Savitri Devi 20th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Dr. Kabir operates on Veer and saves him

Savitri Devi 20th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pragya telling that they call Dr. Saxena from Sanjeevani hospital. Sanchi comes to OT and tells Veer that everything is happening because of her, and tells that she won’t let anything happen to him, and asks him to fight for life and says I am sure that you will be fine. Pragya calls Dr. Saxena, but his off is off. She calls the hospital and comes to know that he is out of country.. Pragya thinks they can’t wait for tomorrow. She sees Sanchi and asks if she is relieved now. She says if anything happens to Veer then I will never forgive you, you will due for me. Sanchi thinks she won’t let anything happen to Veer. She comes to Dr. Kabir, holds his hand and takes him to OT. Dr. Kabir asks where you are taking me. She asks the nurses inside to excuse them. Dr. Kabir says I am really sorry, I am responsible for his condition. He says I didn’t want to harm him, but can’t change whatever has happened. Sanchi says you can change by operating on him and says you will only take him out of this pain. Dr.

Kabir says this operation is very risky and if I do any mistake then nobody will forgive me and even I can’t forgive myself. Sanchi says you are my last hope and says no doctor is found. She promises that she will become his wife and take her condition back. She says I will become your wife in every way, not only on the papers. She asks him to save Veer and swears on his head that she will forget Veer from her life and soul. Dr. Kabir says I have done many sins, and have fallen down in my eyes. He says I can’t do this operation. Sanchi asks him to save Veer and gives her promise.

Dr. Kabir gets ready to operate on Veer and does his surgery. Dr. Malhotra and Savitri come to the OT and ask who is doing the surgery. Sanchi says a doctor from outside came and doing the surgery. She says we shall not disturb the operation. Pragya says yes. Dr. Kabir continues to operate on Veer. Nurse says his condition is deteriorating.

Pragya asks Savitri to trust God and says nothing will happen to him. Dr. Kabir recalls Sanchi’s words and takes out bullet from his artery. He comes out of OT. Dr. Malhotra and Savitri are shocked to see Dr. Kabir. Savitri scolds Dr. Malhotra for not stopping Dr. Kabir from going inside with Sanchi. Dr. Malhotra asks her to calm down and says let hear what he wants to say. Sanchi asks him not to cry and says we were not getting any doctor, and that’s why I took Dr. Kabir’s help. Savitri asks why you are taking revenge on him and says you have sent Dr. Kabir to save him who is responsible for his condition. You didn’t think that he will not save him. She says Veer used to love you and you have risked his life. Dr. Kabir asks her to stop blaming Sanchi and tells that Veer is fine and out of danger, just because of Sanchi. Everyone goes to see him. Sanchi asks Nurse about Dr. Kabir. She says he left home.

Veer gains consciousness. Savitri blames Sanchi for his condition. Veer tells her that it was not Sanchi’s mistake, I won’t let Dr. Kabir harm Sanchi anymore. He gets up and says he wants to meet Sanchi right now. Veer gets up and says he will go to Sanchi, while Savitri tries to stop him. Sanchi thanks God for saving him and thinks she has to fulfill her promise.

Sanchi comes home. Dr. Kabir feels ashamed of his doings and says you are free to go. Veer comes there and asks Sanchi to come. Sanchi’s mangalsutra breaks and is falling down. She holds it and stops herself from going to Veer.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Really feeling happy that Kabir has done veer’s operation not because of sanchi’s condition. He has done this bcoz he was feeling guilty for whatever he has done to veer.

  2. RuCh23

    Who gave a gun to Veer on the first place ???. Anyway good he’s not dead. 1) if he was dead no one would ever forgive Kabir even he himself. 2) I always loved the prankster Veer from the beginning before he get love disease. Now Sanchi will accept Kabir don’t know for how long but good thing Kabir is guilty for what he had done. Then again he was hurt and mistrusted for many things because of others evil plots but that’s a different story which we are yet to see. Let’s wait and watch/read and see what they want to show and prove us ???

    1. RuCh23

      I still think Sanchi will run to Veer again even after she accept Kabir ??? don’t blame me! They showcased her character like this ???

    2. Dumas001

      so true she loves attention?????

  3. Dumas001

    Wow he only operated so Saachi would be his so disgusting in full.

    1. Are you blind or something?? Like seriously… Didn’t you saw Kabir guilty of his deeds.. Although he was responsible for Veer’s condition.. But still he operated him.. If he would’nt have operated him no one could have saved him… In the precap also Kabir himself frees Sanchi from their marriage. If he only wanted Sanchi, why would he himself do this??

    2. Dumas001

      First of all I am not blind and you should not speak about a personal any thing we are discussing a show and a character had you realized that instead of being a complete Kaachi fan .Ask your self a simple question it you were forced blackmail and cocered away from the love of the of you life again Kabir did not win Saachi heart he broke her marriage threaten her brother her husband and many times threaten to kill him and Did everything to break another heart just so he can justify his love had he been a man instead of a coward i would had love to see him get Saachi but he did not be choose a coward way out and of course he is guilty because of his deeds Veer was in that situation he ripped the man life apart so no matter how much of fan you are i hope you can see the difference between what he did and his wrongs .

    3. No dear sanchi matA has not done this bcoz Kabir operated veer. She has done this bcoz of her special connection with bhagwan ji. Bhagwan ji comes time to time to give her hint. If u remember the first episode of sdcah when bhagwan ji dropped flower sanchi mata got indication that she should take admission with fake identity.again when her nupital chain will fall down she will get the indication by bhagwan ji that she should stay with Kabir. So don’t blame Kabir. He is innocent here. Total fault of bhagwan ji and his hints given to his only bhakt Sanchi.

    4. Dumas001

      Lol I agree Saachi Mata must have finally realized how much she can get by marrying the top doctor only her God shows her to do the right thing doing the wrong deed she and Kabir are perfect for each other.I can’t wait to see the new girl they bring for Veer and hope Saachi stay with her choice .Poor Veer always put his wife first and all he got was betrayals.

  4. Dumas001

    Now Saachi devi is going to stay with Kabir i hope she stay with her despo husband heard their bring a new lady love for Veer finally be can stop running after that disgusting woman wow could not keep her marriage boss and never trusted her husband .

    1. Dumas001

      Edit (who could not keep her marriage vows)

  5. Priyankashaurya

    now finaly everyone wait is over…..veer will get new opposite lead.and kanchi are getting untied finalyy…… new couples…..kanchi….and new lady lead for veer

  6. Anee

    So finally old kabir is back…. Missed him very much… btw now what?? Is that really new starting of kabir and saanchi’s story?? will veer easily moved on from this situation?? I didn’t expected that Rs and Cvs are going to do that… I mean Sanveer was always first choice of RS n Cvs. How can she suddenly changed her decisions?? if we look back to the post sanveer marriage episodes and all that. it was clearly shown that SanVeer is the couple that made in heaven…. no one can separate Sanveer. btw what is this?? okay So these are all question roaming in my mind…. btw being a Kaanchi fan…. I’m really happy to see my fav couple together… don’t know Rs ka koi bharosa nahii hai… hosakta hai kuch aise hi unexpected twist and turns laake Kaanchi ko bhi alag kar de…. bhagwan jaaane kiya hoga aage. btw for now really excited to watch my fav Dr. kabir’s performance in a very positive way.

    1. Dhruti

      i also have same questions in my mind? but as a kanchi fan i enjoy the current track i hope veer and pragya hi ho the new couple………….aage to RS hi jane but now i am really excite to see what happens on next???………… anee…………

  7. our kabir is back feeling happy

  8. Kabir is not the main lead, it’s veer so he will get another lead actress… Swarda is side lined lol bless kanchi… The story is now the end for them… Veer deserves better

    1. Ohh dear leave it on time. If this show is based on ur so called veer then it’s better he deserves this crap show…. okay lol bless ur so called hero rondu tali tharki veer tommy.

    2. If u r forgetting this show is the story of sanchi Mishra. Sanchi’s character can never be sideline. Abhi malohtra ko usake crime ki saza nahi mili hai. So sanchi’s role has not been ended. And let me tell you kabir is also the main part of the show. Agar would show kA main part na hota to sanveer ki marriage k bad use abroad bhej k Kabir ka character end kar dete. Like they have ended Isha pragya character. So galetfehami nikal do ki kanchi ki story finish. Abhi to unaki story start hui hai and kidney the ft kA Sach bhi abhi samne nahi aaya. So don’t keep any misunderstanding. Just watch it only time Will tell whose story ended.

  9. Can anyone tell me if Neha bagga is really leaving the show? I love pragya’s character alot.

  10. Veer malholtra… Is the main character now sanchi story is ended cos kabir has the remainder of shares given by jaya.. So it’s old news now.. What a boring person kabir is… No persona.. Everyone needs a laugh in life.. And kabir is so serious and boring

    1. Ohhh pleaseee yeah I understand that you are still in shock of broke sanVeer. 1) Btw dear open your eyes and see the truth this show wasn’t for about a boy named veer’s dream this show is about a girl named saanchi so she never ever be sidelined.. okay and the second thing is this what you say about kabir’s persna?? he is boring and serious so okay he is serious but not boring at all… he knows that how to pamper his lady love… I think you didn’t watched that epies let me remind you before sanveer marraige kabir always tried to cheer up saanchi even first he was Mr. khadoos he didn’t knew how to smile btw when he fallen for saanchi then all emotions he felt and I’m 100% sure once saanchi will love him then he will definitely live his life with fun… kabir needs someone who brings happiness in his life so dear friend now this story of kabir and saanchi is yet to be watch.. okay? now being a good girl kisi ko bhi bura nahi kehtyy chamjee bachaa ale ale how much innocent you are? kuch bhi samjh nahii aata… Only ML can married to FL. so GO on Wikipedia and check it there is your VEER MALHOTRA is the Parallel lead not a male lead.

    2. Behan galetfehami acchi pali hai tumane. Anyways time will tell whose story ended and whose not.makers r not idiot.

    3. If u think veer is the main lead then good. But let me tell u kanchi story is not ended. If u didn’t watch then go and watch on YouTube kabir sanchi still don’t share husband wife relationship. Kabir sleeps on sofa. As far as I know makers will show kanchi and veer sia love story. And yes go and read the page on voot there is written this is the story of a girl named sanchi Mishra. Nowhere is written that it’s the story of veer malohtra. So sanchi will never be sideline.

  11. Wowooooowwwwwwww.
    Kanchi. ???????????

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