Bitti Business Wali 26th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Mahi and Bitti catch Jaiswal and get him arrested

Bitti Business Wali 26th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mahi asking Bitti why did she let the goon go? Goon comes to the place and talks o the stalker man, tells that he didn’t tell anything to her. The stalker man removes cloth from his face. He is none other than other Pan shop owner Jaiswal. Sundar, Mahi and Bitti reach there. Sundar says we have reached him and claps. Bitti asks why did you do this and says I have respected you a lot. Jaiswal tells that she will snatch his business once her shop starts. Mahi says so you will play with her respect and blacken her face. Bitti says there are many shops of same things and says there shall be a healthy competition. Mahi says he will not be there and slaps him repeatedly. He beats him. Bitti asks Mahi to leave him. Mahi refuses. Bitti says if we also do the same thing then what will be the difference. Mahi leaves him. Bitti gets a call and goes home. Mahi follows her and greets Dadi. Chandana tells Bitti about the goons misbehaving with her and pulling her dupatta. Jogi asks why didn’t you tell us. Gayatri asks her if this is truth? Bitti nods her head. Gayatri asks why didn’t you tell me and says if something had happened then what would I replied to your dead mum. Bitti says I don’t want to trouble you all. Gayatri says don’t know who is doing this? Mahi says he is caught and tells that Jaiswal Pan wala. Chandana says he looks weak. Mahi says I have beaten him. Neighbor says Mahi had saved Bitti from the goons. Gayatri thanks him. Mahi says nothing can happen to Sapna ji, then says nobody can think in dreams that Jaiswal will do something. He gets Prema’s call and tells that he needs to go home.

Mahi comes home and asks Akshata what is the matter? Akshata says Madhuri is telling that she will stay here. Madhuri is seated on sofa. Kashi’s mum asks Laddo Singh and Kashi not to come downstairs and says she will handle Madhuri. Laddo Singh fumes in anger. Laddo Singh’s wife goes to Madhuri and says you can’t get anyone with force and says if you want then we can think of other way. Madhuri says either Kashi will go with me or I will stay here. Prema asks why do you want to break my home and requests her to go. Madhuri says why are you blaming me and says mistake is of Kashi who has ruined both of them. She asks why is he hiding. Prema asks why she wants to punish all family and apologizes with folded hands infront of her, asking her to go. Laddo Singh shouts asking Prema not to fold her hands infront of anyone being his bahu. He gets down the stairs. His wife tries to stop him.. Laddo Singh says how dare she to make my wife and bahu plead infront of her. He asks Servant to take her stuff. He holds her hand and pushes her out of gate. He asks her to be in limits and says Kashi is my son and you thought to become my bahu. Mahi and Laddo Singh looks on. Madhuri looks revengeful.

Virender tells Dadi that they shall not permit Bitti to open a pan shop. Gayatri says she is bearing all troubles so that she can pay Laddo Singh’s loan. He says he will guard the shop. Dadi asks Virender to get Jaiswal arrested first. Virender asks what are you saying? Dadi says don’t forget that he has attacked our daughter, we need to teach him a lesson. If we leave him today then he will do this again. Jogi says Dadi is right and asks Manohar and Bitti to come. Bitti says yes. Dadi asks her to give Mahi’s phone number. Police asks Jaiswal and takes him. Gayatri thanks Inspector. Jaiswal looks angry. Chandana and Pavitra thank Mahi for saving Bitti and give him sweets. Mahi says you did right to file case against Jaiswal. Gayatri tells Dadi that Police arrested him. Mahi says shall I talk to Inspector and get him beaten. Gayatri says let Police do the work. Pavitra asks Dadi to decide about Bitti’s shop.

Dadi asks mahi to protect Bitti from here on and says I am handing over my respect in your responsibility.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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