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Mere Angne Mein 29th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bunty helping Kaushalya and Nimmi in kitchen. Nimmi cuts onion and screams thinking her finger got cut. Kaushalya worriedly checks and says it did not get cut, continue work. Shanti continues the jaap and Sarla worries. Mama is outside Pari’s house and waits for her. Ashok looks at him. He asks Pari where is she going at night. She says she is going to Shanti Sadan for puja, he can go there too. He says fine, we will go together. Bunty cuts onions and cries.

Bunty thanks Kaushalya for teaching her to cut onions. She says mum has cooked food at home, I will leave. Sarla falls on stairs and makes excuse. She thinks Shanti’s jaap is working, she has to do something. She calls pandit and asks for some solution, someone is doing jaap taking her name to harm her.

He asks did you do wrong with that person, the solution would be different, tell me. He says you can donate to 10 beggars in temple, it will be fine, if you did bad, then donate to that person itself. Sarla says fine, and thinks to give something to Shanti.

She starts going out and Shanti stops her. Sarla says she is going market and will just come. Mata ji asks Mama to drag Pari and bring her here. Mama says Pari has come out, but her Papa is also with her. Mata asks him to get Pari, its very imp for them to get Pari at home. Pari says she is going to apply mehendi to rich clients. Ashok says I m worried for you, are you doing anything wrong. She says mummy did wrong by marrying you, believe me sometime. He shouts Pari and asks her to think of her future, else she has to regret. She says she is very smart, she will come and goes.

Sarla comes back and looks for Shanti. She sits to pray and apologizes. She brings a saree for Shanti. Shanti brings sarees from her room and gifts everyone. She gifts a saree to Kaushalya, and Nimmi says she has seen it somewhere. Shanti tries to stop her. Nimmi says she has seen this saree in marriage. Shanti says she bought this from market. Raghav comes home and compliments Kaushalya. She smiles. Shanti asks Raghav to get ready and come. Mata ji asks Vyom to call Pari. Pari says she has kept fast for him and lies to him. She says you did not give me shagun, its fine, I will see your face and break fast. He says sorry, I can’t meet you, I m going out, even mum and Mama are not here, Sujeev is alone here, I have to be with Sujeev.

She says don’t worry, work well, I will take care of Sujeev, I will breal fast with your pic. He says Sujeev talks a lot about you, I was about to tell him about us and he does not listen. She says thank God. Mama comes home. Vyom keeps phone on speaker. Pari says tell Sujeev that you chose me for him, I mean to make bahu for him. He says I love you. She says I love you too, and ends call. Mama and Mata laugh. Mata says she is very clever. Vyom says its time to sit in control room. Mata ji says not this time.

Rani shows the dark mehendi color. Sarla jokes and laughs on her. Preeti says it means Amit loves Rani a lot. Rani asks Sarla to hear this. Sarla calls Rani a donkey and snake, and taunts Kaushalya. Riya looks on. Rani acts and says Amit’s call has come, I will talk and come. Sarla gets irked. She hears Rani and scolds her. Rani says see my mehendi color, I don’t know about your marriage and love, but see how Amit makes me drink water to break my fast. Sarla says I will see. Shivam comes home and looks at them.

Mata ji brings Vyom and Mama to control room and scolds them for not thinking anything. She says she is doing this for Vyom’s future. Vyom says he has got Pari here. She says Pari loves money, so she got after Sujeev. She says Makdi Mama is useless, so his wife left him, she is joker. Mama says I will cry, don’t press my weakness. She says do something, Pari would come now.

Kaushalya asks why did Amit not come. Sarla says he has lots of work, he does job and business, is he waste to be after his wife. Nimmi makes faces on her lies. Sarla asks Riya did her family not send anything. Riya says Papa did not know, else he would have sent. Sarla asks Kaushalya about her Maayka, did they not send anything. Renu comes and says sargi came from Maayka. Shanti says Renu did not come on Karwachauth till now. Renu gives her gifts. Shanti saks her to give to Kaushalya. Renu hugs Kaushalya.

Shanti asks them to get ready for the puja and talks to them. Bunty calls Nimmi and says aunty liked lahenga and ordered two more, but of less value. Nimmi says fine, I will make. She asks her to keep 5000rs with her, which she may need later. Nimmi gets glad. Pari comes to meet Sujeev. The servant asks her to not touch costly things. She thinks she will kick out this servant after she comes in this house.

Mata ji says this time I don’t want any mistake. Mama says I forgot to give medicines, I will just come. Mata says no need to go, I have given medicines. She scolds Mama. Mata says make Pari greedy to the limit that she married Sujeev in 9 days. Riya gets ready and smiles seeing her mehendi. She ties the blouse backstring. Shivam comes to the room and smiles seeing her.

Shivam keeps her gift and ties the backstring. He says he likes everyone getting ready and colorful, especially the new bride. He says he got a gift for her. She asks him to show what is it. He says any guesses. She says perfume or jewelry. She opens the box and sees the gift. She likes the windchime and asks whats this gift on Karwachauth. He hangs the windchime and says whenever this rings, think I m calling you. She asks him to explain the theory. He says when this rings, you will miss me, simple. She hugs him and says okay. They smile.

Sujeev comes and meets Pari. She says its Karwachauth, so she has come to meet aunty, she will sit with him till aunty comes. He says fine, do you know to play hide and seek. Mata ji asks what is he saying. Pari asks what. Sujeev laughs and says I scared you, but why are you nervous, sit, when did I say hide and seek game. She says fine, but I heard wrong. She says she will make tea for him. He says fine. Mata ji asks Mama to stop the girl who is coming inside. She sees Mama has already gone out and talking to the girl at the door. Sujeev calls Mata ji. Pari gets the tea and gives to Sujeev. She asks why is he tensed. He says mum and Vyom are not taking call.

Sarla collides with Riya in balcony and asks her about her staring at mehendi time, what happened. Riya says nothing. Sarla says don’t lie, tell me. Riya says I felt you have seen Shivam’s name at the time of marriage, was it true? Sarla gets tensed.

Sarla tells Shanti that she got a saree for her. Shanti gets glad and sees the saree. She gets shocked seeing the saree.

Update Credit to: Amena

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