Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 1st November 2018 Written Episode Update

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Kulfi says to Amyra I will get admission and won’t be scared,Sikander says very good you need this confidence and when you are all prepared nothing can stop you,amyra says I have a class see you bye. Tevar says to Sikander slowly I’m very scared,Sikander says quite you will scare her too, and tell her that she should listen what principle says,Tevar tells her,and says why don’t you two talk I’m nervous too.

Kulfi and both at principles office,principle says I like the confidence you already know you will be admitted,Kulfi says no but I want to,principle says I will like you two to leave,I will take over with her, Tevar and Sikander wish her luck,Sikander sees kulfi very nervous,smiles and walks out. Kulfi remembers sikander being her first teacher and walks to him and takes

his blessings,and says atleast bless me before you leave,Tevar smiles, Sikander blesses her,kisses her forehead and says you don’t need my blessings they are always with you and don’t be scared or nervous believe in yourself because I believe in you,Kulfi takes tevars blessings,Tevar says don’t my blessings are always with you, all the best.

Principle asks why did you go to Sikander before you father,Kulfi says because my mother taught me teachers come before parents. Tevar and Sikander wait out, Tevar complains about the canteen,Sikander says have you seen then classroom they are air conditioner and also the fees are more then a lakh,Tevar says I want my Kulfi to study here and to get along with these kids,and not face what I did,Sikander says you haven’t forgiven Lovely right,Tevar asks have you.

Lovely says these are top 3 hospitals,leave right away and start away with treatment,Mohendar says I spoke to gunjan she is guilty and she won’t say a word,Lovely says but what about Amyra, she will remember those words every time she sees bhabhi,she hasn’t slept all night,amyra is so in stress and I need time to get her on track and make her believe that her father won’t leave her so please understand what I’m trying to say,and so please if you really consider me your sister and Amyra your daughter please leave with bhabhi,I request.

Principle begins with kulfis test. Principle likes kulfis progress, Kulfi sees balloons with answers in it through the window,principle sees kulfi starring out and sees those balloons,amyra hides,she attaches those balloons to bricks and leaves,principle scolds kulfi for cheating and leaves,Kulfi asks what wrong did I do.

Setu goes to pay his loan instalments,and says will pay remaining later,he says why lie I know you have lot of money,Setu says why will I lie,you know I have nothing,he asks what about that money you got by selling kulfi,Setu gets angry and says I went her to hand her to her father and lost her,all start abusing Setu that he sold kulfi and nihalo enjoying with that money, Setu leaves ashamed.

Principle starts scolding kulfi,she gets nothing and thinks principle got angry seeing balloons,because she doesn’t like balloons. Sikander says Tevar we will celebrate Diwali together after admission,Tevar says I’m nervous,Sikander says don’t worry Kulfi is very smart, principle asks kulfi to go call her dad, Kulfi leaves the room,amyra sees her and says oh moms trick worked so cool.

Amyra calls Lovely,but she doesn’t answer. Kulfi starts crying and goes to Tevar and says I don’t know ma’am started yelling at me and called me cheater what does that mean and she is calling you.

Pre cap : Kulfi says ma’am I didn’t cheat I knew those answers,ma’am says I don’t talk to cheaters,Tevar says enough you can’t yell at my daughter, ma’am says you two can leave you have no place in my school.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. wow, what an innovative way of cheating, stick answers to balloons and hang outside window. lol. Anyways, i cant understand why teachers are so rude and harsh sometimes. I remember an incident when i was a kid. A small boy saw his friend cheat in an exam and asked him not to do it. the invigilator saw the boy talking, assumed him to be cheating and made him kneel down the entire time, refusing to allow him to write the exam further. The boy was at no fault and went home crying to his mother, feeling very bad about what the teacher did. And his mom advised him to mind his own business from here on, and not protest if someone else is doing wrong. Why dont teachers consider that they are talking to little children who should be handled sensitively instead of being screamed at?
    Anyways, this serial has so much negativity. I wish Amyra feels guilty and confesses. Some of the goodness is still left within her, please dont turn her completely negative again

    1. I too had a similar experience in my childhood. A girl next to me asked answer. I was so naive, i didn’t understand she was trying to cheat. The teacher asked me. I didn’t understand initially that the teacher thought that I am cheating, so couldn’t tell her that I am innocent. I happened around 22 years back, still I feel bad about it …..


      Same here. last year my eight-year old daughter was scolded for allowing other students to see her answer sheet and not hiding it from them… can anybody imagine… out of fear, this year in the first exam she didnt write the answers at all fearing that others will copy from her and she will get scolded again…. teachers these days!!!

  2. Candiva007

    OMG I want to slap Lovely and Amyra! I really hope their world comes crumbling down on them soon! I hate shows that make the evil people win over the nice people. Lovely needs to pay for killing Kulfi’s mom and all the other crap she has done for hiding the truth of who is Kulfi’s real father.

    1. To be honest I think the writers have forgotten that Lovely killed Nimrat. I think this is a truth that will never be revealed. I do hope what Tevar said to Lovely comes true, How her family will leave her. At the bright side she will always have her parents who are just like Lovely.

  3. They will get wats coming to them as a mother she really have no shame to put kulfi through dat

  4. Lol….. Amayra ko kese pata ke principle ne kya questions kiye he😐😐😐
    N stupid principle itne jaldi bina kuch soche judge kar liya
    Hate lovely 😠😠😠
    Recently kuch episodes me amayra positive thi usko firse negative kar diya

    1. Exactly. The writers aren’t bright enough to think it thru before they script.

  5. Kids watch this show. Kya seekh de rahen hain bacho ko yeah sab dikha ke?

  6. Episode was okay…
    Please can they beat some sense into.lovely and the best an amayra..
    Did not take long to get back to being her evil self.
    The principle was on a whole new level
    Seriously is that how principles are in India…
    How can she be so horrible to khulfi..


    kulfi was very much looking directly at the principal’s face and giving answers… she never looked once towards the balloons before answering… isnt the principal even that much sensible…

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