A beautiful girl is seen coming in red long gown with light jewellery and touch up looking stunning with a boy in black coat pant…
Khushi:arnav!why all these?
Arnav:I don’t even know!u know na I can’t deny di
Khushi:hmm I m also here for di
Arnav:let’s go inside everyone is waiting
Khushi:wait na we will go inside with Di,juju and romi,rudr
Arnav:alright as u wish

Ishita comes wearing long shinning gown of red blue colour with combination of golden looking beautiful
Khushi:dii you are looking very pretty
Ishita:you are no less u r also looking cute
Arnav and Raman(coughs):ehm ehm we are also standing here?
Khushi and Ishita smiles
Khushi:jijo you r looking so handsome today
Arnav:and what about me?
Rudr and romi(from back):wohi gussai walai Arnav(arrogant Arnav)
Arnav:hahaha funny!u guyx are also not looking good
Ishita:Acha stop it guyx! My all three brothers are looking dashing today
All three smiles…!

Romi:now let’s go all are waiting
Everyone enters…
And here stops a big car and shivika comes outside
Annika is wearing white long gown looking gorgeous as always and Shivaye in black coat and pant
Shivaye and annika enters…
Khushi who is standing suddenly feels that someone is surely here same with annika and shivaye
Khushi(in mind):why I m feeling like someone is here?someone very close to me
Arnav:what happened?kha ghum hogai?(where are you losted?)
Khushi:haan no nothing
Shivaye(in mind):is khushi here?no no she can’t be and If I tell this to annika she will be said leave!
Annika(in mind):no if I said that I m feeling that khushi is here shivaye mood will be sad leave!
Both looks at eachother and ignore their thoughts and moves forward…
Shivaye and annika greats everyone
Man:good evening!sir and mam
Shivaye:good evening!

Man:it’s a pleasure that you guyx came here come I will make you meet raizadas
Annika and shivaye moves forward to meet them
Man:madam see who is here?
The girl and turns face she is ishita
Annika:hey I m annika Obiroe
Shivaye:em Shivaye Obroe
Ishita:hellow!welcome!i have heard your name a lot of time in business meetings where do you guys live?
Annika:in India
Ishita:then how you came here?
Annika and shivaye looks at eachother
Shivaye:wo actually for some business meeting
Arnav calls ishita from behind
Arnav:diii!come here
Shivaye tries to see his face but because of a lot of people he didn’t see his face
Ishita:you guyx enjoy!will meet you later
Ishita leaves
Annika looks at shivaye
Annika:don’t you think this party is so boring
Shivaye:it’s a formal party for business rivals not ur desi party
Annika:hmmm still em not enjoying here
Shivaye:so what can I do?

Annika:let’s go from here
Shivaye:wtf! First you said come here and now you are asking me to go back
Annika:han let’s go
Shivaye:no we are not leaving
Annika:but why
Shivaye:my choice
Annika:okay then I will leave you enjoy!
Annika starts leaving shivaye holds her hand
Annika looks back both have small eye lock o jana plays…
Shivaye(realising leaves her hand):wo…where are you going?
Annika:definitely home
Shivaye:no you are not going anywhere just wait for few minutes we will leave early if goes now it will look bad
Annika smiles
Rumi(rudr and romi):ladies and gentle man can we have your attention please
Arnav(shocked):dAmn what are they up to now?
Khushi:don’t worry em sure they will make this party fun
Arnav:Han Han you will always take their side
Khushi:common Arnav nothing like that!

Arnav:ikr khair don’t know what will they do
Rudr:I know this party may be boring?
Romi:so to make it fun and memorable we will be playing a game
Rudr:and that game is we will blindfold everyone and there will be dark you just have to find your Patner and dance with each other
Romi:and when the time ended the one who will be seen dancing with the partner will win
Shivaye(slowly):what rubbish?what type of game is this?
Annika:woahhhh we will enjoy alot come let’s take part
Shivaye:no em not gonna be part of this
Annika:okay then let’s go back
Shivaye:u r blackmailing me?
Shivaye(having no other option):okay
The round starts all the couples start dancing together and it gets dark
Tere galiyan plays…
Raman:damn in dark you are slaying girl:)
Ishita:Raman u can’t even see me
Raman:nah I can identify you in dark too
Ishita:ohh really?
Raman:you are so beautiful that light sparkles in you
Ishita(shy):so much praising?why
Raman:because I love you
Ishita(smiling):I love you too
Arnav:r u enjoying?
Arnav:why is your so off? I m noticing since starting
Khushi:nothing much just aisi hi
Arnav:is there any problem?
Khushi:no no
Arnav:don’t lie khushi I can see clearly on your face
Khushi(laughing):but it’s too dark how can you see my face?
Arnav(holds her closely):you very well know I can identify when are you saying lie and when truth
Khushi(with tears): I was missing Bhai
Arnav:Khushi don’t cry I told you na I m here for you
Khushi:I know Arnav still I can’t take it anymore I m soo tired Arnav
Arnav hugs her
Arnav:ok now stop crying u know na I can’t see you crying
Khushi:will you cry here too?
Arnav:can’t say anything
Khushi:aww how sweet and dances with him smilingly
Shivaye:I can’t dance more stop this
Annika:because you don’t know how to dance
Shivaye:I didn’t said that I don’t want to dance
Annika:but I will make you dance
Saying this his leg slips but Shivaye holds her
Shivaye:you okay?
Annika:how you save me?
Shivaye:by hands
Annika:no I mean it’s to dark na
Shivaye:because I feel it
Annika and shivaye both feels awkard
Shivaye holds her tightly and dances
They exchanged partners and shivaye and Khushi came together
Both heart beats get faster to faster
Shivaye(holding khushi hand) feels his life is back… unknowingly tears start rolling from khushi eyes
They both get into worst condition
Shivaye tries to speak but words didn’t came out from his mouth Khushi make him leaves his hand and start going back
Chan sai Jo totai koi sapna
Jag sona sona Lagai plays…
Khushi(crying bitterly in mind):no it can’t happen noooooo
And runs from there
Shivaye:khushi khushi
Suddenly all lights got open
Shivaye didn’t take interest and run outside
Shivaye(crying):damnit it was khushi it was khushi again again I lost her againnn
He saw glass and crushes it with his hand blood start oazing from his hand and it can be seen in how much pain he was
Shivaye:how can I do it how?if it was khushi why didn’t she speak why didn’t she talk to me?
Shivaye sits there cryingly don’t know what to do next
Note:guys trust me hit and miss happen like whenever we saw in dramas we r like they were so close how can they not meet?but u went to some places where you don’t know that person is here and that person also don’t know you are here so it happens in real life too…:( who agrees with me?
And don’t worry they will meet in next few episodes…:)
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