Mayavi Maling 10th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Chegu gets disappointed

Mayavi Maling 10th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Chegu saying the heart strings of Eshwarya and me are connected. Antara says their pairing would be good, they are made for each other. Maharaj says I haven’t thought of this, don’t know how you find them suitable, I don’t think so, they have big difference, I can’t imagine Eshwarya to live in a tribe, I will not decide by my thinking, I will talk to Dharani in private, I will try to know what Eshwarya wants, give me some time. Chegu says but Eshwarya… Antara says take your time, we will leave. Dharani stops them and says Maharaj asked you one day time as it doesn’t look good to refuse guest, but guest should understand that keeping hope isn’t right. Eshwarya looks on. Dharani goes. Chegu says I will just come. Antara goes.

He asks Eshwarya what’s

all this, didn’t you think of everything before having a love relation with me, my mum broke down because of you. She asks him to listen. He goes. Maharaj calls her. He asks did you invite Chegu and Antara here, without asking us, how did you decide this, we were thinking about Adhivan. Eshwarya says no. Maharaj says you have to answer, do you love Chegu. Dharani asks her to refuse. Maharaj says I will give you a day time, your decision will decide your future. Dharani asks him not to support Eshwarya. He says I have raised them with all the liberty and gave them values, when she tells her decision tomorrow, we will know if we passed as parents or not. Eshwarya cries.

Angad says this means Maharaj filled red color and gave me. Pranali says no, it was not for you. He argues. She says this was done to catch the thief. He says but you failed to catch the thief. Servant says Maharaj is waiting to meet you. Pranali goes. Angad gets angry. Dharani says I m worried for Eshwarya. Vaidehi says I know Eshwarya will choose Adhivan, she is sensible. Bhoomi comes and says even when I m younger, you should have told me about the marriage proposal that came from Adhivan. Vaidehi says don’t get upset. Bhoomi says yes, but Garima isn’t prepared for marriage. Dharani says no, the talk is about Adhivan and Eshwarya’s marriage, not Garima. Bhoomi gets shocked. Pranali comes to Maharaj. He asks servant not to let anyone come in.

Maharaj says you just used two potion bottles, I feel Dev vanshis are falling weak, so Daanav vanshis are coming close, Maling lake is the one which saves us, after this ritual completes, you will become its protector. She says whatever happens, we shall see. They keep hands on the glowing signs. A wall gets formed there. They see a brick coming forward.

Pranali keeps her hands on the brick and gets stuck. Maharaj says I will expose that thief. Angad shows his glowing hands to Madhumali and asks for solution.

Update Credit to: Amena

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