Mere Sai 20th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Dacoit Rana Comes To Stay In Sai’s Shelter

Mere Sai 20th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gangaram’s wife tells him that everyone is not invited for the puja and says God is of everyone. Gangaram says Kulkarni Sarkaar will not go and we will also not there. The veiled man hears them and says Shani temple. Gangaram sees him and asks who is he? He runs away.

A little boy does the puja in the Shani temple. Everyone is present there. Sai smiles. Mhalsapati ji does the puja while bhajan is played. Man comes to Sai, but before he could talk to him, Bayaza comes and takes Sai with him to have Prasad. Jhipri asks the veiled man to take Prasad. They feed the people. Mhalsapati ji praises Sai and says they are together and Sai takes care of them like the village head. Madhav tells that Sai saved him when a scorpion bite him. A fb is shown, how Sai saved him and gave him new name Shama. The veiled

man is nearby them. Appa tells that Sai has saved his field from insecticides and says Sai helps everyone. A fb is shown.

Bheeva tells that he never thought that he will stay with his wife and son in the village and says Sai helped him and freed him from Das custom. Kashi ram’s nephew tells that Sai gave a new life to his kaka Kashi. Appa asks him when is Kashi returning. His nephew says he is in the city and will take time. He sees the veiled man coming towards Kashi and pushes him seeing knife. Cloth is moved from his face and they see Rana Dacoit. Kashiram’s nephew says he must have come to kill Sai. They are about to beat him. Sai stops him and tells that Rana would have killed me if he wanted to, before he is caught.

Kashi ram’s nephew asks Sai not to sympathize with him. Sai says he is changed now and asks Rana to tell why he came. Rana tells him that he didn’t come here to take revenge or punish someone and tells that he loves Sai like everyone else and tells that he came to meet him after he was released from jail. Villager asks why did you keep knife and why did you hide your face. Rana tells that he hides his face so that nobody identifies him and keeps knife for his protection. He tells Sai that he wants to stay in his shelter. Sai tells Rana that he is with him. Kashi ram’s nephew Kishan tries to warn Sai, but Bayaza asks him not to worry and says whatever he decides is for someone betterment.

Kulkarni’s men catches Rana and they tie him. Kulkarni asks Anta to throw hot water on Rana. Rana says I am innocent and takes Sai’s name and closes his eyes, before Anta could put hot water on her hand. Sai smiles.

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