Savitri Devi 22nd June 2018 Written Episode Update: Sanchi decides to marry Dr. Kabir

Savitri Devi 22nd June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Veer stopping Savitri from taking Sanchi’s stuff out of room. Veer says atleast I will have her memories, and says she can forget me, but I can’t forget her and my heart will beat for her only. Savitri cries. Veer asks her not to snatch Sanchi’s memories from him. He says I just loved her and will spend my life with her memories. Sanchi tells Dr. Kabir to do whatever he wants, but she can’t marry him. Dr. Kabir threatens her and tells that Sunny is still in his clutches and tells that if she don’t marry him then he will get him jailed. He says this is my last condition. Sanchi asks why you are troubling me? Dr. Kabir says if you refuse to marry me, then someone will die. He comes out and asks Pandit to make arrangement of marriage or last rites. He says marriage will

happen or someone will die. He asks Kusum to keep eye on Sanchi and says I will be back. Kusum says whatever you are doing is wrong, and says love can’t be forced. Kabir tells that whatever he is doing is right and asks her not to argue. Sanchi cries and thinks she can never marry Dr. Kabir. She sees window.

Jaya calls Sanchi and Veer, but they don’t pick her call. She tells Pragya that she will go home. She goes to Dr. Malhotra house and goes to his room. He sees Veer shattered and crying in his room and asks what happened to him. Savitri comes there and says I will answer you. Savitri says your daughter has divorced Veer and went to her lover’s house. Veer says Maa….Savitri says stop it and tells that she has ruined my son’s life and went to Dr. Kabir’s house. Jaya says what did she do. Savitri says she did what you have taught her. She insults Jaya and asks her to go and celebrate as her daughter ruined veer’s life.

Ria tries to make Gayatri remember and get her memory back. Dr. Kabir comes there. Gayatri says I know what you have done and then says tell me what happened to me. Dr. Kabir thinks she will gain her memory after a long time and I am sure that she must have hidden the letter secretly. He says till then he will marry Sanchi. Kusum calls her and says Sanchi went missing. Dr. Kabir says I am coming there. Sanchi comes to the temple and blames God for doing wrong with her and asks why you are punishing me and for what? She asks what shall I do and where shall I go? She asks him to show the way and rings the bell. Her hand gets injured. Pandit comes and says God is taking your test and asks her to accept the challenge and says circumstances will change soon, your wish will be fulfilled. You have to become sita who didn’t forget Ram even after staying in Raavn’s place. He asks her to fight back and then only she will win.

Dr. Kabir comes back and asks kusum if Sanchi returned? Kusum says no and says she went through window. She says this way you can’t force her to love her. Dr. Kabir says I am sure to win her love one day. He says I am worried where did she go? He turns and sees Sanchi standing. Dr. Kabir says thank god you came back. Kusum goes to make breakfast. Sanchi says I am ready to marry you. Dr. Kabir asks really and thanks her. Sanchi says I have a condition. Dr. Kabir asks what? Sanchi tells him something which he agrees.

Savitri asks Veer not to cry for a betrayal girl. Veer asks her not to tell anything against his Sanchi. Dr. Kabir comes there with Sanchi and says not yours, but my Sanchi. He shows their wedding card.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. RuCh23

    What the hell? First they showed Sanchi and Kabir as Ram and Sita. Now Ram is Veer and Kabir’s Ravan? And what rubbish is this? They have turned 3 sensible, intelligent and responsible doctors in to complete morons. They all act like psychos. I was expecting Sanchi to be a straightforward, strongminded. Kabir to be strict yet compassionate senior and Veer to be fun loving yet responsible doctor. That’s what they gave us at the beginning. And this drama has lots of characters like Pragya, Isha, Riya. They appear for 5 seconds a week and disappear. Savitri Devi College and Hospital was a show which could’ve been one of the best show in Indian television. But they have ruined it themselves ruining every character in the story and every expectation viewers had without regarding any fandom.

    1. Hey ruch leave it Na they won’t hear us.
      Those CVS only makes sannnveerr together .
      Y u waisting it energy .

    2. Right .some time ago jaya said kabir sachi RamSita jodi and Today veer sachi RAMSITA jodi and kabir Ravan .???? chalo veer aur kabir ko chod do pahele ye to batao cheap Sachi Sita kahane layak hai kya ??? Cv and writers ne bhagwan jo bhi nahi choda . Aur vo panditji kaha se tapke unko kya pata sachi ki life me kya problem hai .??????

  2. U r right I think nw kusum will help sanchi and make sanveer together and Kabir to jail. N this is new update from Instagram

    1. Kaash yeah just hotha

    2. Matlab ab Kabir ka character end hone Wala hai Chalo have bhi mukti mil jayegi. But I only think will sanchi ever come to know the real culprit behind kidney theft was malohtra not Kabir. Will CVS ever do justice to his character or fans any ways I only want to end Kabir track so that I can move on. Un ram sita k drama me mujhe waise bhi koi interest nahi hai.

    3. Who said that kabir will go to jail. Which page in insta. But what did kabir do that he will go to jail. Kusum may help that even I feel.

  3. In this show CVS r showing each and every character without self respect. CVS r themselves confuse. They destroyed each and every character of the show. Now they r showing Kabir ravan and that bahi behan ram sita. So pls CVS malohtra ko dsrath bana k upar pahuncha do. Bcoz villain kA Kam to Kabir kar raha hai malohtra kA to koi Kam hi nahi hai show me.

  4. Yep I. Agree with ruch23 comment because saanchi is straight forward and strong character why the hell she went to kabir leaving veer … good drama but wrong multiple tracks…

    1. RuCh23

      Darling, my comment doesn’t mean Sanchi is straightforward. She WAS ??? not only she, but Kabir, Veer is so stupid. And Malhotra, he is the main antoganist on the show. But he’s just sidelined. Leaving Veer going to Kabir, going back to Veer or even marrying Kabir…. I just don’t care. They have ruined everything by turning every character in to fools. But in some point, you’re right. If Sanchi got married to Veer, then she should have the courage to stay with him.

  5. Oh…just took headache releiver…..omg…. what the hell is happening????? Means hum Mai gayab kya hui yaha to SB Badal gya!! Mere Kabir k character ka to bhaji pala kr Dia……”Kalyug ka ram-sita” ….means sanchi’s character is on verge of its worst of worst height……how she became Dean…oh rs mata ki ____ ……mtlb kuch bi!!! They have just applied character of Kabir!! And veer ….I miss Sanskar and now I hate his face even….means why he has been showcasd as love sick puppy and dr kabir who is the soul for me of this show…..they made him Raavan directly…hey I don’t hate Raavan but still…..these all things don’t suit him……and if both hubby wife are happy then why the hell CVS is ruining Kabir’s character … was okay till becoming the CEO of hospital but blackmailing to this extent!! How they are just wasting the talent of vs! And Sanchi ki to……Mai kya bolu……uska character to worst h pure show me…..plz someone make her remember why she came into hospital and okay leave ….. firstly she broke Kabir’s heart for veer and now veer’s heart for her idiot brother and Seriously I m regretting why I read this update my head is just paining like hell!! I wish this show go off air soon!

  6. Sharan already left this show. Akansha also got Lal ishq. Now CVS pls end Kabir’s track. Fir dikhate rehna apane kalyug k ram sita ko. Sabko pata hai ki Kabir air sanchi ki shadi nahi hogi. Iss show me such bhi interesting nahi hai. What I feel makers should kill sanchi ladai ki jad hi khatam ho jayegi. Both fandom Kabir and veer Will be happy. Sanchi jisaki bhi life me aati hai use sirf rulati hai so I think CVS should kill sanchi waise bhi ab use our such chahiye hi nahi. Sab khush ho jayenge.

  7. Right kaliyug ke RamSita hai . RAMRAJYA jab Sita Ram se dur hui thi to Bhawan ram unko dudhne nikale thye ye kaliyug ka Ram to sharab pike talli ho raha .Ravan sharab pi samaz me aata hai yaha to Ram har choti choti baat pe sharab pikar talli hota hai . ???Ramsita ki jodi ki jagah ParoDevdas kahte to achha hota .??aur Sita mata ki baat hi kuch aur hai ??? . IG pe veer Sanveer fans Mata sita ke upar ase ase post banaye hai ki devi sita padhle to inko do char shap jarur degi itni beizzati ????Rama Rama fursat mile to kabhi neeche aakar dekh lena ya drama .Tumhari comparing kis se ho rahi hai . Sachi ki conditions bhi veer ke achhe liye hi hogi bina sachi ke help ke jindgi Ram kuch kar nahi sakta kyoki khud to kabhi kuch kiya hi nahi .sabkuch to sachi and pragya ke sahare hi hai. Dekhna abhi bhi pragya hi karegi help uske support par hi sanveer ka rishta tika hua hai .varna kabhi hota hi nahi

  8. Please don’t separate SanVeer. They are made for each other. SanVeer fans cannot see Veer in such a position. Please do something in such a way that Veer will know the truth and please stop kabir and Sanchi’s marriage.

    1. U don’t worry sooo much sanveer ki hi shaadi hoge

  9. Dumas001

    Kabir was never supposed to be the hero Only Veer .I hope Veer finds out the truth and Saachi well she keeps trying to be great even early she loved Veer yet she was marrying Kabir for her mother .It seems Veer is a doll when she loves him is ok but it’s ok for her to dispose of him to always save one of her own.

  10. This show has lost its actual track on which it was based.. Sanchi being an honest, sensible and responsible Doctor Who wanted to fulfil his father’s dream. Veer being a prankster and cheerful person. Dr Kabir being a great teacher, a sensible human, a responsible doctor. But now every character has changed.. Veer became a devdaas Sanchi a stupid selfish person and Dr Kabir a negative character… Congratulations to the CV’s for ruining the show..

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