talked about your fav in a bad manner. so jaisa karoge tum log waisa hi paoge okay. and from now I’m not going write sanveer cos from now Sanveer is no more so it is just saanchi veer.

    4. 23SAMAIRA0906

      Is that so?? Whatever that doesn’t matters now !! But pls 1st check ur side !! Some of ur or i should say almost all the Sanveerians Laughed at us !! So its just a payback time ..thats it !! But u know the Kaanchians r not that bad to laugh at the loss of Sanveer!! We people know more than u about not getting ur fav pair because we have all have experienced it beforehand so plss !! And i dont thinks that any Kaanchi fqn said bad about Varun …yeah they might have told bqd about Veer but not at least about Varun …we dont do such cheap thinks which is done by some Sanveerians by calling Vikram worst actor or something !! And i dont want to bring Reel to Real life !!

  4. Dumas001

    In this show it shows having a husband who love and trust you is not good instead having one who forces you away from the love of your life and blackmail breaks a good man and forced her to break her mangalsutra is the better man so disgusting.

    1. Veer and trust???? Seriously??? Let me remind you he never trusted her.. He doesn’t even know how to make others respect your wife.. He never made his family give Saanchi equal importance.. Unlike Kabir who trusted Sanchi blindly.. Made Veer’s family respect her.. And knows how to respect a woman.. Your Veer can never become a gentleman like him.. Hello always remain an immature stupid person…

    2. No your right instead he made her into a characterless person in front of every one showing then she was having an affair even do SHE was married and in love with her husband. Yes I see ow much respect he gave her and the smirks while she and her husband was in pain was amazing I mean why would any one love Veer the guy was stupid he worshipped his wife and everyone knows you should treat her like shit to prove your love he could not win her hear so he stole it her .

  5. Dear it’s not the sanveerians but the kanchians who degraded veer for no reason
    Anyway I am happy that finally Sanchi is out of veer’s life personally I am not interested in Sanchi’s love life now after all this unwanted drama but at least now both kanchi &vk fans would be happy honestly it was really very disheartening to see him getting abused everyday without any of his fault hope the new pairings rock

  6. Sanchi ko Kisi trh es show me jhel rhe hai.. koi aur lead pairing lao yr but veer nhi Jana chahiye..aur pls veer ka singing tallent show kro serial me..Pragya ko veer ki best friend BNA do pls

    1. Bilkul veer to bahut trp lata hai 0.5.koi actor or pair trp nahi lata jab Tak story acchi na ho. So ask the makers for good storyline. Sanveer banane k baad bhi agar makers Kabir ko negative na karte usake liye new entry late and saccha pyaar drama na dikha k hospital drama pe focus karte to trp aati.

  7. OMG tonight’s epi is so cool totally kaanchi/Sabir episode Wow Sanchi tumari stupidity kii vaja se aj humen kaanchi mil gaya I felt first time that you felt about kabir it’s so cool. I’m really really really really happy to get sabir/ kanchi. love Sabir from core of my heart.

  8. Really happy to get my kanchi. Veer se mujhe waise bhi koi matlab nahi hai. Accha hai usake liye nai ladaki aa rahi hai. Bas ab show main medical drama pe focus kare.

  9. Mona146

    all of sudden sanchi is too emotional. I sont like sanveer but the logic behind separated does not sound convincing.

    1. I think kidney theft reality will come in front of her. And she will realize how she destroyed Kabir’s life.

  10. I cannot wait until Wednesday Veer get marry sanchi was try break up veer marry sanchi said she still love him but u have Husand

  11. I’m not kanchi fan but I’m so happy that this witch gone from Veer’s life forever. God bless kanchi for this

    1. Time Will tell dear who is actual witch. Just wait and watch.

  12. Guys if I’m nt wrong I think according to colors channel soch is one of the crap show boca in cho apne rang song there is no such actors and kasam actors

  13. What a stupid show , SanVeer fans are heartbroken by this stupid story now SanVeer are separated , I cannot tolerate anymore so I will stop watching the serial from now

  14. Thank God she is out of veer’s life now. Such a stupidity. I watched this show just because of vk. I always hoped to have another lead for him. I so wish it could have been helly.

  15. Thank god this sanchi and veer drama is over.. Sia.. Is best for veer.. They look so cute.. And sanchi had black elbows and fat arms lol

  16. I watched the scene of kabir filling sanchi’s hairline more than 100 times. Loved yesterday’s episode.

  17. Suddenly Sanchi is talking about patni dharam. I think it’s obvious she wants to sleep with kabir.if she is so patient vata ,she would think of Veer first. Secondly Kabir had not accepted Sanchis offer about sleeping with him .he operated unconditionally. But now it looks Sanchi is excited about having fun with Kabir. It’s sickening.

    1. Ur comment shows ur level of frustration. I can understand. Hope you will come out of this soon.

  18. I am a regular viewer of this show. After watching yesterday episode, I tried to analyse the shades of veer and Kabir. Both love sanchi.
    Both hav done mistakes at one or another time at the same time both were right in their point of view too..
    But I noticed one thing .
    When ever sanchi did something against any of them, veer always degraded her character by saying clever, attention seeker or what ever and warned Kabir also. Which Kabir never did.

    All fault of makers who shaped his character like this..
    And sanchi, one thing is clear, she doesn’t have self respect at all. .

    1. One thing you forgot to mention veer called her characteless twice which Kabir never did. And yes sanchi’s character has always been shown as a character without self respect.

  19. All the kanchi fans lets consider your point that sanveer fans are the culprit here u r the victims ok lets take that its really bad that someone involved personal coments for a fictional show it cant be supported at any cost
    be it kanchi or sanveer
    Now lets get some facts straight
    harkate toh recentky kabir ki v kch zyada a6i nhi thi so i guess we are equal now
    & if just bcoz of some psyco fan u can blame the whole lot then the same goes wd u
    Just bcoz many of veer fans r silent readers and kachians r more in TU doesnt mean we dont exist even in this track people are abusing veer for their own name sake reasons
    I personally like kabir and dont have any problem with kanchi but its enough now from the past few days even if kabir was wrong some people went overboard against him
    It was really disheartening to read the coments when veer is wrong like( he did many things in the past )he is wrong criticise him coz tgats ri8 but remember the vice versa

    &lastly yes it doesnt at all matter now and after checking “both ” sides i found out that we both have got r favourite pairs & excited to see the new begining so lets just not play the victim card now both the groups have some crazy fans who needs time to understand each other but maximum are matured people here who nos diff of reel and real

    So lets just hope for the best the makers should not dissapoint the veiwers this time

    1. That’s what we all should do. As both veer and Kabir did wrong and both realized it so both the fandom should behave maturely and should enjoy the track of their favorites. We should stop this blame game now. I think we all are well educated and matured enough to differentiate between reel and real. And above all we should not do personal comment on actors bcoz they really work hard to entertain us.

  20. Not a bad episode…………..

  21. This episode is amazing………….and full of emotional………. especially kabir,veer and sanchi ka scene………… Thanks for the update………….

  22. Nive episode

  23. Hope now this show take a right path which going to be interesting…………….

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