Savitri Devi 17th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Veer confronts Sanchi and Sunny

Savitri Devi 17th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone having food at the dining table. Veer is waiting for Sunny. Sunny comes there and calls Sanchi. Dr. Kabir is shocked and asks why did you come here leaving college. Sunny says you only called me by messaging me. Dr. Kabir looks angry at Veer. Sanchi understands Veer called him. Gayatri identifies Sunny and asks him to tell truth to everyone and says they all want to know. Savitri asks him to say. Dr. Kabir stops Sunny and tells that Gayatri got the attack and asks Ria to give her breakfast in her room. He asks Sanchi to take Sunny to room. He asks Dr. Malhotra to admit Gayatri to mental asylum. Gayatri says she is perfectly fine and tells that others are mad. Ria tells Dr. Malhotra that they have to find the truth. Sanchi takes Sunny to room and says he has become lean. Sunny apologizes to her. Sanchi asks how is Maa? Sunny says she is fine, but upset. Kabir asks why did you come here and says I didn’t message you. Sunny shows message in his phone.

Dr. Kabir says it must be Veer’s conspiracy and asks Sanchi if she knows about it. Sanchi says no. Dr. Kabir asks him to stay for few days and then leave. Ria waits to talk to Sunny. Sanchi comes out of room and says Sunny is tired. Ria says I didn’t take his name. Sanchi says you never came to meet me. Ria says I came to meet him. She tells Veer that Sanchi is not letting her talk to Sunny. Veer says when I can call him here, I will talk to him also. Sanchi tries to feed food to Sunny. Sunny says he will become fat. Veer brings his favorite cookies. Sunny gets happy and runs to hug him. Sanchi asks why did you come here? Veer says they are still friends and asks Sunny to play badminton with him. Sanchi says Sunny is tired and will sleep. Sunny says he will play later. Veer says ok and leaves. He thinks they will not talk to them here. Sanchi asks Sunny to sit in hall till she makes something for him.

Driver comes and says your sir called you. Sanchi asks who? He says your sir. Sanchi thinks Dr. kabir called them and they leave in car. Driver stops the car and leaves. Sanchi and Sunny get down from the car. Sanchi says nobody is here. Veer comes and says I called you here. He tells that they called them here and can see danger on their faces. He asks Sunny to tell the truth. Sanchi asks him to get himself treated and says truth will not change. She asks Sunny to come in car. He takes the car keys. Sanchi says they have nothing to tell him. She waits to get someone’s list. Just then someone comes. Sanchi identifies him as Preetam and asks him to drop Sunny home. Veer asks Sunny not to go. Sanchi makes him sit and goes with Preetam. Dr. Kabir thinks Sanchi and Sunny are not at home and asks Savitri where did Veer take them? Savitri asks him to talk to her rightly and says I know that Veer can’t do anything. Dr. Kabir says your son is spoilt guy etc. Sunny comes there. Dr. Kabir asks where is Sanchi? Sunny says she is with Veer.

Veer tells Sanchi that she has to answer him unfortunately. Sanchi says truth is that Dr. Kabir and I are very happy with our marriage. She takes keys from his car and sits in car. Veer punctures the car tyre and says you are stuck with me.

Sanchi and Veer come to a woman, who gives them something to drink, and says after drinking that she will say truth. They drink that thing. Veer asks Sanchi to tell the truth.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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