Mere Angne Mein 20th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 20th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Riya telling Preeti that she will not let any hurdle come in her marriage. She says I will meet Mohit, and just then Shanti comes there. Shanti hears Riya saying I will explain Mohit well this time, he met me in market and misbehaved, Kaushalya saw me with me and misunderstood, she scolded me and then things got fine. She asks her not to worry. Preeti thanks her. Shanti goes.

Pari is jealous of Vyom’s haldi and says its your haldi and I m getting jealous, so I m adding chilli in it. Sharmili looks for Pari everywhere and goes to kitchen. Pari quickly hides. Sharmili stands on her hand and Pari controls her scream. Sharmili gets call and says I m in kitchen, I came to take haldi. Sharmili takes haldi bowl and leaves.

Shanti tells her husband that Kaushalya

knew Riya met Mohit and did not tell me, see how I create scene of this truth, Riya will be on other side of the family. Riya is leaving, and Shanti asks where is she going. Riya says parlor. Shanti asks her to go. Shanti goes to Preeti and makes her wear bangles with blessings. Sharmili takes haldi for Vyom and applies it to him.

The lady asks Pari to apply haldi to Vyom, she is Bhabhi means like mom. Pari says I don’t become anyone’s mummies like this, I will not apply haldi. Sharmili asks her to apply haldi. Pari makes excuses. Sharmili asks servant to get water to get Pari’s hands washed. She makes Pari wash hands. Pari goes to Vyom and applies haldi. Vyom gets itching and burning sensation. He asks whats mixed in haldi, its burning. Pari asks what, I just applied haldi and you are feeling burning sensation. Sharmili looks on.

Sarla goes to Rani and tries asking about Amit. She says I m giving tea to Rani, she is working since much time. Shanti says you need repair Sarla. Rani says I will make tea for Shanti and goes. Sarla goes after Rani in kitchen and asks about Amit again. Rani says you can do anything, I love Amit as you do, you want to know where is Amit, fine, he is in jail. Sarla gets shocked.

Sarla asks Rani what is she saying. Rani tells Sarla that Amit has kept her on bet and lost her in game, he would have sent me with that man, if I did not call police, don’t know what would have happened, I will not take my report back, police will not leave Amit till they find out everything. Sarla puts grass cutter at Rani’s neck and asks her to get Amit out of jail, else Rani won’t be alive.

Kaushalya and Shanti come there and get shocked. Shanti asks Sarla why is she after Rani. Sarla says I m playing game and asks Rani to be quiet. Shanti asks Rani to call Amit, I will ask him whats happening. Rani asks Sarla will she tell Shanti or shall I say. Sarla thinks if Amma knows what Amit did, my respect will be ruined, if Pari’s mum in law knows this, Sarla Sadan will not be made. She stops Rani from saying and holds her hand. She says I m doing what you do with Kaushalya. Shanti says I don’t keep grass cutter on Kaushalya’s neck. Sarla says I m giving example. Shanti says enough of drama, everyone will be coming, where is Riya, did she sit in parlor for her makeup, call her, guests will be coming.

Shanti checks the arrangements. Sarla is after Rani and asks her to get Amit. Rani goes. Shanti asks Kaushalya why is Sarla running after Rani. Kaushalya says yes. Sarla tells Rani that relatives will come and ask about Amit. Rani says tell me, did Amit not do wrong. Sarla says I was not there, look at your behavior. Rani says I did right, he deserves that, he will get sense after being in jail. Sarla says you are his wife, he is your husband and pride. Rani says I m his wife, his respect, what did he do, he put me on stake, I have done right, atleast he will know to respect women. Sarla says you never love Amit and used him, he is so simple, if anything happens to Amit in jail, you will get not peace. She cries.

Riya calls the lady and asks why is parlor shut, where is Meeta. The lady says Meeta will come in 5mins. Riya says I have function at home, send her. Mohit comes dressed in saree and says I m Meeta. Riya gets Nimmi’s call and says I will just reach home. She takes Mohit on her scooty.

Shanti asks Sarla why is she after Rani. Sarla lies. Shanti asks Rani to call Amit, I have to talk. Rani says he can’t be reached. Shanti asks why, is he on any mountain. Sarla lies again. Shanti taunts Sarla about her fake drama yesterday. She says you can’t fool me, if you and Amit are doing anything like last time, then stop it. Riya tells Meeta to go upstairs to Preeti’s room. Shanti laughs and asks what will this girl see with ghunghat on her face. Riya says her husband makes her keep ghunghat always. Shanti says we will also see this girl with long hair. Mohit worries. Shanti goes to lift the ghunghat.

Mohit ties Preeti in her room.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I wonder whether the producer / writer etc had even planned a proper script for this serial.. It’s like watching pure nonsense. The first wedding took over 1 month to complete with the scenes repeating themselves.. Now, Pritee’s wedding gonna take the same amount of time to complete. I guess Riya could have been given a better role – her talent is not being exploited to the level. In brief- very disappointing serial.

  2. Stupid serial…..or the worst serial..
    Sarla and shanthi…..yuk
    Dumbo kaushalya…

    And great but foolish riya….

  3. Riya is soo stupid.parwali khekar yese kese bina chehera deke kisikp vi ghar layasakti hai.fashgaena buri tara see.aaplogo lee mohit ko itna negative kyuu dekarai hoo.plzzz give some commen sense 2 riya &get back confident,intelligent, strong & independent Riya like before .& also plz get back cute, funny,loving,caring super,duper famous RJ Mohit mihir.Don’t spoil his image.

  4. Oh god pari and her dramas
    Foolish riya
    Kaushalya dumb driven cattle
    And shanti sarla world’s biggest drama queens

  5. Where is the story going? Why is Kaushalya the stupidest woman on earth? After 25 years as a housewife she has no idea how a household is run! Preeti can only cry – she can do nothing else. Riya is becoming stupid and more stupid every day – she knows how to be polite but lacks the slightest courage to protest the obvious lies and wrong accusations of Shanti and Sarla. Will evil always win? Will the good people always get beaten and battered?

  6. MAM is indeed going the gutter! It has so many flaws- unplanned script, no robust acting from Riya & Shivam and more immoral values from Pari, Shanti, Sarla, Amit, etc

  7. In the promo’s you see a strong Ria, watching the serial it’s nothing like that. Rani was excellent in the last two episode. Keep fighting Rani for your right and speacially tot that witch Sarla and learn Ria also fight. Hope the serial will improve. And yes plz do justice with Mohit, he is a true lover and a good Guy. Slap SARLA, AMIT AND PARI.

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