Kalash 22nd February 2017 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Ravi holds Devika’s hand. He comes near. He says this is our wedding night. We have this time after so long. I want to be one forever. We have to spend this good time together. The memories will live in our hearts forever. Ravi comes close and kisses her forehead. He says our marriage was incomplete its complete today. Lets complete our relationship too forever. He hugs her. Ravi caresses her face. He takes of her jewelry. Ravi takes of her chunri and unties her hair. He comes close and hugs her from behind. Ravi unties her blouse and kisses her shoulder. He takes her to bed and kisses her. Ravi kisses her had.

Ravi and devika are in each other’s arms. He says what else do you want from life now? She says just you and share your success with you, live your happiness with you. Ravi says so moon and stars are witness. She says you don’t trust me? nothing else matters. I want to be with you every moment of my life. I want to keep holding your hand. He says I want something beside you and with you as well. She says what else beside me? He says I want it with you. We came to amba ji last time with a dream. It was that we become parents. A baby girl who looks exactly like you.

Scene 2
Later, Ravi wins architect of the year. He says this is a big day for me and only one person is behind this and thats my wife Devika. I am very lucky that I have a wife like her. God is happy with me. I have worked really hard. I didn’t know if I would ever have results but my wife believed in pay and supported me. I want to dedicate her this award. Devika comes on stage.
Ravi and Devika come home. Everyone welcomes them. Manju does their arti. Rekha says I am so proud of you both. Janki says keep succeeding. Sakshi and Palavi hug them. Vicky says Shewta went to her aunt’s house. She isn’t well. But she is happy for you both. Gorvindar says Monty congratulate them. Monty rudely congratulates them. He doesn’t take sweets either. Vicky says we should party. Manju says yes of course there would be a party. ravi says it will be celebration of love. Monty goes to his room.

Precap-Sakshi says to Monty I will help you choose the clothes. She takes off his coat and a pistol falls from it.

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    How can devika forgive her MIL sooooo easily???????? and Monty will never become good, even due to him Ms. Luthra will enter again and I hope Monty Dies.. ????????

  2. Nadira Poliah-Mohammed

    Omg, i hope nothing negative happens again , so looking forward to seeing a baby girl, before it ends

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