May I Come in Madam 4th January 2017 Written Episode Update

May I Come in Madam 4th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanju asking Chedi to get water. Chedi wears goggles and turns to boss. He scolds Sanju and Bhupesh. Bhupesh goes for shopping. Sanjana comes to Sanju. She complains about Chedi. She asks him to share lunch box with her, she is hungry. He says I can share a lot with you. She says really, lets marry and share life. He asks what are you saying. She says I mean it, lets get married. He says I have to tell Kashmira. She says I was joking, you really started. She eats the food. She teases him to feed food. His imagination ends. She asks what are you doing, sit down, eat the food.

She says actually, there is much problem after cook went to village. Sanju says I m here, I will think something. Sanju comes and asks Kashmira to pack extra food. Kashmira asks why. He jokes

on Mummy and Bhupesh. He says madam’s cook went out, madam is worried. Kashmira says you never see how much I work hard. He says don’t cook, but stop arguing. She argues.

Mummy asks Sanju to cook food for madam himself. Bhupesh says Sanju can do anything for madam, he made her have food and did not eat, hold his string else he will go out of hands. Sanju asks Kashmira what would I do, madam was hungry. Bhupesh says I think you are hungry. Sanju asks Kashmira to say something to them, I get ration by my money, they always say against me, they did course to fight with me, I will get drunk and come to beat Bhupesh. Kashmira sends Bhupesh to his friend.

Sanju goes to Khiloni and complains about Kashmira. Khiloni takes her side. Sanju slaps him and scolds. Khiloni suggests him to go to Sanjana’s house and work as cook. Sanju says madam will not keep me. Khiloni says then go as Durjan, Sanju’s twin brother, I will cook food well and help you. Sanju likes the idea.

Its morning, Sanju comes to Sanjana’s house as Durjan. Chedi identifies Sanju and asks what’s this joke. Sanju talks in villager’s accent. Sanjana comes and asks Sanju what is he doing. Sanju says I m Durjan, Sanju’s brother, he has sent me here as cook. Sanjana says fine, come with me to kitchen. Sanju says I understand english, I worked in dhaba before. Sanjana shows him the kitchen work. He asks her not to worry and go and sit on table, I will make everything ready. She goes. He says she looks so good.

He serves the food made by Khiloni. Sanjana says its yummy, I must say your hands have magic. Sanju says yes. Sanjana asks how did you learn this. Sanju says from my mum, I wanted to learn cooking. Sanjana asks will you teach me cooking, kneading flour. Sanju teaches her. His imagination ends. Sanjana asks do you also get lost in thoughts like Sanju, it means you both will be similar in nature, Sanju is caring. Sanju says I m also caring. She asks him to come in evening to cook. She goes. Chedi stares at him.

Sanju comes office. Sanjana stops him and says you did not mention about twin brother Durjan. Sanju asks what was the need, he is very cheap, we had fights and then he left home, we have sworn not to stay together. He asks how was the food. She says it was yummy, I wanted to kiss his hands. Sanju gives his hands. She asks why is chutney smell coming from your hands. He says because we are twins. Kashmira comes there and gets extra food. She apologizes. He asks her to take it back. Sanjana says how rude is that. Kashmira says Sanju said your cook went on leave.

Sanjana says I have new cook, thanks to Sanju. Sanju asks Kashmira to go. Sanjana says Sanju has sent his twin brother Durjan, he is amazing cook. Kashmira says I m getting to know this big thing here. Sanju says I will come home and say. She argues. He says Durjan is useless, he cooks food, we don’t stay together. She says I have to meet Durjan. Sanju says we have sworn we will not face each other. Kashmira says we will go to Sanjana’s house and meet him. Sanju says its not possible. Sanjana says its possible, come on dinner with family, this meeting is imp.

Bhupesh asks Kashmira to call Sanju. Sanju gets call and does not answer. Sanjana says he will answer my call.

Update Credit to: Amena

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