Meaning of love Episode {7}

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Here the 7 Episode of meaning of love ❤️ hope you like it …
The episode start the next morning and thapki feel happy to return to college,
Radha and shashi apologized to thapki and let her return to college and make her dream,
Thapki : thanks to too..
Radha: why you thanking us say thank you to Bihaan he is clear everything to us ..
Thapki: I will …

Shashi: thapki please forgive me …
Thapki : no father don’t apologize you didn’t know the truth because of that ..
shashi hug thapki : from today I will always listen to you …
Radha: look to the tims thapki you will get late …
Thapki : oh right ., bye ..
Thapki take her bicycle and ride it to college with a smile .

In college all students was gather together in sign to the trip
Thapki ask them what is this , Karan come to her..
Karan: there is trip from college will you come with us ..
Thapki: no I don’t love trips you go and enjoy..
Karan trying to convince her : please thapki it will be great we will go to the jungle and see animals and climbing mountains …
Thapki: sorry Karan ..I don’t want to ..
Karan: ok it is your decision After all.
The scene go to Anjali #
Anjali: this book I will throw it at the library man
who says this this thing truth …
Sid hits her and the book fall down ..
Anjali see him she feel nervous that Sid will see the book ..she immediately take the book and about to go Sid grabs the book from her hands..
Sid smiling: I didn’t know that you are interested in love story..
Anjali: oh hello I just read it for fun you dumb ..
Sid : am sorry I thought you believed in love anyway I will take this book if you don’t want it ..
Anjali: please take it I hate it all full of lies..
Sid : lies let’s read it .

Thapki in class and looking at Bihaan chair is empty she thinks why he didn’t come today ….
Bihaan knocked the door of the class..
The teacher: come on ..
The girls feel shocked to see bihaan new style ..he wears class and wearing a normal clothes..was looking like a normal student…
The teacher: I don’t believe my eyes..
Bihaan: good morning teacher can I sit ..
The teacher: yes of course..
The girls keep texting together that Bihaan change because of thapki …the guys students laughs at Bihaan clothes but Bihaan ignores them ….
Thapki open her mouth and keep looking at Bihaan ? …
Bihaan : stop looking at me like this with your mouth opened…
Thapki close her mouth: so..rry ..
Bihaan: you was waiting for me ..
Thapki mind voice: sometimes I feel he can read my mind how he knows that I was waiting for him …..

Bihaan: anyway what did you take today..
Thapki tell him and they start to study together…
The teacher: Bihaan I want you to come to the bored and solve this equation…
Thapki tell Bihaan that is easy and he can solve it right..
Bihaan go and solve it right and the teacher is shocked…
The students: what happened to you Bihaan you also become smart …
Thapki smile, Bihaan looks at her and says it all because of my new teacher ?‍?

After class , Bihaan says to thapki that he plan a surprise to her ..
Thapki: surprise !! But w..why ?
Bihaan: I made you cry yesterday and I want to make it up to you ..
Thapki: no n..need really ..
Bihaan: no more word come ..,thapki following him ..
She asks : why you..u wearing this clothes?
Bihaan: it is a part from the surprise..
Thapki: part ..but what is t..the surprise?
Bihaan: if you be quiet ? than you will see it ..
Thapki keep following him he ask her to get in the car ..
Thapki feel little scared she says : you get in first..
Bihaan: what a strange behavior..ok I will he get in the car …Thapki get in after him ..
In the rode Thapki keep repeating the same question ( where we going Bihaan) and Bihaan keep ignoring her.

In Anjali house Anjali get angry that her family doesn’t listen to her that she don’t want to marry Sid they decorations the house for her engagement..
Anjali: I am don with this Sid I will tell the police that he forces me to marry him ..
Anjali father: please Anjali…we do all this to save our life …
Anjali: saving your life !
Anjali mother : yes saving our life from him he killed his own family for you ..
Anjali laughs so hard ..
Her parents: she got nuts from the news..
Anjali laughs and says : and you believe him hahahaha …
Her parents: what !! He was lying to us ..
Anjali: yes all of it is a lie he told me the same lie to go with him in a date than I go to his house and see his now I will end this Sid part by telling the police..
Sid knock the door, Anjali open,
Sid : hello ..
Anjali: shut up you been exposed to my family your dream end no way I will marry you ..
Sid : I will kill my self..
Anjali: please do it I don’t care kill your self but me and you never will get married and now I will go to police to arrest you ..
Sid : okay I will go with you so you can see me in jail ..
Anjali: really you will make me my dream ..
Sid : I don’t believe you I know you will feel bad seeing me in jail ..
Anjali go to police station with Sid .

Thapki keep asking Bihaan until he stop the car..
Bihaan: get off the car …
Thapki: where we ..
Bihaan: I will tell you..
Bihaan get off the car and about to hold her hand..
Bihaan: excuse me miss Thapki can I hold your hands to take you to the place ..
Thapki: no you c..can’t..
Bihaan: as you say but follow me and don’t get lost ..
They keep walking until the reach the carnival ? …
Bihaan: your dream was to play in Roller-coaster …
Thapki smiling: for r…real I can play this game …
Bihaan: it is your dream go for it ..
Thapki: but wait why you w…wearing like this ..

Bihaan: to people don’t recognize me..because if they know Bihaan kapoor her the girls will keep screaming and trying to take my picture..
Thapki: oh for me you d…do this ..
Bihaan: you can say it is a gift from student to his teacher you made my day by teaching me math and I will made your u day by ridding roller coaster ..
Thapki: but not riding alone you will come with me ..
Bihaan: what !! No I feel scared from her ..
Thapki: scared..really c..come ..

Bihaan keep saying no and thapki pull him to the train .
Thapki rides with bihaan the roller coaster ..
Thapki: weee…
Bihaan screaming: ahhhh please stop ..
Thapki: put your hand a…and air you will feel the exhilaration ..
Bihaan scared voice : I want the game to end he closed his eye and he opened it again ..
Thapki laughs at him , Bihaan see her laughs he forget that he was in the train and keeps his eye in her until the train stop,
Thapki: wow it was a…amazing Bihaan thanks so much ..w..why you looking at me like this..
Bihaan turn his face : I was looking for the exit door let go there is so much fun to have ..
Thapki smile: yesss let’s g..go ..
Bihaan and thapki keep enjoying the place ..
Thapki win a teddy bear she asks Bihaan to take her a picture with the bear and then she give it to Bihaan..
Bihaan: for me ..
Thapki: it is a gift from me to you ….I d..don’t know how much t..thank you I have to say to describe to y…you that am enjoying this day ..
Bihaan: my teacher stop saying thank you to me …and I will accept this gift ..
Thapki smile and they both go to the car.

In police stations, Sid tell the police to get him to jail and Anjali tell them the reason ,
Sid : before I go inside can I ask you last question ….do you love me Anjali?..
Anjali: how much time you want to her the answers..
Sid : to the last time I will ask you this question..
Anjali: my answers is n ..and o is NO AnD never ..
Sid : fine ..I will go to jail and will never get out until you says yes..
The police take Sid inside jail and start to hitting him ..
Anjali turn her face and get shocked: what are you doing leave him ..
Police man : this is his punishment..
Anjali: no stop I just want him to stay in jail not hitting him please leave him ..
Sid in jail and yell from pains ..
Anjali go to the jail and tell them to leave Sid ..
The police take her out Anjali stop ..
Sid looks at her ..
Anjali: I don’t want him to be in jail ..leave him …
Sid : no continue hitting me I want to die her ..
Anjali: are you crazy !!!!! no I said stop and I mean it am sorry officer it is my mistake I fight with him now leave him ..
Sid : I will go out but if you said that you love me ..
The officer : is this a joke let him stay in jail and hit him harder..
Anjali: listen to me Sid ..I will leave you but you have to promise me that you will not come to my life again..
The officer: oh hello lady cannot..control the rules of police..
Sid : hey ..officer speak to my wife in respect or I will come to hit you ..
The officer: oh so you get angry..hit him more, the police worker keep hitting Sid harder ..
Anjali crying: please stop ..I can’t see him like this .
The officer: why you don’t love him and your the one who bring him her ..
Anjali: I lied yes I love him ..
Sid looks on and smile : wait what did you said ..
The officer: I didn’t hear you what do you love this guy in jail …
Anjali look at Sid getting hurt : yes Sid I love you ..
Sid smiling more and hold the jail door and say : I will go out of the jail now ..
The officer open the door ..
Anjali tears and walk slowly to Sid ..
Sid smile and try to walk but his leg get hurt ..
Anjali tears and says : that what do you want to hear all this years..
Sid : I can’t believe that you said it ..
Anjali take his hands and put it in her shoulder and let him walk.

Bihaan drop thapki to her house and she was walking to the door of the house..
Bihaan keep looking at her and smile..
Bihaan mind voice : why I smile every second I see thapki …it is remind me when I was start liking Alia …no My plan to make thapki like me not me liking her …what ever way …I will like Thapki .

Anjali take Sid to her house,
Sid : ouch leg and hand ..
Anjali: stop acting..
Sid : it is really hurt ..
Anjali: I know it hurt you so I bring some medicine to lower the pain feeling..
Sid : Anjali do you really love me or you said it because I was getting hurt ..
Anjali: to be honest..I don’t ..but you really try your hard to make me love you ..listen to me carefully Sid ..
Sid : am listening..
Anjali: I will fallen in love with you if you change your self…
Sid : I will change everything in my self for you ..
Anjali smile : I know so you will start from now stop following any girl that first ..
Sid : oh so you get jealous when I follow any girl..
Anjali: focus Sid .. and I want you to stop lying to people and apologize to any person you lied to ..
Sid : don and what you want my wife..
Anjali: this stop calling me your wife until we got married..
Sid : okay Anjali..any other request..
Anjali: yes last request is to you focus in your study more because when we got married I want you to get a great job ..

Sid : and how much kids you want us to have .,
Anjali:Sid !!
Sid : am joking..okay I will do it all now my request..
Anjali: what is your request?
Sid : I want to you to say in loud voice I love u Sid ..
Anjali: haha ..I will said that when you do what I said your leg will be fine in few days but try to not move a lot ..
Sid take a taxi and leave,
Anjali: I don’t know if you will do as I said Sid but I will not marry you ..I will travel after graduation…and you will forget Anjali chapter from your life .

Next morning,
Thapki wake up in very good mood to go to college she dressed up than she started thinking if Bihaan will like her outfit
Thapki: I don’t think Bihaan will like this ..wait a minute thapki why you think of him …I will wear what ever I like..:) suddenly remember Bihaan changer his cloth to go with her to carnival ? she decided to look for another outfit..
Radha: thapki what are wearing??
Thapki: it is for b..I mean for Anjali she always says to me to change my style..
Radha: style I really don’t know how college life go ..anyway today I was thinking to you go to see your father shop and help him after college..
Thapki: yes for sure ..anything to my father..I will go now bye ..
Radha: bye .

Thapki reach college …
Some students keep looking at thapki new unfit and whispering ..
Thapki keep walking and ignore them ..
Bihaan come form behind her and says :hi teacher…
Thapki turn and her legs slip and Bihaan hold her ..
Bihaan hold her in his arm and thapki hold his arm and keep looking to his eyes ..
A girl take picture of them and send it to all college students that Bihaan save his love from falling down.
Karan was drinking water he spit it when he read the news …
Alia throw her phone when she read the news ..
Thapki: Bihaan you can p…put me down now.

Bihaan: oh sorry …
Thapki: it okay you help m…me from falling..
Bihaan : Thapki I want to ask you something…
Thapki: sure you c…can ask ..
Bihaan hold thapki hands and looks to her eye ..
The whole college students go to the place Bihaan and thapki standing…Karan and Alia come too ..
Karan Mind voice: Bihaan you doing wrong with thapki ..
Alia tears and mind voice: I hate this Thapki I don’t believe Bihaan forgot it me so fast.

Next episode you will see :
Bihaan ask Thapki if she like him ,
Sid start to change him self for Anjali, priya tell Alia to separate thapki and bihaan.

Love u all
Take care


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