Mayavi Maling 26th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Angad expresses his annoyance

Mayavi Maling 26th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Angad saying family is most imp, I know this, tell me am I talking to queen Pranali or my wife, I sacrificed my mum and lost my mum, I did all for your family, they don’t trust me. She says no, its nothing like that. He says your sisters are everything for you, why do they doubt on me, why do they hate me. She asks can you give me some time, I will make everything fine, I didn’t wish to become a queen, I will show your truth to the world. He says you will stay here as queen and I will manage Mahapuram, can our relation go ahead this way, we will get distant, we won’t be able to wipe each other’s tears, I love you a lot, your family doesn’t want to see us together, till you take your own decisions and accept that you love me, I swear I will not touch you. He goes. Adhivan

tells Arak that its Maharaj’s personal decision to choose Pranali and crown her. He says we are away from our Rajya, dad’s throne is vacant, Angad has to return Mahapuram and take his place, right, we shall go now. Garima comes and says you are making plan to keep our queen away. Arak jokes on her and laughs.

Pranali comes to Maharaj and hugs him. She asks can’t you give this responsibility to Eshwarya. He says you questioned my decision for the first time, sit, time always passes by, just the change is constant. He says I have to tell you something about Maling lake protection. She asks what. Angad comes to Madhumali. She says I think Lord is doing this to teach us a lesson, you have fallen in love with Pranali, right, your dad changed the game to show that you are unsuccessful, you got affected by Pranali’s beauty, else you would have known about the possibility, we could have prepared for this. Maharaj says I should have not pampered you all, its time you all face the truth of the world. Pranali says I don’t want to do all this, I was satisfied before, I wish to take time backwards. She cries and says Angad is much sad, whatever happened with him…He says I will talk to him and try to make things fine. She hugs him.

Angad asks what’s the good thing in this. Madhumali says I m seeing a new Angad, you managed the situation with patience, you didn’t get violent, old Angad would have ruined them, you accepted the cheat and returned to get your aim, this is good, what if Pranali becomes the queen, she wants your love, we will get the throne, we will kill Dev vanshis.

Eshwarya meets Haran. She says I got late. He says we have the entire day, Garima has to come with us. She says then you keep waiting, I will just come. Garima feels sleepy. Eshwarya makes her ready. Garima asks what’s the need. Eshwarya says don’t ask why everyone practices in morning, our body has much energy in early hours. Garima says we are in Maling. Eshwarya says we may need self defense any time. Garima says I have imp work, I should think about Adhivan and me. Eshwarya asks her to just come. Maharaj sees Angad coming and says I need to talk. He apologizes for Pranali’s Rajya abhishek. He says you could have left Maling and went in anger, you didn’t tell anyone that you are upset with me. Angad says I have married Pranali and taken vows, I will keep my vows, I will lave Maling but along with Pranali. Maharaj says I m glad that you are back, I won’t ask where did you go. Angad says I can’t leave alone without my wife, now I think I should leave.

Vaidehi says Angad is leaving with his brothers. Pranali asks soldiers to stop Anhad. Pranali comes to Angad.

Update Credit to: Amena

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