Mere Sai 17th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Kulkarni Takes Tapi’s Wealth

Mere Sai 17th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Appa Patil consoles Sudama that Sai told not to worry. Kulkarni reaches with his goons and calls Patil to come out. Patil with his family comes out. Kulkarni’s goons surround Patil’s house. Sai walks with Jhipri holding Rohini’s gifted jari bag and says he knows she likes it. She asks to give it to her then. He says he cannot. Kulkarni yells at Patil that he did crime and is acting innocent. Baizaa asks what does he mean. Kulkarni asks Patil if he does not know that wealth found on government land cannot be used, even jungle is government’s. Tapi and Vinayak get tensed while Renuka and Dattatrey smirk.

Sai and Jhipri passes by Patil’s house and stop seeing crowd outside and try to enter, but Kulkarni’s goon stops them. Jhirpi hearing Kulkarni’s

allegation asks Sai if he will not do anything. Kulkarni continues alleging Patil and says he can call police and send Patil to jail. Aaji asks Tapi and Vinayak to tell that they got wealth from jungle and wanted to take it with them. Kulkarni yells Patil did a bigger crime by letting Shridi’s wealth go out of Shirdi. Baizaa says they did not know this rule. Anta says he will call police and send Patil to jail. Kulkarni silently tells him that if police comes, wealth will go to government and he will not get anything, so better not to inform police and take all wealth himself. He says he will spare Patil and asks where is wealth. Tapi signals Baizaa not to reveal. Baizaa says it is inside. Anta Panta walk in and pushing Tapi aside get wealth box out. Tapi cries it is her wealth. Vinayak says according to rule, if someone returns hidden wealth to government, they will get some percentage as reward. Kulkarni says that means he knows the rule, even then he hid it, so he will not get any wealth. Tapi says she also has her items in box. Kulkarni asks Anta Panta to remove gold coins and return box to Tapi. They remove coins and search for bag, see Sai holding bag and asks him to give it to them. Sai gives it to them even while Jhipri resists and says he did not give it to her but gave it to goons, he is unpredictable. Anta Panta fill coins in bag and walk away with Kulkarni. Tapi cries and curses Kulkarni.

Kulkarni rides on his palanquin after taking gold coins. Gold coins fall down due to hole in bag. Sai stands in front of them. Kulkarni stops and smirks at Sai.

Precap: Sai asks Renuka and Dattatrey if they want to become famous overnight or with hard work. They say overnight. Sai asks them to be patient then.

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