Piya Rangrezz 25th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Piya Rangrezz 25th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Bhavri goes back to her room after executing her plan at home. Mama says she will get herself into trouble some day. She asks him to mind him business and just enjoy alcohol.

Rani tells Sher and Shraddha do a good drama that they are in love, but they are not. Sher asks her to mind her own business and not interfere in his personal issues. She says she can she is his partner. He says she is his business partner and not life partner. She says she wants to for 1 day and is a perfect tigress for a tiger like him. He says she is a wolf and not tigress. She continues her drama. He asks her to leave as her work is done here and she did not have to use her medicine. She drinks whole bottle and says it was cough medicine, hope he liked her moves. He says a lot as he found a wolf calling herself

as tigress. She says her offer is still on and he get him for a night. He says she was whole night with him as it is 5 a.m. now and she can stay for 10-15 min more if she wants. She fumes and leaves with Pandey and puppet partner.

Shraddha smiles seeing Sher taking her side and continues working smiling. Sunehri starts taunting her and asks if she is remembering thakur saheb and says thakur saheb gave a right answer to rani and sent her out. Shraddha says she is surprised why contractor accepted blame when he did and there is something to it.

Sher comes to Bhavri’s hospital room in the morning and tells how contractor was killed after taking blame on himself. Mama starts coughing. Bhavri asks if he needs medicine from her. Sher says he will find out who is behing all this. She says Sher that whatever happened is for good and there is no need to find out who he is. He says he has sent Sumer to find out who he is. Sumer enters and says he knows. Vikas also comes behind him. Sher asks who is behind all this.

Pandey tells Rani that he wants to talk about yesterday’s issue. She asks if it is about business, then where is Sher. He says she is mad behind Sher and is gone blind. She asks him to tell why he has come. He says contractor did not steal truck and Sher is main culprit. She says she knows and says she even knows he is using her for his revenge against Sher. He calls contractor’s wife and asks Rani to ask who held her yesterday night. Rani asks who were they. She says she does not know anyone, but they snatched her husband from her.

Sher asks Bhavri who must have done it. She asks him not to doubt her as is here at hospital. He says he is not doubting her and says the work his amma does, there will be only 2 people. One who work for her and another who are her enemies. He will find out at any cost soon.

Pandey gives money to contractor’s wife and asks her to leave this village right now. He then tells Rani that she is mad behind Sher. He gives her 1 bullet and says if he is wrong, she can shoot him and if it is true and she ever tries to point gun him, he will shoot her.

Precap: Rani calls Sher and insists to meet. Shraddha gets tensed seeing him leaving and calls him repeatedly, but his number is out of reach.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. What is happening in there I am just waiting for sher b shraddha to get together. And plz update faster.

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