Mere Angne Mein 4th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 4th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bansi and Rajendra stealing things and cash from Sarla’s house. Rani comes and sees house door open. She sees Sarla coming. Sarla thinks of Shanti’s words. Rani says Shanti will forgive you. Sarla asks why is the house door lock broken. Rani says I was seeing the same. Sarla and Rani go upstairs and see the things messed. She says theft happened, they took all the money. Bansi and Rajendra hide. Sarla and Rani check the room. Bansi and Rajendra leave from there. Rajendra goes back to take his phone. Sarla says how will I return money to Nirmala. Rajendra crawls and takes the phone. Rani asks did Nirmala steal money and run away with Ashok. Sarla says don’t say this.

Rani says I don’t trust Nirmala. Sarla says even I don’t trust her, call her. Rani says

I don’t have number. Sarla calls Ashok and says I m angry, where are you. He asks what happened, I m at my food stall. She asks him to keep hand on hot samosa and swear. He says fine, and screams. She says fine, tell me where is Nirmala. He says she will at home, why are you asking me. She says our house had theft. He asks how, was no one at home. She says yes, I m sure Nirmala has stolen the money.

Kaushalya talks to Shanti. Shanti says you always eye my swing. Riya says Kaushalya was too worried for you, and burnt diya on her hand. Kaushalya shows her burnt hand. Shanti gets tearful eyes.

Shanti says Kaushalya has proved her love, what did Riya do. Nimmi says Riya was doing your final rites. Shanti says Riya was wishing to burn me and make me leave. Riya says no, I did not wish so.

Sarla and Nirmala argue over the theft. Nirmala comes with the makeover. Sarla says you were giving me bungalow and cash, you did not give bungalow and stolen cash. Nirmala says what can I do if you lost the money, I will not leave Ashok. Sarla says take your money back and give my husband back. Nirmala says such a change. Sarla says yes, Shanti told me I can step in Shanti Sadan when I buy back Ashok. Nirmala says I will take money from Sarla and also hold Ashok in my hands.

Sarla says I can snatch my food from tiger’s mouth. Nirmala says give me 15 lakhs and I will leave Ashok. Sarla gets shocked and asks 15 lakhs when did you give 15 lakhs. Nirmala says I know, I did not give 15 lakhs, but if I leave Ashok, I will catch some other man, who will pay. She thinks Sarla can never pay 15 lakhs.

Shivam hits the punching bag. Shanti asks whats going on. Nimmi says its Shivam’s treatment, whenever he gets angry, he hits the punching bag. Shanti asks which doctor said this cure. Nimmi says Dr. Riya. Shanti laughs and jokes. She asks Kaushalya do you want to make Shivam a bull. They all laugh.

Rani asks Sarla to stop crying, its impossible to get 15 lakhs. Sarla cries. Rani says go to Shanti and say truth. Sarla says Shanti told me clearly that I can step inside house when I get Ashok back. Rani says your state will get back, if Shanti is away, it will be good for Nirmala, I wish Shanti forgives you. Sarla says I m getting love on you and wish to hug you. Sarla says what to do, shall I go to Amma. Rani says yes. Sarla says fine, I will try that she gets pity on me. Rani says yes, don’t cry, go. Sarla leaves.

Riya tells Shanti that she read on internet about controlling anger. Shanti misunderstands and says they made channel to control anger. Nimmi laughs. Riya says channel means you should divert your anger and attention to someone thing. Shanti says if Shivam does anything, I will be caught by police. Nimmi says if yamraj could not keep you, will inspector keep you. Shanti asks Nimmi to meet yamraj, shut your mouth. She asks Riya about spending money on punching bag, it was good to get govt job books, then his anger will get controlled, how much money did you spend.

Riya says just 700rs. Shanti says no earnings and 700rs is spent, Shivam’s life would have got better by getting forms for govt job. Riya says yes, I promised you Shivam will do govt. job. Shivam comes and asks what did you say, I won’t do govt. job. Kaushalya asks why when Shanti was ill, you said you will agree to her. Shivam says you said that. Kaushalya asks him to do govt job. He refuses. Shanti asks why did I not die before seeing this day. Shivam asks her not to blackmail him. Shanti asks who gave you money, and asks Kaushalya.

Kaushalya says Riya asked me and I agreed to her. Shanti says Riya made Kaushalya clever and taught her to hide things from me. She says I m seeing you both are signing each other, I will show you when month ends, come to me to ask money, I will show that time. Sarla comes. Shanti asks Nimmi not to make Sarla’s sound, I don’t like joke. Sarla says its me, my house was robbed, everything is gone. Nimmi says there is new story now. Shanti asks Sarla to leave from here. Sarla gets shocked.

Sarla says I will not come back in Shanti Sadan even if I die. Everyone look on. Sarla cries and leaves.

Update Credit to: Amena

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