Mere Sai 1st November 2018 Written Episode Update: Malhari Passes Away

Mere Sai 1st November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Babu feeling guilty for throwing his father away asks Sai if his father and son will not return anytime. Sai says he just wanted to see him repenting. Babu’s father and son enter. He apologizes father for troubling him. Father says he went to his brother’s house with Subodh, but someone informed him that he is worried for Suibodh, so he thought when he as grandfather can be so worried, his son as father would be more worried; that man also informed that they are in Shirdi, so he came here with Subodh. He shows Sai’s disciple. Disciple says Sai sent him. Man thanks Sai for helping him and says people say right that nobody returns from Sai’s place empty handed. He then says father that he will stay with them from hereon and leaves with family happily. Disciple says Babu got back his father and son. Sai chants Allah Malik hai.

Next morning, Sai looks at sky and rushes on road hurriedly. Disciple asks where is he going. Sai says Mhalsapati’s house and asks to bring Appa, Abdul, and others to Mhalsapati’s house soon. Sai reaches Mhalsapati’s house and opens door. Parvati cries that their Malhari left them. Mhalsapati cries that their Mhalsapati left them forever. Appa and all disciples enter and stand shocked. All disciple mourn for Malhari’s death.

Mhalsapati reminisces giving dry fruits to Parvati and asks her to prepare laddoos to thank god for returning Sai. Kaveri reminisces Malhari eating dry fruits and passing away in sleep. Mhalsapati says Malhari passed way in sleep, they all were sound asleep, Malhari would have called them for help, but they did not listen his pleads. Appa asks why did Mhalsapati perform Malhari’s last rights alone, are they all not his family. Mhalsapati says they were in shock and performed last right alone. Parvati says why did her son meet an end where nobody could even feed him water. Sai walks to a flower plant, plucks flower and looks at it.

Precap: Sai asks Parvati and Malhari to close eyes and remember Malhari, they will find out how is he now. They close and remember Mhalsapati and find themselves meeting Malhari.
Mhalsapati gets happy seeing them.

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