Mere Sai 22nd June 2018 Written Episode Update: Kulkarni Leaves Shirdi, Sai To Teach A Lesson To Ratnakar

Mere Sai 22nd June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ratnakar and Nand Lal come to see the riots. Ratnakar sees Sai’s forehead injured and feels pity. Sai says I am fine. Hari Bhao comes and tells Sai that his son Bheema is missing. Sai goes to search him. Jhipri takes Gangaram and his wife to Champa’s house. Champa’s mum asks them to come. Gangaram and his wife sit down and he thinks he has to take shelter in Dalits house. Champa brings water and asks him to drink. He gets thinking. Champa asks him to drink. Nand Lal’s men along with villagers burn the house of Shirdi. A woman cries. Gangaram recalls his behavior with Jhipri when she came to him to buy oil for Diwali. He feels they are Dalits and untouchable. Jhipri thinks he is still having arrogance. Gangaram’s wife asks him to keep the money bags on the floor.

Gangaram says if they come

to know that we have money with us, then they will kill us and throw out. His wife says how can you think like this, they have given us shelter. Gangaram says they are not trustable and hides the money pouches behind the baskets. Jhipri makes food and asks them to have it. Gangaram thinks God don’t show these days even to enemies, don’t know if he can go out or not ever. Ratnakar talks to the villagers, shows them sympathy and asks them to leave Shirdi. Saam Daam Dand Bhed plays……Gangaram’s finds his money pouches missing and asks where is it? Jhipri says she has kept it safely and gives pouches/bags to him. Gangaram checks it. Jhipri says Sai tells that man lost peace because of money.

Kulkarni, Chivu, Keshav and Rukmini are leaving Shirdi. Kulkarni says we will return once everything gets back to normal. Keshav worries for his friend and sees Sai there. Sai also sees him. Keshav shows him marble and smiles. Sai looks on. Sultan thinks muslims haven’t left even the animals. Hari Bhao comes to Sultan’s area calling Bheema. Sultan asks why did you come to my area. They begin fighting. Sai comes and stops them. He closes his eyes and he sees Ratnakar plan to make Sultan and Hari fight for the communal riots, and nand lal giving money to men to enter between them and burn Shirdi. Sai opens his eyes angrily and pushes them. He shouts Ratnakar. Sultan and Hari Bhao fall down and look at Sai.

Sai comes to Ratnakar with villagers and says he has understood the truth behind the fight. Ratnakar looks on.

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