Service Wali Bahu 14th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Service Wali Bahu 14th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with contractor offering 50 lakhs in exchange of a tender to Payal. Payal’s inner good soul suggests her not to accept bribe and bad soul suggest to accept it as it will save her family house. She calls contractor and says she does not need his money. He reminds her that she has to save her house. She says if she cannot save her house with her loyalty, then definitely she cannot save it with his fraud.

Santoshi praises Gulkan in front of Natru that she alone shooed all the goons. Gulkan gives natru tea and asks him to have it and rest next. She then tells Santoshi that they will prepare bhindi sabji today. Santoshi says it is a good idea. Ayodhya silently watches changes in Gulkan.

Rajath holds Bhuvaneshwar’s feet and pleads to apologize him. Indu says he wanted to become like Payal. Bhuvaneshwar says with his sin, he cannot even come closer to Payal and he tarnished his image in society.

Payal informs family about she rejecting contractor’s bribe. Santoshi and gulkan tell she did right, money earned wrongly cannot bring them peace. Natru starts yelling that she lost good opportunity and would have accepted bribe. Dev interferes and says Payal will never accept bribe. Natru asks what about him collecting 4 crores illegally and Phool singh took their house illegally. Santoshi says natru always scolds payal, but she keeps quiet, she should also confront him. Payal says hatred is not a solution and only love can change natru and she is sure soon he will realize his mistake and will be most loyal in our house.

Rajath informs family and Payal/Dev that he will go to police station and get his boss caught. Dev says he is thinking right and police will tackle boss properly. Dev asks who is his boss. He says earlier he thought thakur is his boss, but Phool is the real boss. Payal says he is the one who snatched our house. Rajath says he will got o police station in the morning.

Phool’s goon hears Rajat’s conversation and informs phool that rajath going to police station against him on Dev and payal’s insistence. Phool asks his goon to keep an eye on Rajath and Dev and tells his assistant he wants Dev to be killed to each payal a lesson. Assistant leaves to inform his goons.

Payal thanks Dev for his help and hugs him. Dev gets emotional.

Precap: Dev leaves home waving bye to his mom and Payal. Phool’s goon informs killer on phone that he left home. Payal sees Dev’s pic in killer’s hand and follows him. She sees killer shooting Dev.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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