Mere Angne Mein 20th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 20th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pari informing Amit about marriage proposals coming for Shivam. She says Shanti will not support you. He says she can’t see my happiness. She says we will tell Preeti to brainwash Kaushalya and Shanti. He says then call Preeti. She says I also want to remarry. He says once my marriage happens, your marriage will also happen, get Preeti in our team first. Preeti follows recipe and cooks food. Nandu’s mum looks on.

Pari calls her and asks where is she. Preeti goes to room and talks. Nandu’s mum sends servant to get onion. Pari says Amit wants to remarry. Nandu’s mum spoils the dish. Preeti asks is Amit mad, how can he remarry. Pari asks why, did you not do two marriages, I need your help, Shanti is not agreeing, you have money and everything, if you do this, we

will be your slaves, just convince Dadi, we have the girl. Preeti asks who. Pari says Charni. Preeti asks what, she is a maid. Pari says your husband was also servant first, he became hero now, Charni will marry Amit and leave from home. Preeti agrees and says I will come. She goes.

Nandu’s mum gives tiffin for Nandu and thinks to see what happens now. Amit comes home and smiles seeing Aarti. He imagines romancing her. Haye dil mera jaise koi…..plays….. They dance.

Shivam sees Amit staring at Aarti and comes in between. He asks Amit what is he doing. Aarti sees them and propers her clothes. Amit makes excuse and goes. Shivam sees Aarti and goes. A man stares at Rani while paying the bill. Ashok sends him. He asks Rani to come with him. He asks her not to feel bad, but does she feel good to roam like this, times are bad, Amit did not say bad, people come to stare at you, its my mistake, I told you to work here. She says no, I came by my happiness, I know you are worried, I thought a lot. She asks him not to worry, she will manage. He says I trust you a lot. She asks him to have tea.

Amit asks for water. Shanti comes and sees him. He gives her a paper. Shivam comes home. Kaushalya asks from where is he coming. Shivam says I m going, I came back to take keys. Amit acts unwell and asks Shivam to drop him. Shivam agrees. Pari and Preeti come home. Shanti asks what’s this paper. Amit says I applied in orphanage to adopt a child. Aarti turns away seeing him. Amit makes a story and says they said they can’t give me a child by adoption process if I have no wife. He cries.

He says people are seeing me as if I did some crime, I just want to adopt a child. She asks why. He says who will do my tarpan, how will I get Moksh. Shivam looks at Amit’s drama. Amit says how will my family go ahead, now I have no ways, to adopt a child or marry to become father. Shanti gets angry and says world won’t let you take first decision and I won’t let you take second decision.

Shanti says I will never let you marry again. Aarti thinks if he remarries, Amit’s wife will be helpless like me. Amit says then I have a last option, I will jump in Ganga and die. Shanti slaps him. They all get shocked. Shanti asks Amit not to say this again.

The men tease Rani. Rani scolds the men and sprays pepper in their eyes. Ashok comes and sees them. He feels proud of Rani. He says I m sure you are not a helpless woman, I got glad seeing your Durga avatar, woman is not weak, she can do anything.

Pari says Shanti is not agreeing, Preeti you talk to her. Preeti asks her to wait, let right time come. Nimmi asks Kaushalya not to fall into all this. Kaushalya says I will talk about Amit, he is like Shivam. Nimmi stops her. Shanti asks Amit not to threaten about his death, just leave now, no need to do drama, see Shivam, his wife died, he is refusing for marriage, he is not dying for a wife like you. Amit says he has baby, what about me, everyone is laughing on me, Ashok gave job to Rani, they are planning against me, get me remarried else I will die. He goes.

Shanti asks Shivam to go after Amit, if he does anything, what will we answer Sarla. Shivam goes after Amit.

Amit comes to Shanti Sadan and shoots. They all get shocked. Amit says I came to take my life.

Update Credit to: Amena

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