Mayavi Maling 25th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Pranali gets crowned

Mayavi Maling 25th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Angad coming to see Pranali. He gets angry. Everyone gets shocked. Angad signs Maharaj to go ahead. Maharaj makes Pranali wear the crown. Pranali greets Maharaj. Maharaj makes her sit on the throne. Angad asks what was the need to have this hidden Rajya Abhishek, I want to be first to wish Pranali, don’t I have this right too, I wish the Rajya and Praja prosper, I m sure she will bring pride.

He says I have honored your wish, if you think I can’t manage Maling, or if I m not part of this family, if you changed the decision, then I heartily accept your decision, I can’t question your decision, I didn’t understand why you played this game, its your Rajya, Praja, Pranali and throne, why this hide and seek then. He gets taunting Maharaj and Pranali for feeling ashamed

after doing the Rajya abhishek. He says I told Pranali that she deserves to become a queen, I would have felt proud seeing her Rajya abhishek, I m proud that she is the queen, I m sure she will bring prestige and honor for Praja. He goes. Maharaj calls him out. Pranali stops Maharaj. Angad goes to his Kaksh and freezes a bird, venting his powers out of the window. Mandhari laughs and says Pranali has become a queen, Angad got fooled, now everyone has to listen to a queen, what about Angad’s anger, it will be fun, I got a laugh lately, its time to instigate someone.

Maharaj says some woman has changed the bottle liquid, that woman’s hands were similar to Madhumali, when Eshwarya was coming, some Daanav vanshi made ice wall and stopped her, I doubted that Madhumali is alive and Angad knows this, I didn’t find it right to make him the King. Pranali gets shocked. She asks Eshwarya is she fine. Maharaj says the liquid was changed in the bottle, it could be Madhumali. She says why are you taking blame on yourself, you don’t need to leave throne. Maharaj says I couldn’t punish the murderer, I had to leave my throne, it was past, its sensible to think about present and future, just you have to manage Maling now. Pranali says you doubt that Angad is also involved, else you would have made Angad the king, you got late, Angad is my husband, you want me to manage this Rajya, and you don’t want me to trust my husband.

She asks everyone for their blessings and leaves. Mandhari comes to Angad and says you didn’t get anything, your wife and her father played this game, Pranali sat on the throne, its fine, she is your wife. She provokes him. She says enemy’s enemy is friend right. He smiles and says you have something special. She smiles. Garima says I can’t believe that Pranali is our queen now. Eshwarya says yes, when she gets over this shock, what will she bear, dad changed his heart because of me, I couldn’t prove anything. Garima says don’t worry, this doesn’t mean that Pranali’s nature will change if she has become a queen, Lord don’t change her. She steps on something. Eshwarya goes.

Mandhari sees Pranali and goes. Pranali comes to Kaksh and keeps the crown in the box. Angad says its fine, anyone in your place would do this, family is everything right, why would anyone trust an outsider. Pranali cries and says its nothing like that. He asks am I talking to queen Pranali or my wife.

Pranali apologizes to Angad and asks for some time. He says till you take your decisions yourself, I swear I won’t touch you.

Update Credit to: Amena

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