Mehbeer FF Yeh Dil Part 8

Kuber: How can you tolerate a middle-class girl to be our DIL. Do you even know to whom she is related to?
Tayiji: I don’t find anything wrong in that as long as she is a nice girl.
Kuber: Fine, even if I take that Meher is a good girl, what about her family?
Tayiji: Madhavi is Suman’s best friend. What is better than friends becoming samdhans?
Kuber: That is also fine but you are missing one important factor. It is about her aunt Devki. She is the one who had put my brother & your husband behind the bars. When he had gone to jail, he breathed his last. How can you forget this?

Tayiji: That is between Devki & me. How is Meher responsible for it?
Kuber: Devki does not care whatever happens to her but if we give pain to Meher, then she will get that pain. She is the one who took care of Meher as her own daughter.
Tayiji thinks for a while & said, “Yes, you are right. That is the only way to punish Devki. I won’t allow that marriage to take place. I will talk to your dad to get you released.”
She leaves from there and goes to Malhotra house.
Abeer and Meher are preparing for the final year well in advance. Nisar, Rati, Sasha and Akshat join them after they come from the gym workouts. All are waiting for their results.
As soon as everyone reached home, Tayiji went to Rishab and said, “Are you sure that it is Kuber who has tried to molest the lady lecturer?”
Rishab: What do you mean? Madhavi and I had witnessed it. Even if we were late for a second, KM would have disgraced her. I can get him released but I won’t do that as my policies and ethics are more important. Just because he is an MLA, that does not mean he can misuse his powers.
Tayiji: But that will affect his career. If he is in jail for more than 10 years, he will be out of politics and won’t be able to re-enter in it for another 10 years.
Rishab: I know but he has to pay for it. If I release him, what example he will set for the public?
Tayiji: All that I want to tell is Meher does not belong to our class and is not a right girl for our Lalla.
Rishab: What is wrong with you? Till yesterday, you were supporting this relationship. Is it because of Devki?
Tayiji: Yes, it is because of her, I lost my husband.

Rishab: Devki has done the right thing. You too know what your husband did. He had killed the vegetable vendor by driving the car rashly.
Devki: That is the vendor’s fault. He could have done the business in the foot path.
Rishab: If you guys were so confident then why did you all bribe people for keeping mum at the court? If the same thing happens to any one of us, how will you react? You would’ve been the first person to file a case on that person right? I don’t want to hear anything against mehbeer relationship. Abeer & Meher love each other. Their love is above everything. If Abeer has reformed, it is because of Meher. Do you know how unhappy Abeer will be if you don’t accept Meher? She is his happiness.
Tayiji: Abeer finds happiness in Meher but what about Meher? If she gets an option between her maternal family & Abeer, whom she will choose?
Rishab: I know Meher very well. She too stands for what is right. Abeer loves her that is why he changed.
Tayiji: But….

Rishab: Enough! I don’t want to hear anything against Meher or her family. My decision is final.
Tayiji gets irked. She decides to kill Meher.
Next day, Abeer & Meher go out for the date in a restaurant Tayiji is coming in a car with the driver. She sees Meher & tells the driver to hit her. The car is coming near & Meher is unaware. Abeer saves her at the nick of the time. After the car passed away, Abeer sees the license number & is shocked that it is his aunt’s car. He gets angry at Tayiji. However, Meher pacifies him saying, “It is alright. It can also be that she might have not done it deliberately. It can also be that Tayiji is not sitting there.”
Abeer: No, I saw her sitting back.
Meher: The driver might be rash.
Abeer: We have only one driver. Only Tayiji had hired him. He was never that rash before.
Meher said, “It is ok. Even if that is the case, you have saved me. If you stand by me at all times, what else I want?”
Abeer: I’m always with you till my last breath. As long as I’m alive, no bad things can touch you.
The episode ends with mehbeer hug.
Precap: Tayiji invites all the business associates to the party to find a rich girl for Abeer.

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