very close to heart (episode 13)

megha take care of mohan.. nexday office… mohan sit sad in cabin.. manager come and give brief details about rohit.. mohan call megha.. megha phone rings.. display mohan image on phone but megha doesn’t attend call.. she lost in thoughts about mohan.. mohan come megha cabin and see megha look phone and and not attend call.. mohan enter cabin but she doesn’t look his face said come rohit sit.. mphan angrily ask u only think about rohit na.. this is ur work and spendtime with ur rohit outside office.. megha silently look mohan lovingly.. mohan leave office and go to meeting on hotel… megha leave office go to home… mr.bhat and mrs.bhat said megha to prepare tea.. megha go to kitchen and prepare tea to give mr.mrs.bhat…and prepare dinner… all items arranged in dining table… mrs.bhat see all dishes and ask y u prepare favourite dishes on mohan.. megha shyly simile.. mrs.bhat said mohan doesn’t come home today night.. he will stay in hotel.. mohan doesn’t tell anything to u…megha said mohan told me mom but i forget.. mrs.bhat said k.. u don’t feel bad.. and call mohan ask if he come or not.. megha run to room and take phone call mohan and said u come home early.. mohan said i’m not come home today night and i’m in important meeting .. mohan cut the call..

In night..
mohan in meeting.. megha sleeping bed..
someone enter megha room via window.. a man come near megha and his on her forehead… megha shout.. a man put hand on megha mouth and switch on the light.. megha hug a man said mohan.. mohan ask u call me and told come home early.. i’m come but u sleepimg…megha loudly said i’m not sleeping.. megha look around her room and doesn’t find mohan… megha thinks this is dream but megha happy..

megha look old album and see amar photo said what feeling i have.. anytime mohan fight with me but i miss him lot.. i don’t understand.. megha put hand on album and sleep.. in morning .. mohan come room and look megha hand hold album.. mohan take album from her hand see shock.. he doesn’t see amar photo and he see rohit photo.. he take one page extra.. he cannot controll his anger and throw album on floor and leave room..

mr.bhat and mrs.bhat chit chat with mohan.. mohan give fake simile.. mrs.bhat ask mohan any problem.. mohan said ya mom.. mrs.bhat ask what’s ur problem.. mohan said in bussiness mom…my fear is my friend doing wrong things to spoil my reputation.. mrs.bhat ask u have any proof against him.. mohan said ya mom but my heart is not accept the proofs.. mrs.bhat said u directly ask ur friend to ur doubts.. mohan said good idea… sametime in room megha take mohan coat .. someone put hand on megha shoulder said u very tired to hide ur feelings.. megha turn see amar.. amar continuously said u find ur love na.. megha said no.. noone will fill ur place in my heart.. amar smile said u find but not ready to accept… i’m very happy u love monu na… megha said no.. amar said i’m in ur heart.. i know..monu said i love u na.. that time u feel fly in sky but u shout monu and full night u not sleep …monu gave gift chain na… monu said m for megha but u think m is monu… and shout monu… y u forget ur name.. u love verymuch monu but u afraid to tell monu.. go and tell.. i leave u in middle of life.. u continue ur life in my monu.. megha said no amar.. u wrongly understand..megha hear door knocking sound.. megha come in sense and look room doesn’t find amar..

megha open door and see mohan…mohan shout y u not open door early.. megha simile.. she doesn’t have any anger on mohan.. mohan thinks mrs.bhat words and try to ask rohit about megha.. sametime megha phone rings.. mohan see display name is rohit.. mohan angrily leave room..

mohan shout mrs.bhat…and said food is not have salt.. mrs.bhat taste it and said u have problem not food taste.. first slove ur problem food automatically taste in ur tongue.. mohan angrily throw food plate on floor and said i trust her but she break my trust.. mrs.bhat ask who is she.. mohan put hand on mouth and leave house.. mrs.bhat things about his words.. sametime vasu ask mrs.bhat.. grandma u know perfect couple qualities.. mrs.bhat ask y u ask these type of questions.. vasu said my friend said her mummy and daddy perfect couple.. mrs.bhat hug vasu said ur parents also perfect couple.. mrs.bhat strike a word she.. she is megha..mrs.bhat simile and go to mohan office…

mrs.bhat come mohan cabin and doesn’t find him.. manager enter cabin said he is going to meeting in avs hotel.. mrs.bhat call mohan but mohan phone is switchoffed.. mrs.bhat directly go to hotel to meet mohan.. mohan see mrs.bhat in hotel reception and ask y u come any important work.. mrs.bhat hold mohan hand and said come with me… mohan said meeting.. mrs.bhat and mohan sit in park.. mrs.bhat.. directly ask megha is break ur trust na.. mohan look schock.. mrs.bhat continuously said u love megha na.. mohan said no.. mrs.bhat said i don’t know what’s problem going two of them but i know my son.. mohan silently look mrs.bhat.. mrs.bhat said i see pain on ur eyes… ur marriage break that time i only saw tears in ur eyes not pain.. mohan look sandal.. mrs.bhat said i’m happy.. mohan said i don’t know mom i love her or not but i’m angry mom..she closed with… he stop himself.. mrs.bhat ask what r u telling.. mohan said no mom… mrs.bhat said don’t hide ur feelings directly said megha.. mohan said k..(in mind voice.. first i will clear my doubts..)..

megha clean room and look rope and said no need rope in room and simile.. megha open drawer and see mohan and megha joined photo frame.. she is surprisingly look frame and put frame on side table.. and think mohan also love her so he put my and his photo in joined frame.. megha very happy..and look date and think tmrw my birthday.. i will give gift to u… megha look cuboard and take one saree mohan first time give gift to megha.. megha look jewels and take one chain this also mohan gift… megha put all things on one bag and call rohit… sametime mohan enter rohit cabin.. rohit phone rings.. mohan see display name is megha.. mohan attend call.. megha doesn’t know mohan attended call said i will ready correct time u pick up sharp 10pm o ‘clock.. mohan is not home so i will put this plan.. u send hotel room no.. and one small request rooms are decorated with only red roses and candles k.. mohan unknowingly drop phone.. tears roll down his cheers.. megha said rohit.. rohit.. megha cut phone call.. megha said mrs.bhat to i ask sorry to my friend.. what i do.. mrs.bhat said u said one word sorry is enough.. megha repeately ask sorry is enough.. mrs.bhat said u call ur friend on home and prepare her favourite dishes and serve ur hand.. megha said nice idea.. megha hug mrs.bhat.. mrs.bhat ask her name.. megha get shy and go to her room.. mohan cryingly look megha photo and throw her photo on dustbin sametime megha kiss mohan photo…


megha and mohan crying…

  1. Why mohan didnt believe her whats the plm

  2. plz don’t seperate meghan.

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