Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 20th February 2015 Written Episode Update


Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 20th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Radha cooking in the kitchen. Chameli tells Radha that your cooking is unique. You made the chutney before making rice. Radha says this chutney is different and will be used in the food preparation. Shambu says I will help you. Chameli suggests her to make rice first. Radha says you are scaring me. I didn’t make food before for so many people. Chameli says till now nothing is cooked. Radha asks them to take a heavy breath and sit. She then makes food alone. Chameli and Shambu look on. Guru Mata comes and gives darshan to her devotees. Everyone say Jai aloud. Dada ji too sits down. The devotee presents money garland to the guru mata and asks for her blessings. Guru Mata asks her shishya’s to distribute the money amongst the poor and burns the shawl. She says

I can see your greedy side. She asks him to clear his mind and soul. Everyone applaud for her.

LD thinks how to make Papa agree? Banwari praises LD and asks him to act to convince Govind. LD wonders what to do as Govind is not agreeing. He tells Govind that he is not understanding the calculations and asks him to see. Govind asks him to go to Sharma house. LD thinks how to leave Radha alone in the test. Govind gives him address and asks him to count the money before taking it. He says we all are going to Guru Mata. LD gets happy thinking shop will be closed after some time. Chameli thinks guests will come and wonders what will happen if he food is not ready.

Electricity is cut off by Dadi Bua’s man. Radha thinks everything will be ready on time and says she worked hard. She thinks they will like my presentable food. Chameli says you will pass in this test. Radha says she made chow mein noodles. Electricity is cut off by Dadi Bua’s man. Radha wonders what she will do now. She holds hot utensil and gets her hand burnt.

Guru Mata asks everyone to dhyan. Everyone say Om. Dada ji greets her and says he is feeling himself lucky as you will come to your house. Sadhna gets worried and thinks so Radha is making food for her. Jayshree thinks this old man invited Guru Mata to fail Radha. She says she is in big trouble, seems like Jayshree have to do something. She tells Dadi Bua that she is not well and has to go to washroom. Sadhna thinks why Jayshree is going home. Dadi Bua thinks Jayshree went to ruin Radha’s food. Radha looks for the candle and comes out. She sees electricity is not in their home and goes to check the fuse. LD comes there to help her. Mere Sawalon Ka plays……………He lights the lighter. Radha says she is not able to check the fuse box. LD stares her. She asks him to check the fuse box rather than staring her. LD puts hand on the fuse box and pretends to be shaken. Radha gets shocked. He then says he was just pretending. Radha says she don’t want to fail in the test. She goes.

Jayshree thinks Radha is alone in the house and is cooking. She thinks old womaniya crossed limits. She decides to extend hand of friendship towards Radha. She says only she can break the unity of this family, so I have to support her. Dada ji tells Dadi Bua that Jayshree went home. She says she made an excuse and left, don’t worry no one can fail our plan. Sadhna comes and says she wants to go home for sandhya aarti.

Jayshree comes to Radha and says she will help her. Radha says she will manage and says last time you really helped me. Jayshree says I did it to make you leave. Dada ji stops Sadhna and says he will do the aarti. He says he will check whether the food is ready. LD comes to the shop and asks for the electrician. He asks someone about his address and hopes the electrician is at home. He sees Dada ji coming from opposite direction and gets shocked.

LD climbs on the electricity junction to repair the fuse. Dada ji asks him to come down. Suddenly it sparks and he falls down. Dada ji and Jayshree shout LD.

Update Credit to: Amena

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