The mate (Part 2)


The mate, Her destiny

Hi! I know this is kind of small , but I wanted to post something but didn’t have enough time . I hope u guys enjoy it .

The class dragged on . It was the history class and the old professor shepherd could barely be heard by the ordinary human beings. But radhika could hear him well . She was after all not ordinary . But she felt her mind wander away . She looked around the class. She could feel The first two benchers, necks crying out of strain . They were the nerds of the class . The middle benchers,

which included radhika were pretty relaxed but most of their eye lids were closing. Their head that was propped up on their hands were falling off.The backbenchers were the snobs that included Daniya the biggest snob of them all . She was dressed very vulgar for college and was busy talking with her snobby group of friends . Kevin was seated next to her . He was also pretty relaxed . “Radhika! Who is Dissenter Michel Servet ” professor asked suddenly his keen eyes peering at her .he had probably noticed her carelessness in class . She stood up and answered " He was a well known physician who challenged the 'trinity of god' in Switzerland and in1553 he fled from Lyon in france to Geneva fearing religious persecution ,Sir, do I have to elaborate more?; “She asked raising her brow . The professor was surprised , the whole class was silent . Radhiak raised her brows at the prof. “That was excellent . U don’t have to explain more . After all this is the next semester’s syllabus; “Gasps could be heard , the front bencher’s were gaping at her . She at down “wow , u never cease to amaze !”Kevin whispered to her. “Well ,I geuss history is kind of my thing" she replied . She heard a sniģger from the back ."  I geuss thats why you don't belong  here" said a sickly sweet voice from the back . Radhika grinded her teeth. Daniya had always irritated her . She was jealous that radhika was Kevin’s friend . Radhika turned around ” it’s not me that doesnt belong here , why do u come to class anyway ?”She asked with a smirk . That was enough to keep daniya shut . The bell rang and they walked towards their french class . It was the principal that took class , and since he had some important work ,some new admissions they were frèe till lunch

“;Hey we could go to the cafeteria and have some coffee, a relief from all the classes “Kevin suggested .Radhika agreed. Not that she needed any coffee nor was she tired . Kevin was watching radhika . Her fair face shone with the sun. Her eyes were so beautiful.; Kevin was always admired by the girls in his college but he admired radhika . She was so beautiful . He had never seen such beauty . Everything was different about her . He had never seen another person with such fairness . Radhika’s eyes seemed to always change colours . He never questioned it , as he considered it as an issue of his infatuation.Unfortunately

RadhiKa never showed any signs of reciprocation.    they seated themselves in the cafeteria , and Kevin groaned as his friends John and Natasha joined them . “Come on , buy us coffee” they said . Radhika started chatting with Natasha. She decided to buy them coffee but didn’t order for herself , she didn’t;t wanna have hotcoffe down her throat . As she walked to the counter to place her order   , suddenly her body twitched , it started shivering , her insides started screaming.  She  set herself on the counter; And prayed for relief ,her body was so weak , it had been a week since she had eaten , she had to hold on till she reached home. Suddenly, The pain vanished . She looked around her , how ? How had it gone? But suddenly she was hit with the smell she craved for, her heart was beating,; The female in her was awakened , She wanted his hands on her , his lips on hers and her fangs down his throat .
She wanted her mate

So sorry , but that is all , wanted to give to an air of mystery . Hope u guys enjoy it , and pls give opinions on how to improve . Hope u all have a nice day my dear manmarziyan friends ?

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