Miley Sur Mera Tumhara 18th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Miley Sur Mera Tumhara 18th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

At home, the actress plans with Ranjeet and others and bucks Om up that if Esha likes Dhanush-the actor, he must go to Esha wearing a mask of Dhanush. Om abides by and comes to Esha’s house.
He rings the bell and asks hi, how are you, look who has come to meet her? When there was no reply, he removes the mask a bit and watches who it is. It was Alka.
Esha’s mom asks what he is doing in mask, Om says he came to sell them. Alka calls husband to ask him for some money. Esha comes asking for whom is there, Alka tells Esha it was a mask vendor. Om hides behind the wall, Esha and Alka go inside.
Om was lying on bed shivering hard. He tells Ranjeet, Jayesh and Dhaneshri that he told them it was a wrong idea. He says today he was saved because he ran away in time. Ranjeet says that he should have asked them for a wrong person, ALka must have said this is wrong address. Om asks if he has losted, they first made him Dhanush and now Mask vendor. He scolds the actress girl for making this advice. She says if Esha’s mother wasn’t there, this problem must not have occurred. Om asks her not to advice anyone the next time. Rajeet says to Om that they were trying to help, and they have a lot of other plans. Om asks them to excuse her.
Alka and husband were leaving, Ashvini comes there. They meet Ashvini who touches the feet of her parents, they invite Ashvini home. Esha touches feet of her parents, Alka hugs Esha and advices her to take care of herself. When they have left, Ashvini asks Esha if Om came. Esha asks if he was to come. Ashvini says she doesn’t know.
Om’s phone rang while he was shivering. Esha asks what happened. Om says he has fever. Esha says she thought he… Om says sorry sorry… Esha asks for what? Om says no sorry… what happened. Esha asks if he came home. Om asks if she saw him, did her mother recognize him. Esha says Ashvini said he was about to come? Om questions abrupt, and denies being there. Esha asks why he is explaining so much, she knows he didn’t come. Om asks if she has accepted this, thanks God! She asks what happened to him. She asks how he knows her mother came.

PRECAP Ashvini asks Esha why she murmurs during her sleep and now is shocked reading this letter. Esha tells her that a man came and gave her the letter. She smiles that Om proposed her.

Update Credit to: Sona

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