Life Diaries (chp 36): The Rape Case

We sat in the car and drove off to court. As we reached Abeer held me by my shoulders showing his support. We were going inside when Akshat came in front of us. “There’s still time people, move back, no one will make you win, what evidence you have against me?,” he asked and I looked at him angrily and his mother came in front from behind him. “You will have to back off, I will prove my son innocent,” she said pointing a finger at me. “And I will also prove my wife innocent, let’s go Meher,” replied Abeer and took me inside the court and we sat on the bench.

The court case started and first mumma was called. “When did this happen? Are you sure Akshat has raped her?,” asked Akshat’s lawyer. “Yes I am sure because my daughter never lies,” she confessed. “What’s the guarantee? She can tell a lie to ruin his reputation?,” he asked and I started crying. Abeer rubbed my back and kept his arm around my arms asking me not to cry. “No, it’s the truth because no girl says that to ruin anyone’s reputation,” she replied angrily. Judge interrupted them. “You can’t point at someone without knowing the truth, remember you can get suspended,” he said. “Do you have any proof?,” asked the lawyer and my heart sank as there was no proof. “No, but I have a witness, this man sitting beside her is her doctor and her husband, he did her checkup after the rape took place, you can ask him,” she said pointing at Abeer and I looked at him and the judge called him while mumma got out of witness box and he stood up and went.

He took out a paper out of his shirt pocket and unfolded it. “Look at this, this is the proof she was raped, I have done her tests, now did you get your proof?,” asked Abeer and the lawyer chuckled. “This can be fake too, it happened one year and four months ago right? Why no complain was done at that time?,” he asked. “She wasn’t in a condition to fight a case, she was depressed,” Abeer said. “Anyone else could’ve done it,” he said and our lawyer interrupted him. “Didn’t you hear what he said? Meher was in trauma,” our lawyer said. “No, she can be a lier that’s why,” Akshat’s lawyer said and Abeer held his collars. “Enough! How dare you to blame her?,” he asked as I cried and then looked at me. “Don’t create violence,” said the judge and he left his collars. “I want to call Meher now, once she gives statement, the decision will be taken,” said the judge and I didn’t knew what to do as no proof is there.

She got up and I went and sat on my place. She stood in witness box and kept her hands on the wood that surrounded her. She took a deep sigh cryingly and looked at me and I nodded in positive. She moved her gaze away and opened her mouth to say but no words came out, she stared at the floor. She composed herself. “Akshat had raped me and whatever proof was presented was the truth, he was my fiancé but I agreed to marry him for my parents, I refused later because he disgraced me, he’s a rapist, he tried killing me too, arrest him,” she said hoping for something good and just then Akshat’s mother stood up and held her arm tight. “Why are you telling lie?,” she shouted and Meher freed her arm from her grip. “You shut up! Better if you shove some sense in your son,” she said and tapped her shoulder a few times while Akshat’s mother boiled in anger.

I smiled as she did so. “Judge, it took me a lot of courage to come here and fight for myself. Please help me in getting justice,” she said looking at the judge and the judge nodded in positive and asked Akshat to come in another witness box. He came and glared at Meher and then at me. “Judge please don’t believe a word she said, don’t know of what she is taking revenge of. But she’s a liar and besides that, it’s been one year and four months that this happened. She doesn’t have proof, the only proof was the bite marks on her neck I gave her and now they might’ve healed,” said Akshat absent mindedly that he told the truth and then slapped his forehead, I smiled and Meher smiled at me, I showed her thumbs up.

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  1. Jasminerahul

    I was sad that meher wasn’t able to prove her innocence. but loved the twist at the end that akshat himself burst out the truth absendmindly

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