Mere Angne Mein 22nd February 2017 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 22nd February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Riya calling Sarla. Sarla does not answer. She sees Riya and hides. She wishes she wins elections. Riya leaves. Shanti is worried. She asks Shivam about Riya, she said she will get proof. He says I will go and see. Riya comes home. Shanti asks her about proof. She signs no. Shivam gets shocked. Riya says I did not get proof. They all get shocked. Riya says I tried my best. Shanti says its court hearing tomorrow, find some way, our lives are in your hands. Riya goes.

Raghav comes and asks what did Riya say, did she get anything. Shanti signs no. They all worry. Riya thinks why did Sarla cheat me, this can risk entire family. Shivam comes and asks what happened. She cries. She says Sarla cheated us. Shanti comes there and asks what cheat, who cheated you, answer

me. Shivam says Dadi…. Riya stops him. She says I will get proof before hearing doing anything.

Its morning, people think who will win. Kaushalya says Shanti is ahead of Sarla. Nimmi says I knew Sarla can’t win. Shanti worries seeing poll count in news. Riya and Shivam come downstairs. Sarla comes dancing on dhol and says I have won the elections. Shanti and everyone get shocked and see the news, that Sarla has won. Preeti comes and says I took your side, I voted for you, you forgot me when you won, its fine, I came playing dhol to be part of your happiness, congrats.

Riya asks what. Preeti asks Riya to dance, Sarla has won because of you. She tells everyone that Sarla took name back, Riya encouraged Sarla to fight elections and also helped her in winning, you did all this to become Sarla’s secretary, what happened. Everyone get shocked. Preeti taunts Riya.

Shivam says no Dadi, just Sarla is responsible for all this, I know what Riya….. Riya stops him from saying. Shanti scolds Riya. Riya says Preeti you are saying what you know, its not true. Sarla thinks Riya can expose me. Sarla asks Riya why are you making this an issue, and Preeti be quiet. Sarla asks Riya did you not tell that you will explain Shanti. Riya says yes but… Sarla says you did not say truth to Shanti, this fight would have not happened in our family, Riya wants to change our relations, I refused to stand in elections, she came to my house and told me to stand in elections, it was her plan. Shanti scolds Sarla.

Sarla defends and puts all blame on Riya. Riya says you called me yesterday to give me proof, you are lying, you did all this, I m not getting my documents, Amit reached everywhere I went, Bunty is not recognizing me, you have planned all this, Bansi is following me, he is your party member. Sarla says did I do this, if I had proof, I would have not been in jail, Amit got beaten up. Riya says you are lying, you know that man. Sarla asks which photo, I don’t know anyone.

Riya says stop it, you are lying, you know that man, this is Sarla’s planning. Sarla says if I had your proof, why did you wait till now, its hearing today, why did you not tell Shanti. Riya says so that your and Shanti’s relation does not break. Sarla says you wanted to make Shanti lose and if I win, you wanted to make your life better, are you not ashamed. Shivam says stop it Bua, Riya told me about your life, I was going to tell everyone, she stopped me, I know truth, that you have all documents, give that, Riya did not do this for her greed, she did this for your good, she did not wish Shanti to lose, I have seen your jealousy, Riya did this to end that jealousy, I have seen what my family has bear here, you won elections, I fold hands, leave from my house.

Sarla goes to do suicide drama. Amit and Pari stop her. Sarla says if Shivam says a word against me, I will kill myself. Shanti says fine, kill yourself. Sarla gets shocked. Shanti says enough of your threatening, kill yourself, I will take you to hospital if you survive, come on kill yourself.

Kaushalya asks Shanti what are you saying. Shanti says I m saying truth. Kaushalya asks Shivam why did you not tell us, Riya stopped you right, hearing day has come, you did not say. Shanti says enough Kaushalya, don’t tell him, I lost my daughter, what to expect from grandson. She asks Shivam what’s the time, we have to go court. Preeti says don’t worry, I will make everything fine. Shanti pushes her and scolds her.

Sarla says don’t worry, the case will run for years, I m in politics, I will make everything fine. Shanti says I will hang, but not take your help, this is my promise. Sarla asks why are you angry if I won in election, see my hand is bleeding, its your blood. Shanti says our blood is different, you won’t come after me, I have no relation with you, I don’t want any proof from you, I don’t want you and Riya. She goes and gets water. She drops water and ends ties with Sarla. Kaushalya gets water and cries. She says I m also sacrificing all relations like Shanti, Riya cries.

Judge says court reached this decision that Riya is murdered, so Shanti, Raghav and Kaushalya will be hanged until death.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. So the spoilers were false then? Shanti didn’t win. Why kaushaliya dropped water to end ties with shanti?

  2. Now again all blame comes on Riya.

  3. That all we know that riya is gonna get blamed no matter what I hate preeti she hate her family so much and she see them hang til death .so disgusting daughter and sarla left the show how her character is gonna end is somebody is gonna save shant and her family or not ,so sad cheater daughter has betray shant .the whole life she getting ever thing from her and at end she cheated her own family out of hope this serial is no positive storylines still negative I hope some miracle happened shant and her family savecd

  4. as per latest news Riya and Sarla both will leave the show…Riya(Ekta kaul) was tired of having all the blames on her and her character doesn’t have anything new..Sarla place will now be taken by Preeti..

  5. Now that as precap said, will Riya’s dad be freed by bansi? Also will bunty acknowledge riya? Why no spoilers for this serial?

  6. Tia will be leaving.this show was dead 3 months back. This show stinks

  7. Very disgusting to watch this serial. However atleast shivam was there to support Riya. This is a serial where evil always wins. Better the writer wind up the serial and look for a new one.

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