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Mere Angne Mein 14th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shivam asking Kaushalya about the saree he gifted her. She says she gave to Sarla as she needs more clothes to wear in Amit’s marriage. He gets annoyed. Nimmi tells him that Shanti did drama and took the saree by telling Raghav. Shivam says when will her drama end, and is angry. Kaushalya pacifies him and asks him to buy any saree from his salary, and defends Shanti. He asks her to be happy in other’s happiness, and goes. He calls Riya and Riya is happy. Bunty asks her to make Shivam wait, as they will meet in office in sometime, he is going to become her husband in few days. Riya agrees.

Shivam messages her good morning. Riya gets glad and says now he has come on line, and will talk about marriage too. Sarla and her family comes to Shanti sadan bringing band bajaa

and dance. Nimmi is annoyed and stops dancing, as Shanti gave away money to shoo bad sight off Sonal and not her. Sonal asks her to dance and Nimmi refuses. Shanti talks to the pandit. The pandit chants mantras and they all sit in the puja. Raghav and Kaushalya see each other and smile.

Sarla asks band people to go and take money from Shanti later. Amit calls her and asks about Riya. Sarla says she is at mum’s house for puja. He gets annoyed and asks her to stop Riya from going office, Riya should not meet Shivam. She says fine, I will reach her office before her. The puja is going on in Shanti Sadan. Sarla says the puja got over, now I will call everyone, we will do the haldi ritual son. Shanti agrees. Shanti asks Kaushalya for the haldi and chandan. Shanti tells Raghav that she will fulfill her dreams in Amit’s marriage.

Raghav asks her to be happy and do anything she wants, he is glad seeing her happy. He gets a call and says I will come tomorrow. He says its good news, Nimmi’s FD has matured, he will give money to Shanti tomorrow. Nimmi is shocked. Shanti hugs Raghav and goes to arrange decorations. Nimmi worries. Kaushalya says she has to make some jewelry washed. Raghav says it will shine if she wears it. Shanti asks Kaushalya to give her, she will get it polished. She takes the box. Raghav says she did my work easy. Nimmi says we will know what she made easy. Shanti gets angry. She scolds Nimmi and asks her to do the work.

Riya is doing decorations at home and talks to Sahil. Her uncle comes and says bride does not work and goes to meet Anupam. He gives him 5 lakhs rs and says he is his friend. Anupam says I will return soon. He leaves saying he will have tea any other time. Shanti tells Kaushalya that the jewelry is not so good, where are the other sets. Nimmi looks on and gets angry. Shanti asks Kaushalya did she sell the necklaces and did she hide it. She asks Raghav to see, Kaushalya is hiding the jewelry. Raghav looks on. Kaushalya says Shanti has given my jewelry to Sarla, in her marriage and when she has children. Nimmi looks on. Shanti starts acting infront of Raghav and apologize to Kaushalya.

Shanti says I don’t remember, if you are saying, it may be, forgive me. Kaushalya says no, its same if its with Sarla or me. Shanti says it would be same if you forgot this, but you said it today infront of Raghav. She says after this marriage, bring a gold set for Kaushalya, else she will scare scare me in my sleep. Raghav asks Kaushalya why did she say all this. Kaushalya says I m sorry. She cries and goes.

Shanti stops her seeing Raghav go. She asks where is the big necklace her mum gave her, where is it. Kaushalya says its with me, I will give it to Shivam’s wife. Shanti taunts her and asks her to show the necklace to her too. Shivam comes home and Shanti scolds him for not working in Amit’s marriage. Shivam says he has gone to give money to band people. Nimmi laughs. Shanti says he did right. Nimmi argues with her jokingly. Riya asks Anupam not to spend much in marriage, she will manage expenses.

Sarla meets Riya and Anupam. She asks Riya not to meet Shivam till marriage happens, as Shanti is orthodox and they believe girl and guy should not meet till marriage. Anupam gets his Bua’s call and goes. Nimmi takes Shivam’s measurements. Nimmi says Shanti is making her design everyone’s clothes. Preeti asks Shivam where was he at night, did he go to meet his GF. They tease him and say they want to meet her too. She says Shanti told me to give this chana grinding work to you. She asks Nimmi to pick it from the shop. Sarla comes to Shanti and asks did she do all arrangements.

She says she did all the shopping. Shanti asks how did she get money. Sarla asks why is she joking. Shanti says you gave me money. Sarla asks when. Shanti says she did all shopping, and has remaining money, she will return. She signs her and lies, seeing Nimmi. Shanti says Shivam has got saree for Sarla, and asks Shivam to go for work. Nimmi says he is going office work, he has imp work. Shanti laughs. She gives the clothes and gifts to Sarla. Sarla thinks to send off Shivam and asks Shanti to get special mehendi for her. Shanti says he will take off for 2 days, he will go, as I rule here. Nimmi asks Kaushalya to see. She asks her to keep he necklace safe, else Shanti will give it to Sarla too. Sarla thanks Shivam, for the saree. Shanti asks him to take leave. Shivam says its new job, he can’t take leave, I can lose job. Sarla worries and thinks what to do, Riya and Shivam are going office, how to stop them. She starts crying, and says maybe my dream will be left unfulfilled.

Nimmi asks Kaushalya to see what all is happening. Shanti asks Sarla to come with her, to Shivam’s office. Sarla worries as Shivam and Riya will meet. She says he will lose job, leave it. Shanti says she will not let him lose job. They leave. Nimmi gets worried. Kaushalya asks what happened. Nimmi says they have gone out. Kaushalya asks where. Nimmi says they have gone to Shivam’s office, he will lose the job. Kaushalya worries. She goes and prays to Lord.

Shanti comes to Shivam’s office and shocks him. Shivam apologizes to his boss.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. shanthi will never change!!

  2. How cruel and cunning is shanti.i hate her and if i get a chance i would like to kill her.?

  3. blo*dy shanti….i want to kill her .worst serial i have ever watched.better to stop the serial or else make it better.

    1. Yeah! stupid serial in sp

  4. what kind of serial is this,no fun at all,just strictness and dictation

  5. Lovely episode. Shashikala is awesome. Shivam’s mum is superb two good actors. Shivam and his sisters are a good team an act very well. Although I hate the negative role Amit’s mum plays but she is fantastic.

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