Love Will Find It’s Way ( Prologue) by Ridzieee

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So guys it’s Ridziee again with a new story. Do read it and tell me how you feel it is.

So let’s start the story now,
A girl is shown wearing her wedding dress sitting on the bed Indian bridal style covering her face with dupatta.

*Her Pov*

Finally I am married.I am no more the same single college going girl but someone’s wife, someone’s daughter in law… According to my mom my old life has ended and I have to start a new life with new identity, new people.

She truly believes that woman has some superpower that’s why she could leave her house,her life to start a new life, new family of her own.

After completion of all the post marriage rituals, I was waiting for him in our bedroom. I am hell nervous. I am literally sweating now.

Soon the door opened. It was my husband. I looked up to see his gaze already fixed on me. He started coming towards my direction. My heart beating faster with every step he takes closer. Suddenly realization hit me hard. My life is really going to change after this night. I am going to lose my precious thing, my virginity tonight. It was all that I had. Though I have decided to wait till my wedding to allow myself to be touched by a man, I was feeling nervous when that time has actually came.

“He is  your husband. Whatever he say, just stay by his side in his every decision. Don’t make him disappointed with you. It’s your duty to make him happy now”  my mother’s advice ran through my mind.

He came towards me and asked me to make myself comfortable on bed and he left to sleep on couch.

What is happening? Isn’t he happy with this marriage? Does it has happened without his wish? Does….does he love someone else? My mind was totally messed up thinking about all the possibilities. I wanted to ask him…ask him what’s wrong…have I done some mistake?…. why is he behaving strangely but I didn’t have enough courage to ask him on our very first night after marriage….


Another girl is shown engrossed in deep thought .

*Her Pov *

Did that happen for real or was it some dream? But wait….how could it be some dream when I wasn’t even asleep. Does that mean it happened for real?

Oh My Gosh!!! I just had my first kiss with the man I love….

It wasn’t some romantic kiss nor it was how I have expected my first kiss would be….but it was the best kiss I could ever had in my entire life.

But does that kiss meant something or it was just a kiss for him? But he did say that I am someone special

“Ohhh babe, what have you done to me. Whenever I look into your eyes, I want you to walk through this world through me. Whenever you are , that’s where I want to be for all my life.” Those were his exact words .

Even though these words are giving some indication that he too feels the same way for me but what if he said all these just because he was drunk…

Arghhhh!!! All this is so confusing ….I just wanted to went to him and express what I feel about him…how much he means to me… but what if he doesn’t feel the same way about me…what if he rejects me? It’s so frustrating. God why did I even fell in love?


Heyaaa peeps here is Ridzieee again with the prologue. So guys I have posted it like ages ago so I was unsure if you remember this story or not so thought why not post it again?. I have draft of 1st chappy ready with myself.I will post it depending upon your response.

So who do you think the first girl is and not to forget what about the other girl…. any guesses…well you’ll get to know in next chappy…but let’s see who could guess it right?

And another important thing, i know I haven’t updated ‘My life is nothing without you’ since ages. I don’t even remember the last time I have updated it lol. But I won’t discontinue it. I just want some time to think about that story.

I will be more than happy if you could leave your valuable comments ❤❤❤

My wattpad id – @sanaya_sharma. If you want you can check out my all stories there.

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My insta id is sanayasharma285

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  1. Mars

    It was amazing dear but I think u had posted it earlier also as I had read it already. Will love to read further if it will be swasan.
    Take care.

    1. Ridziee

      Yup mars….as I have posted it long time back I thought many of you have forgotten it, so posted it again before posting chapter 1 and off course pairs will be swasan.

      1. Mars

        Thank you for informing dear will be looking forward for the story as it is swasan.

  2. Dream

    It seems interesting. Looking forward to it.

    1. Ridziee

      Tysm dream…will post next chapter tomorrow✌

  3. AbrahamEzra

    It was awesome. And to be frank I’m really weak in guessing twists. So kindly post soon. Plss dear

    1. Ridziee

      Thanks AbrahamEzra… your username is pretty cool….and yeah about that guessing part me too suck at it lol. Chapter 1 will be posted by tomorrow afternoon☺

  4. Seebu_s

    interesting…hope married girl is swara..!as i believe mrg is pious relation?

    1. Ridziee

      Tysm seebu_s . Well I think prologue confused you a bit. I haven’t thinking about love triangle or anything. It’s just a simple story of two friends and how they find their respective life partners.If you want something on love triangle plot will write another story on it. Do let me know if you want something on that plot☺.

  5. awesome continue

    1. Ridziee

      Thanks anu…will post next part by tomorrow afternoon

  6. AnuAnn


    1. Ridziee

      Thanks AnuAnn ☺

  7. Simi

    Awesome dear… U posted it already??

    1. Ridziee

      Yup…like ages ago…I don’t even remember the date when I posted, it lol.

  8. Interesting..continue soon..and post ur other story

    1. Ridziee

      Tysm kumu…will post next part today only…it will take time to post the other as it’s plot is emotional so I want some time to think in both of their pov.

  9. Reethu

    awesome dear continue soon

    1. Ridziee

      Updated chapter 1… do check it out

  10. Gayathri.visu

    Interesting… But why should I feel that I already read this intro?? Already u posted this part…am I right dear?

    1. Ridziee

      Yeah … I am glad you remember it…I thought you all have forgotten it… anyways I have posted chapter 1… check it out when you’ll be free

  11. Awesome dear

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