Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 25th June 2015 Written Episode Update


Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 25th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Sudhakar scolding Radha. LD tries to intervene and Sudhakar shouts at him. Radha stops Sudhakar telling him that he can scold her but not to scold LD. Sudhakar is angry and scold her for supporting the family that insulted her. He apologizes to Radha and tells her not to contact him again and leaves. Radha calls after him but he ignores him and leaves. Radha collapses on the floor. LD asks her why she did so much for his family. He shakes her and demands an answer. She collapses against his chest and sobs. LD hesitates and then puts his hands around her. She tells him that she did this because his family was her family also and that she had promised Sadhna aunty that she would protect the family.
Janvi is at Abhishek’s place. Neha makes her

presence know and reveals to Janvi that she is Abhishek’s sister. She also indicates that she is aware of the intimacies between the two. She expects Janvi to assist her in her relationship with Muralidhar. Janvi says that Radha Bhabi was right and he is a fraud.

LD is talking to Dadaji and says if Radha loves him so much why is she asking for divorce. After all she came to the house to get her divorce. She has done so much for the family and she will get her divorce in two weeks and leave and he will be indebted to her for what she had done for his family and how will he repay this debt. Dadaji is shocked to hear that the divorce will be through in two weeks.

Radha is trying to contact her father who ignores her calls. Sadhna comforts her and tells her that when it is darkest, that means dawn is near.

Jayshree is frantically looking for Janvi as she is missing from her room. She is worried as to what she will tell the family which is coming to see Janvi that evening. Sadhna scolds her for rushing Janvi. But Janvi comes in saying she is ready.

Dadaji is contemplating that he has got the address but how to get there. Sadhna comes and touches his feet and he blesses her. Sadhna is shocked to hear him speak. He updates her and tells her that only Radha knows of his recovery and she too should keep the secret. She agrees to help him in proving Radha’s innocence.

Radha is preparing for bed. LD is standing outside (without smoking for once ) thinking about how Shivani said she did all this for him. Radha says he can come in since it is also his room (sweet Radha). LD walks to his side of the bed and sees that she is wearing a chain with a ring on it. Radha sees he has noticed in and quickly slips it inside her dress. He walks around the bed to her side and recollects that it was the ring that he gave her.

Precap: LD wants to know the truth and Radha tells him to ask himself and that does he not know what the truth is or does he not have the courage to accept the truth. LD says that he wants to hear the truth from Radha’s mouth.

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