Journey of Kaira’s love story (episode 1)

Hey guys, I’m Nikita and today I would be writing a fanfiction on yeh rishta kya kehlata hai. Also this is my first time writing a fanfiction, I am so excited to see how this turns out. OK guys that’s enough for an intro because everyone hates long intro. ENJOY ☺☺

Episodes starts with Akshara talking to Gayu.

Akshara: Hello, Gayu
Gayu: Hi maami
Akshara: I just wanted to ask, if you could book a hall for party tomorrow night?
Gayu: Yes, sure but why?
Akshara: Naira’s dance winning celebration
(Gayu gets sad)
Akshara: Gayu, what are you thinking?
Gayu: Nothing
Akshara: Ok hurry up and book the best hall, and make sure that every part of the hall is decorated
Gayu: Ok Mami don’t worry
Akshara: I can’t wait to see the beautiful smile of Naira

Akshara leaves from Gayu’s room

Gayu thinks:
Why am I getting sad whenever I hear Naira’s name? I should not be getting jealous of her, Naira came home after 7 years.

Scene shifts to Naira praying
Naira: I came home after 7 years and I could not spend some time with papa, I should do something special when papa comes. Also thankyou so much for giving me a true kind friend like Karthik

Scene shifts to Gayu reading a magazine
Gayu: omg this jewelry is so pretty I really want it, but I think I should go help Mishti with cooking pancakes first

While Gayu was walking to go to the kitchen she dropped the magazine on the floor.

Akshara was walking and she looked down at the magazine and picked it up
Akshara: This looks like an interesting magazine
(Akshara starts reading it and she looked at jewelry Gayu wanted)
Akshara: Omg this jewelry is so beautiful, I think I should get this for Naira

Akshara puts the jewelry on table, Gayu gets happy and thinks Akshara got it for her. Akshara gives it to Naira, Gayu gets sad

Hey guys I’m sorry if it is too short Plz plz comment down below what you think about this. It would mean a lot if you could subscribe to my youtube channel: Nikita OnFleek
If you have any ideas to make my story interesting plz comment down below.
Sorry for no Kaira scenes today, There will be Kaira scenes so don’t worry.

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  1. Its ok not to feel sorry for not giving kaira scene
    It was a amazing ff
    waiting for the next dear

  2. Shrutiiii

    yaa it was an interesting nd amazing story.Keep writing ur ff

  3. Hey nice to see one More ff
    Keep writing we will love it dear we understand u can’t show KAIRA scenes everyday

  4. no dear just keep on writing one like me love ur ff

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