Bigg Boss 10 4th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 10 4th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 80
Inmates wake up to the song ‘Dhadak Dhadak’.
The day begins with Om Swami giving an explanation to Manu and Manveer for making personal remarks at Manu the previous night and apologize him for it, Manu says you said to Manveer that my friend used to sleep on roads? Swami says Manveer said that you say Swami sleep on roads, i am going to win thats why you people are scared, Manu says you are mad, you cant win. Manveer says you are not ashamed to lie, Manu says you might be sleeping on bed but you are sleeping on bed of curses.

Om Swami, on the other hand, continues with his bizarre shenanigans by writing Bigg Boss viewers, forgive me and vote for me on a piece of paper and hangs it around his neck, Lopa says why you asking forgiveness if you want

votes? Swami says i am asking forgiveness from you people.

Rohan says to Lopa that i didnt like comments about our friendship, Lopa says the comment you said that i dont deserve your friendship? Rohan says you have such big ego that you cant say sorry.

Bigg Boss resumes the Maalgaadi task and asks the contestants to get back inside the jail. Swami leaves lounge before listening whole thing. Even before Bigg Boss rings the buzzer to start the task, Om Swami decides to sit inside the Maalgaadi with his food even after quitting the task mid-way to become a contender for captaincy. Manveer says why you are going mad again? Swami says task have started again. Manveer says the one who quit yesterday cant come inside again, Swami says i am illiterate. Niti says you are sitting on my umbrella Swami, Swami says this is of Bigg bos. Niti takes umbrella from him and closes it. Swami snatches it from Niti. Manu gets up and tries to snatch it from Swami. Manu and Nit snatches it away from him, Swami’s finger gets cut in snatching, his finger bleeds, Swami says see they have spill my blood. Niti throws Swami’s plate outside. Swami says see Bigg boss they have spilled my blood, Niti says give him first aid kit. Swami splashes his blood. Manu says this man is weird. Rohan asks everyone to come out of jail, Bani ask inmates to leave jail, there is no need to be around people like him. All inmates leave garden. Swami says i am going to die.

Lopa says to inmates that ignore Swami for few days.
Swami is in confession room. Swami cries and says make these inmates understand. Bigg Boss after giving him medical attention rebukes him for breaking the rules and barging in the task even after being ousted. Bigg boss says this is entertainment show, Swami says it was not my fault, i was silently sitting in jail, Bigg boss says you are already out of task, Swami says i didnt know it, Bigg boss says you knew it, you even left your clothes of task, you knew that you werent part of task.
Buzzer plays, inmates start task again by sitting in jail. Swami apologize to Bigg boss and comes out of confession room. Rohan and Mona starts moving lever. Rohan says to Mona that we can release Monveer first, Mona agrees. Niti says to Manu that they might have bid atleast 1lac on me, Manu says we might be able to increase 20lacs, Niti says we are increasing money by sitting here, people do so much to earn it.

Siren plays. Rohan asks Niti if she can stay till late? Niti agrees. The first one to be released and delivered to Bigg Boss by the jailers Mona and Rohan is Manveer. Mona hugs Manveer.

Manveer says to Lopa that Swami splayed all blood. Lopa sees him lying on sofa and says he got injured himself with all this. Manveer says he does everything like drinking wine and all but his gives good suggestion to younger kids, he is not mad, this is his acting.

Siren plays again. Rohan asks Niti if she can stay till longer? she says yes. The jailers free Manu from the jail with only Nitibha left in the game. Manu hugs Niti and leaves. Manveer comes in jail. Manu hugs Mona.

Niti says to Manveer that others opinions dont matter to you, Manveer says i dont follow others, i am not simple person but i am pure, Niti says you are pure thats why i became your friend but you dont care if you dont talk to me, Manveer says i cant change things if they are not going good, Niti says you dont think like friend, Manveer says if you dont win show then i will have regret whole life, Niti says we will be friends for life? Manveer says you can fight with me then become friend daily, Niti says you dont find anything positive in me, Manveer says i dont find need of positivity for friendship, Niti says you told me about negatives, what are positives? Manveer says you are beautiful and you are not liar, Niti says why you didnt say it before? Manveer says i am thirsty, he goes to drink water, Niti says he doesnt want to talk to me.

Swami says to Manu that Bigg boss said that i was not at mistake and they have spilled my blood, Manu says you want tea? Swami says yes, Manu says then say we are not at fault, Swami says i wont drink tea then, Bigg boss see this, Manu and Manveer mimic and makes fun of him. Swami says Niti should leave, she doesnt deserve to go to finals, Niti says mental dont talk about me, stupid. Niti throws thing near Swami and says next time it will be on your face.

As the last and the final siren rings, the housemates celebrate their victory as they release Nitibha, Manu and Manver lifts her on shoulders.

Bigg Boss ends maalgaadi task. Bigg boss ask Mona to tell inmates about bids placed on them. Mona tells them bid placed on them. Bigg boss discloses that after successfully completing the task, the housemates have managed to clock 28 lakhs increasing winning amount to Rs. 43,99,206, inmates are happy to see it. Bigg Boss also announces that Bani and Om Swami will fight for captaincy and the task will be announced soon. Manveer hugs Rohan.

Manu says to Rohan and Mona that you people were not even convincing Swami to remain on jail. Manveer says his bid was like 500rs, they laugh. Manveer says even soap is higher value than Swami, Swami comes there and says i am winner, Bani leaves. Manu and Manver laughs on Swami’s bid, Lopa is laughing seeing them. Swami laughs too, Manu says you are child eater devil Swami.

Lopa says to Rohan that i might vote for Swami in captaincy because he might leave on weekend. Rohan says be fair, Lopa says i would have voted for her if stayed a little longer in task, Rohan says i wont give vote for Swami, Lopa says she didnt do anything and i make way for her to become captain? and i am sure Swami will leave this weekend.

Bigg Boss introduces the launch of Oppo 2017 calendar task wherein the contestants have to use OPPO selfie expert camera phone to click pictures at designated locations inside the house. In the given time the contestants are asked to capture interesting selfies and share it with Bigg Boss. Om Swami is made the director of the task while Manveer plays the role of assistant director. Swami says Manveer you are director. Bani says i wont work with director like this. Swami says to Manveer that we will remain in all selfies, Manveer says i am ill, you remain in selfies, Swami says but i dont know how to click it, Manveer says you want photos? Swami says yes, Manver says you will have it, dont worry, i dont know why they tie me everytime.

Swami says i will be in all selfies. Manveer says you will be in one selfie only, dont destroy all tasks. Manu says Swami you wont be able to survive in house now, cheap man. Bani starts taking selfie but Swami is coming in it. Manveer tries to push Swami away. Manu says this beggar didnt see anything in life. Manveer says this man is coming in all selfies. Manu says we will edit him. Bani takes selfie with Swami and Manu, Manveer says now move away from selfies, Swami doesn. Manveer pushes him aside, inmates take selfie quickly. Rohan says lock Swami in jail. Manu, Manveer and Rohan takes selfies in jail while locking Swami outside.

Inmates are taking selfies. Manveer and Manu pushes Swami way from them as girls are taking selfies now. Mona, Niti and Lopa are taking selfies. Bani is not included. Swami tries to come in them too but Manu grabs him. Swami says these goons are fighting with me, Manu says i will fight now. Niti tells one selfie scenario. Swami says i wont let Rohan in all selfies, Swami says i am director. Rohan, Lopa and niti takes selfies.

Niti and Lopa select final photos and delete others. Swami says they deleted mine. Manveer locks Swami outside of store room and puts phone there. Swami says they deleted my photos, Manveer says you dont know anything about selfies. Swami says i have taken many selfies on phone.

Inmates are shown their selfies on Tv, they enjoy it.

Lopa says to Rohan that kitchen is so dirty in Manveer’s captaincy, he is not organized, toilet is so dirty, i cant even tell you, Rohan says he is worst captain, he didnt do anything, Lopa says he was sleeping himself.

Manu is in smoking room and says she would see everything, i have lost everything, i can smile all day but i miss my mom at night, i need you mom, he weep silently and says i need you mom, i want to sleep, i want to sleep in your arms mom.

Manu comes out to smoking room and touches Swami’s feet and says forgive me. Swami says there will be captaincy task tomorrow, be on my side, Manu says this man is crazy. Swami says i didnt ask anything from you people, i want to be captain now, i dont want it for myself, i want to lower anger people have against Bigg boss, Manu says tell clearly that you want to be captain, Swami says this is my chance so make me captain, Manveer says your acts dont deserve to make you captain, Manu laughs, Manu says we will try to make you captain tomorrow.

PRECAP- There will be captaincy task. Pyramid is made from card boxes for both Bani and Swami. Inmates have to break pyramid of boxes of contender who they dont support by hitting them with tennis balls. Rohan is hitting Swami’s pyramid and Manu is hitting Bani’s pyramid. Rohan says i wont let even box of Swami to stand on table. Swami starts hitting Rohan with balls. Rohan grabs Swami’s waist, Bani is angry on Swami and shouts on him. Manveer and Rohan pushes Swami in jail, Manu locks Swami in jail. Rohan gets angry on Swami and charges on Swami, Bani throws boxes on jail as Swami is inside.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Wow preeti,
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    1. Prettypreeti

      Why r u having prob??aap pyaar se baat kro..and our parents r proud of us..

      1. Tumsaarenautanki

        Because u guys have nothing to do that what is going on in the country…what are the real problem which farmers r facing but only commenting on reel thing

    2. Even you don’t have something to do that is why you are here I guess…

  4. Nice poem pretty , waqayi khushi se khogya hum hosh ? good news , dhongi Baba is no more a part of bigg boss

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      Pata ni aur kise saath saab kia ho taki dhang ka koi paida ho jaye…tujh jaisa hinjra paida ho gaya.hrithik is a man tujh jaisa hinjra nahin

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  7. Simran99

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  8. Omg Rohan is such a dog..always keeps crying…He is a drama queen.Abhi bani bani kar raha hai…dal badlu hai ek nim ka..why does Lopa think he is her friend.He is just using her.Gaurav chala toh aab bani bani bhi rohan rohan kar rahi hak but its not looking bad on her coz she is not betraying her friend for someone but Rohan is yakkk.please usko bhi nikalo..Lopa has been supporting him throughout but still how he does with her.Also wen u knw swami is a mental man toh kyun chedte ho usko…woh jaan bujh kar swami se pange leta hai…Bani ka I understand ki woh aag main ghee ni dalti phir bhi usko pareshan karta hai..lekin rohan is a sabse bada wala…..

    1. Yeah.. Rohan also should b*t*h about Bani then you will be happy I guess. He is Gentleman and very rich . not like Lopa (who wants to do big in bollywood or telelvision after this show watch Unseen and Undekha in Voot).. He already left a big serial only for this and still shows his upbringing… not like your Lopa who got a fame and this has got into her head…

      1. Tumsaarenautanki

        Tera reply 5th jan ke update main hai

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