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Mere Angne Mein 18th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shanti doing her drama that she has high fever. Shivam sits massaging her legs on Raghav’s insistence. Nimmi says she has normal temp. Raghav asks her to take care and leaves for work. Shivam gets up and Shanti stops him. Shivam says I have to drop Preeti to office, else her salary will get cut. She says no way, you can go. Kaushalya says she will get tea for Shanti. Nimmi and Preeti talk to Shivam. Nimmi says Dadi has taken revenge from me. Shivam says its blessing in disguise, you don’t like science, you study fashion designing, you will get time to prepare sketches at home. Nimmi says wow, great idea and smiles. Shivam leaves with Preeti.

Pari waits for her BF. He comes late and she scolds him. She asks what did he think about their marriage. He shows his dad

and she sees some businessman. He shows someone else and she gets angry. Shivam is on the way to office. He sees Riya following him. They come to give uniform measurement, and Bunty helps Riya. Riya tries talking to him. He says her name Riya Mathur loud, and he smiles. They give the measurement.

Sarla gets ready. Pari comes home and says gold earrings, when did you buy. Sarla says mum gave me. Pari says the saree is also nice. Sarla says mum gave the money. She asks her to dress up well, who knows any guy can like her and gives her a necklace she took from Shanti. She asks Pari to choose any rich guy there. Sonal gets ready in simple dress. Riya takes lift from Shivam. A man comes infront of the bike and he stops it. She gets scared and hugs him. Shivam scolds the man and recalls her name. He asks her to move her hand. Preeti sees Shivam with the girl and thinks who is she.

Riya talks to Shivam on the way. He stops the bike and takes an auto. She thanks him and he leaves. She scolds the autodriver and leaves. Shanti asks Kaushalya to iron her saree, as they all are going in Sarla’s inlaws relatives’ marriage. Preeti calls out Nimmi and goes to tell her about Shivam. Shanti comes there and asks what happened to Shivam. Nimmi says she was asking about Shivam, he will come with Phupa ji. Shanti asks them to get ready. Nimmi says she will not come in Bua’s relatives function. Shanti says fine, but food will not be cooked at home today.

Riya talks to Bunty. Bunty asks her to get ready well to woo Shivam. Riya says she has got a last chance, if she becomes a babe and go in the marriage, will he talk to me. Bunty asks whose marriage. Riya says we will go in the marriage uninvited where Shivam is going. Bunty says she will have to wash utensils. Riya insists. Sarla and her husband meet Shanti. Shanti asks him to help Sarla. Sarla talks to Shanti. Shanti asks her not to get unwell by working in her inlaws. Riya gets ready and her dad asks where is she going, in anyone’s marriage. Bunty and Riya say its office party and they will get late. They leave.

Shivam works in the marriage. Preeti and Nimmi tease him that they know his secret. Preeti asks who was that girl. He says come with me. Riya and Bunty come in the marriage. Bunty asks are we from groom or bride’s side? Riya says no one, I wish to become Shivam’s wife. Shivam asks which girl. Preeti says she has seen him with a girl on his bike. He asks when did she see. Nimmi asks is she his GF.

Bunty says she has got empty box as gift. Shivam says she is a problem and got after him. Riya and Bunty look for Shivam. Riya asks how is she looking. Bunty says she is looking gorgeous. Amit bumps into her and smiles seeing Riya. A lady misunderstand them to be Dinesh’s daughters and Bunty lies. Shanti asks Shivam what are they talking. Sarla’s husband asks Shivam to dance too, if he is working so much. Bunty laughs after fooling the lady.

Riya says we will give this jalebi to Sarla ji, who is she. Bunty hears music sound and they turn to see people dancing. Bunty says maybe your hero is on dance floor. Riya gives the jalebis to Amit and laves. Bunty leaves the giftbox and a man asks her to carry it. Sarla asks Pari to see any rich guys in the function, if anyone likes her, her life will get set. Pari says there is no one rich here. Sarla asks her to dance with her age people.

Riya looks for Shivam. Chittiyaan Kalaiyyan………..plays……………. Shivam sees Riya and says if she sees me, then I have tell everything to everyone, Dadi will know about my job. Amit stares Riya. Shivam hides. Riya sees Shivam and starts dancing. Nimmi asks Shivam did the girl come here. He says no and leaves. Shanti shows off to Sarla’s inlaws and gives a silver anklet and money too to Nishi. Shanti gives money to Kaushalya asking her to give Nishi. Sarla’s inlaws understands Sarla has given the gift. Amit greets Riya and says she dances well. Shivam sees them and thinks Riya can tell him about me. Amit says we can be friends. The cold drink falls on her.

Mr Verma stops Shivam and Riya leaves. Pari tells Amit that 6 girl’s families are waiting for him and takes him. Shanti praises Sarla to her inlaws. A lady compliments Kaushalya and Sarla and Shanti get jealous. Sarla says my mum does all the work at home. Shanti sees the bride Nishi and asks what is this long necklace, is this gold. Nishi’s mum says its artificial. Sarla taunts them. Shanti goes and the lady stops her to talk. Bunty sees Shivam and misses him again. Shivam calls Nimmi and says he is going home, he is getting bored, tell Dadi that I m unwell. He thinks to leave before Riya comes to him. Phupa ji asks is he going out. Shivam says no, I was going to see arrangements. He asks Shivam to keep flowers in Nishi’s room. Riya looks for washroom. A kid runs and Riya bumps into Shanti. She says sorry.

Shanti scolds her and asks did her parentrs not teach her to walk. Riya says kids came in between. Shanti says my new slipper broke, who will pay for this, your dad? Riya asks her not to bring her dad between their talk. Shanti scolds her. Riya says I already apologized. Shanti says her parents did not teach her manners. Riya prays that she does not meet this old lady again.

The ladies tell that Shivam was with any girl. Shivam sees Dadi and hides himself and Riya. Shanti tells Raghav that Shivam has found a bahu for them. Shivam and Riya are at office.

Update Credit to: Amena

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