Mere Sai 17th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Kulkarni Attempts To Kill Villagers, Vishwanath’s Life In Danger

Mere Sai 17th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anta and Banta bring Shyam Rao to Kulkarni and says only he didn’t give 3 tolas loan. Shyam Rao tells that he will give gold and asks for some time. Kulkarni tells that he will give him loan and asks Munim to get his thumb impression on the papers. Vishwanath asks Kulkarni to have pity on him. Shyam Rao tells that his son asked him not to give his thumb impression on any papers. Anta and Banta try to take his thumb impression and mangalsutra falls down from his clothes. Kulkarni says you lied to us, you have gold. He asks Anta and Banta to snatch mangalsutra from his hand. Shyam rao says he will not give and will make his bahu wear it. Kulkarni picks a stick to beat him, but Shyam Rao’s son come and holds the stick. kulkarni is angry. Shyam Rao’s son pushes him. Kulkarni falls on the swinger. Banta

asks how dare you to push sarkaar. He asks his men to beat them. Kulkarni says he can’t risk to let Shirdi go from his way and asks Anta and Banta to take them to the village. Vishwanath asks what are you going to do? Kulkarni says I am leaving you as Chivu kept fast for you. Chivu takes Vishwanath inside.

Dhaniram comes to Mhalsapati and says I give gold necklace for khandoba temple, but it was not there. He says I didn’t hope this from you and accuses him for taking that necklace home. Mhalsapati says this is not right. Dhaniram says I have seen with my eyes and says if the pandit becomes thief then. Villagers gossip about Mhalsapati. Sai asks Dhani ram to be quiet and makes him silent with his divine powers. Chivu tries to stop Vishwanath and tells that Kulkarni will get angry. Vishwanath tells that if he keeps quiet now then he can’t be at peace. He walks out of house. Chivu is shocked to see the garland on door breaking. Sai asks Mhalsapati ji to tell now. Mhalsapati tells that he thought to wash the necklace at home and that’s why kept in his plate. He says you didn’t think before accusing me. Sai tries to make Dhani ram understand his mistake. Dhaniram apologizes to Mhalsapati.

Sai asks villagers why did they make an opinion about someone so soon and asks who gave us right to decide about others. He says one shall get a chance to prove his point. He says there is nothing more than truth in this world and asks Mhalsapati to take a stand for himself and oppose the injustice. Mhalsapati ji says if we don’t do mistake then how you will rectify us. Om Sai plays….Kulkarni and his goons along with Anta and Banta beat Shyam Rao and ties his son to the tree. Shyam Rao refuses to give mangalsutra. Vishwanath comes there and tries to stop the goons from beating Shyam Rao. Kulkarni gets angry and lifts a sharp knife. He warns Vishwanath and asks him to go else he will kill him.

Sai decorates Dwarka Maai. Boy asks if someone is coming. Sai asks him to think that. Banta throws the mangalsutra in the mud. Shyam Rao’s son steps on it and falls down. He faints. Vishwanath looks at him.

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