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Mere Angne Mein 17th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the men asking Rani is she Amit’s wife. Rani says yes. The man says Amit is calling you at shop. She says he did not call me, I will call him and ask. She calls Amit and says he is not taking call. The man says its imp work, he is very worried, come fast. She worriedly locks the house and prays for Amit. She goes with them.

Sarla gets cockroach killer poison bottle and thinks its time for my drama now. She empties the bottle and washes it well. She adds milk in the bottle and drinks. She comes to Shanti and says you don’t trust me, I will go. Shanti asks what happened. She asks everyone to come downstairs. Sarla lies down and cries. Everyone come there. Shanti says don’t know what did she drink. Riya smells bottle and says its phenyl. Shivam calls for ambulance.

Sarla says everyone misunderstand me, I don’t want to live. Shivam says nothing will happen to you. Riya says everything will be fine. Sarla says if you want to make my wish true, promise me Amma that Preeti’s marriage will not stop. Riya says I will promise, Preeti’s marriage will happen, none will come in between. Shanti says call doctor fast. Sarla says I won’t be saved now, yamraj is coming sitting on the bull.

Rani goes to Amit and asks are you fine. She holds him and asks why did you call me here, tell me. The man says he will not speak up now. Rani says I m getting scared, say something Amit. The man says your husband lost you in gambling. She gets shocked. The man says now you are mine and laughs.

The man says you are my Rani now, I won you in gambling. Rani cries and asks Amit to see what this man is saying. Amit says do one thing, go home and I will come and talk. The man asks how can she go. Amit stops the man. Rani says I know you love me a lot, why don’t you see this man is lying. The man says stop this drama, your husband lost you. Rani slaps the man and says my husband can’t do this. She asks Amit to answer her, what is this man saying. She shakes him. Amit shouts yes I lost you in gambling. Rani gets shocked. She moves back in shock and says you lost me, you lost your Rani, am I any 500rs note which you lost. She cries and says look in my eyes and tell me once. Amit looks at her. She slaps him angrily. Amit holds his cheek.

Doctor checks Sarla and says we have to take her to hospital, call ambulance. Sarla says you are good doctor, my BP got normal seeing you. Shanti looks at Sarla and checks the liquid tasting it. She understands its milk and throws the bottle. She smiles. Sarla says I feel good. Shanti says I think she got mad by poison, check her. Doctor says her bp is normal, when her poison is flushed out, she will be fine. Sarla says I will not drink medicine. Shanti says it will be good, everyone hold her. Doctor makes Sarla drink medicine and says one more dose is needed. Sarla says no, its fine. Shanti laughs. Nimmi tells Preeti that drama is back here. Shanti gives 50rs to doctor. Doctor says my fees is 500rs. Shanti says what did you do, take it or I will keep it near Lord. He asks her to keep 50rs Chadava to Lord and goes.

Rani angrily stares at Amit and slaps again. Amit holds her hand and asks how dare you slap me. She says when you can lose me in game, I can do this. He asks her to forget it and go home. She says its easy for you, I loved you, I did not give you permission to sell me, you fell in my eyes today, I regret to marry you, what did I ask from you, nothing, I thought you will love me some day, but I m proved wrong. She says you should have respected husband and wife relation, you lost husband’s right now, I will show what I can do. She goes out and locks him inside the shop, asking him to sit here and play gambling. He asks her to open the shutter. She says he needs a lesson, wife is not any thing to sell off. She calls the people and tells them that gambling is going on here in this agency, my husband has lost me in the game, I will call police, please be witness, will you help me. The people agree. The man tells Amit that they all got stuck because of him.

Sarla says I m feeling unwell and runs to washroom. Rani calls lady inspector. The inspector gets angry and says I will come there and beat you, don’t trouble me. Rani cries and says my husband has lost me in gambling. Inspector says stop this acting, you are Sarla’s bahu. Rani shouts help, madam come fast. Inspector worries and asks staff to come fast. Rani scolds Amit and says you are at stake now Amit.

Sarla comes from washroom and Shanti avoids her. Riya says its necessary for your stomach to get clear, why did you take this step. Sarla says my problem is I m born in wrong house, everyone is after me. Shanti thinks Sarla got a lesson.

Amit gets arrested. Rani gets angry and sends him with the other men in police van.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nice episode

  2. expose shanti,sarla gang, n try to bring back family life back in mam
    let every one know their misdeeds

  3. Great for Amit to get the bashing! He deserves to be punished. Sarla & Shanti’s subtle humour looks useless because it’s a marriage occasion and requires better behaviour from the elders! What examples are we setting for our kids? Do we put milk in dangerous bottles ! It’s not funny!

  4. Rani must go with the goons and enjoy s-e-x with them. Amit is namard, he can not do nothing.

  5. Rani is superb today. She is better than Riya.

  6. Riya has become very irritating now.shes acting so dumb nowadays! No fun in watching her

  7. Waw Rani well done!!! Amit deserved this slap since a long time ago ???? Riya is very dumb. And Sarla oh my god I was dead ?????????

  8. well done Rani!!!!

  9. Hi rani well done you are superb royal is dumb

  10. Sorry Riya is dumb

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