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Mere Angne Mein 7th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Riya telling Shivam that he lost the job because of her, she has stolen the parcel, she wanted to come in his notice, she loves him a lot, she wanted to help him to come close to him. He gets stunned and starts leaving. She shouts Shivam I love you. He stops. Pehle kabhi na tune mujhe gham diya…………..plays……………………… he comes to her. She says I love you Shivam Srivastav. They have an eyelock. She holds him and kisses his forehead. She leaves. He holds his forehead and recalls her love confession. Kabhi jo badal barse………….plays…………… He kicks the football and stands smiling in the rain.

Shanti does drama at home that she will return the items she bought and wears her earrings. Sarla says she will go home and cook food. Kaushalya

says she will cook. Sarla asks her to send food by Shivam. Ashok says he will cook at home. Pari says I can’t help, I m tired. Sonal says she will help him. Sarla leaves. Kaushalya brings haldi milk. Amit gives it to Nani and asks about Shivam. He says he will find some good job for Shivam. Preeti says don’t worry, he will find. Shanti scolds Preeti for arguing. She says she will get peon job for Shivam.

Riya comes home and Anupam says he was so worried for her. She says sorry, it was raining and get not answer call. She says she is hungry and asks him to give food. She says she will eat much food today. He laughs. She says tell Sahil not to disturb me and sleeps there waiting for food.

Bunty calls Riya. Riya wakes up and tells her that she has proposed Shivam. Bunty says what, are you saying the truth. Bunt asks the response. Riya says I did not think about response, he did not say anything, I told him that he lost job because of me, I hope he gives me positive response. Bunty says yes and asks for treat if he says yes. Riya says sure. Shivam recalls Riya’s confession and the kiss. He gets happy and smiles. He calls her and stops, thinking what is he doing. He leaves for his home. Kaushalya brings food for Shanti. Shanti says she has brought her mistake in Raghav’s eyes, shall I leave the food and starts acting again. Kaushalya worries.

Shanti sits crying. Raghav asks what happened and scolds Kaushalya. She says she will clear everything here and blames Kaushalya. She makes Kaushalya sit on the swing and does big drama. Kaushalya says I won’t sit. Shanti says will you not listen to me, I will give all rights to you and shows the house keys. Raghav asks Kaushalya why did she not tell him about Shivam’s job, can’t he be happy for his son. Kaushalya argues and Shanti cries. She says she would be happy if Shivam does well in his life, no one can bear my happiness, this is the truth. Raghav says till I m alive, whoever earns here till keep his income in your hand. Shanti wipes her tears.

Anupam talks to Riya about Sarla and her son, he has seen her meeting them. She says she likes the guy, but she needs time for marriage, she will tell him when right time comes, sorry. She leaves. Sahil says he feels its complicated, you won’t understand. Anupam says yes, you know a lot. Nimmi tells Kaushalya that she wishes to leave Dadi near Ganga. Kaushalya asks her not to say anything. Nimmi saks her to always be scared of Dadi. Raghav asks for food. Shanti acts loving mother to him and asks Nimmi to just keep one food plate. She makes Raghav eat food by her hands and reminds his childhood. She asks Preeti to have food with her. Preeti says no, I will have with mum. Raghav asks her to sit if Dadi is saying. Preeti says you have it, I will have food with mum. Shanti says like you worry for me, she worries for her mum. Raghav asks Shanti to have food. Nimmi and Preeti look at Shanti’s drama.

Ashok and Sonal make food. Sarla and Pari create an issue asking for food. He says its ready. Raghav waits for Shivam and asks Preeti to call him. Kaushalya makes the utensils fall. Shivam stops bike at distance and comes home. Shanti says so he has come. Raghav asks where did he go. Shanti asks Raghav to take bike keys from him. Shanti says she thought to pay money by his salary, and now Raghav thinks to sell the bike. She asks him not to stare and give keys to his dad. Raghav gives keys to Shanti, saying give him keys when he buys buyer for the bike. He says he has never sold his bike in his life, and this is punishment for Shivam to sell his bike.

He says he has to pay money for this items, so find a buyer. Shivam says I will not let the bike sell off, I will do something. Raghav says I don’t trust you, don’t show me dreams. He goes to his room. Everyone get sad. Ashok asks Sarla how did she like the food. She asks is this Chappan bhog. She speaks against Kaushalya. He asks her to have food and says Dohas. Shivam talks to sisters and says Dadi did drama to sell the bike, she is angry as I did not tell about my job. Kaushalya looks on. Shivam says I wanted to surprise mum, I can’t see mum asking money from Dadi always. Kaushalya cries and smiles.

She brings food for him and says you think so much for me. She asks does he do his job by his happiness, don’t compromise with your aim. She says Shanti is their mum, and she will not feel bad if he gives her his salary, and explains them to understand Shanti. She asks him to have food and goes. Preeti says what will Shanti do when she knows about the scooty girl. He says even if I fall in love, I will not get her in this house. He goes and thinks about Riya. She thinks about him and hopes he says yes. He says sorry Riya, I wish I could accept your love, but my home does not deserve you.

Kaushalya talks to Raghav in their room. She says don’t sell bike. He asks why did she hide about Shivam’s job. She cries. He says mum is right, its useless to have hope from our children, they all are useless, Sarla’s children are better. She defends her children. Its morning, Shivam gets sad and washes his bike for the final time.

Shivam says dad is proud when I drop him to his office on my bullet bike, I will not let it get sell off.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. sad thing is i have actually seen such dramatic daadis who support their wicked daughter and trouble their own sons in eeality

  2. I am curious as to how riya will marry shivam as shivam is thinking of rejecting her due to his family condition.

  3. Shantiiiii!! Paaahhhh !! A big drama queen!! Really she is to much guys!!

  4. i wish shivam accepts riya as his love u know i hate shanti

    1. I too hate her to the core !!

  5. I want to kill Daadi!! I would have left the house, than live with this Daadi.

  6. Omg I hate this daadi so much!!

  7. Do u guys watch yeh hai mohabbatein serial ? I think it will be more awsome if Raman marries Sagun again and they live happily after because Sagun became a good woman now and also regretting for her mistakes .

  8. Mother in law never support daughter in law


  10. Very nice serial – good episode.

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