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Mere Angne Mein 20th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shanti asking her husband how to save her house from Aarti, she is a characterless girl. Preeti asks a man to give marriage ad for Nimmi and thinks to teach a lesson to her. Nandu meets some fans. Preeti sees him with girls and gets angry. Nandu sees Preeti hiding and seeing him. He thinks its right chance to get Preeti on path. He says I will come with you girls, but I will drive the car. He makes Preeti jealous. Preeti says this is happening because of Charni. Ladies joke on Preeti. Preeti angrily comes home and breaks things. Kaushalya asks what happened. Preeti says I have seen Nandu with a girl. Kaushalya says your mind has filth, you were doubting on Rani and Nandu also. Preeti asks her to make Aarti leave, Shivam has come right. Kaushalya says he is saying he has filled

sindoor and now she will stay here.

Preeti says tell him I m here because of him. Kaushalya says he is sticking to his decision. Preeti says he doesn’t care for me. Kaushalya cooks dinner. Aarti makes food. Kaushalya takes the food for Shanti. Shanti asks her to give food to Chandra too. Chandra says its better to have food made by mum, I will agree to you. Shivam comes. Shanti says I will not have food made by Charni, I will just have food made by Kaushalya, Shivam is not believing this, so he can decide if he wants to have food made by his mum or Aarti. She asks Aarti not to talk in between. Shivam says I can’t have food made by anyone else than mum, but if Charni made food for me, if I don’t eat it, it will be an insult, so if I have to choose between either of you two, then I will choose myself, I will not have food made by anyone. Shanti says you did everything, you have to make things fine now.

Shanti says I will see how long you stay hungry. Shivam says no, I will have food, I will arrange my things. Chandra says I was thinking one incident changes entire family, but don’t worry, everything will get fine. Shanti says I don’t have any solution for this, if anyone can solve it, its Lord.

Golu writes a love letter to Nimmi. He gets a call and keeps gift in the box. The letter falls down. Amit comes there and says when will Rani come in my life. He sees the letter and picks. Golu gets tensed. Shivam eats hotel food. Aarti comes to room. Shivam sits working. Aarti takes care of baby. He asks her to let him work. She says try to understand me, I can’t stay here as your wife. He says stop this madness, don’t anger me, you live better life and let me live too. She says I can’t see my destination, I can’t even think well, I can’t stay with a stranger. Shanti comes and asks shall we make another room for you. She scolds Aarti and Shivam.

She asks Shivam to kick out Aarti or keep his decision. She asks Aarti to stay in a corner. She goes. Shivam asks Aarti to sleep on bed with baby, he will sleep on the ground. Golu takes the letter and says reading other’s letter is wrong. Amit says I did not read, I thought its some paper, you are doing right to write love letter, we are in same boat, we can share things, I will also write a love letter for Rani. Golu says fine, I will help you, if you go, Rani can tear the letter before reading. Amit hugs him. Golu says stay away. Amit sits to write letter.

Aarti sees Shivam sleeping and sits outside the room. She imagines Shanti taunting her. She says Ajay is my husband and will always be. Chandra gets restless recalling Aarti’s problem. Aarti sits crying. Chandra comes and holds her. She gets shocked seeing him.

Chandra asks Aarti why is she worried, he is there to end all her problems. She gets shocked when he holds her hand.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I hate this serial and reading update.dont know why.expecting writer to do something good which he never by day things are getting worse.hope this serial will have show a happy ending.shivam s family understand Riya s goodness on her last day.may be they will understand aarthis goodness on last episode.august 7 or 8 is the last day of mam.

  2. This serial us becoming worse day by day. Always targeting charni. First they all were against riya and now charni. Hate kaushalya what kind of lady she is. Peeti another fool. Stupid serial stupid people. Charni 24×7 crying. Why can’t she stay strong?? Everyone are saying charni is a characterless girl but what about preeti and pari. They are no 1 characterless girl in the serial. Please makers do something good

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