Mastaangi 22nd February 2016 Written Episode Update

Mastaangi 22nd February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anaita was annoyed at Ria and says she wanted to surprise her. Ria says she knows that Anaita wanted to surprise her. Anaita jerks her hand. Ria says she is sorry. She says for her, their friendship means a lot and she doesn’t ever want to hurt her. Ria asks Anaita to eat something now. Anaita lay in the bed.
There, Karan says to Trumpet that Ria isnt what he and Anaita had thought about, Anaita showed them such a bad picture of her. Trumpet says she did this deliberately. She says there is a connection… Karan corrects her that there is nothing between Ria and him. He has his friends, who else can he want in his life. The phone bell rings. Trumpet cheers that it is Ria’s number. Karan takes the call.
Ria wakes Anaita up, Anaita says she doesn’t want to eat anything still Ria forces

her to get up. Anaita sits up at once and is shocked to see Karan lighting the dinner candles. Ria says this isn’t really a dream. Karan tells Anaita that this is her BFFe’s surprise. Ria says she is sorry that she could only cook this at this time. Anaita asks Ria if she would let them have dinner now. Karan stops Ria but Ria says she has to make notes. Outside in the lounge, Ria thinks it is her watchman duty and sits with a book. Ria was alert at the presence of someone.
Anaita says to Karan that she realized a bit late, she was angry and made Ria a target. Karan asks her to call Ria inside, but Anaita says Ria did this all for her. A man searches the house wardrobe. Ria wakes up at once on the comfortable chair.
Karan says to Anaita that it seems a deep friendship. Anaita says it is about ages. Karan says she must do something for her friend, she did all this to cheer Anaita up.
Ria wakes up at once at the movement in the house. She looks around, a man loads the trigger of the gun and comes to confront her. Ria shouts and resists. Karan hears her voice, he and Anaita run out when Ria says there is someone out there. Her parents also come there. Her father points the rod at Karan and asks what he is doing at their house. Ria says she called him here. Her father asks who he is. Ria says this is K, Karan and she called him here. Karan says there was someone else for whom she shouted. Anaita says it must be someone else. Ria says she heard some voice and the man was checking the cabinets, she shouted and they both came out as well. Ria’s father ask what this boy is doing here. Ria says Anaita was in a bad mood, she called him here at this time. Anaita says he is her boyfriend. Ria says he is a respected boy, her mom scolds her. Karan says Ria is a very clean hearted girl and a good friend of him, she lives for others. She called him this late only to cheer Anaita up. She still called him to see a smile on Anaita’s face. Ria’s father stops him for saying dialogues at this time. Anaita says good night to him, Karan leave by taking the unwanted blessings of her parents as well. Ria says it was someone else. Ria’s father wonders what the man wanted from their house.
Singhania shouts at his man that he had asked for Udita’s fingerprints, what will he do with these useless documents. His senior tells Zubair to be calm, this can hurt their mission. May be they aren’t the same people and it is just a coincidence.
Ria was taking the clothes out in the morning from her wardrobe. She finds the torn dress and says she had given this dress to her, she torn it. Anaita comes inside, Ria asks why she tear her dress. Anaita says she was really angry then, but now she is happy. She presents Ria with a bunch of flower. Anaita says she brought it herself from the park. Ria’s mother calls her and asks about the flowers. Ria smiles and says she is happy now. Anaita says she just has to teach one man a lesson now, who spoilt her date. Ria says she isnt going to find him, but Ria leaves saying she won’t find him. Anaita says she will not leave Trumpet now.
Karan tells everyone about the last night event. Jignesh comes to tell him that Ria is alone in the class. Trumpet asks Karan what is going on. Karan says Ria isn’t really that bad, she called him at her home, cooked for him and protected him from her father. Trumpet says he must now go to propose her. Karan says there is something more than love as well, and in his dictionary ‘Love’ doesn’t exist. Jignesh and Trumpet ask why he spied on her then. Karan says there is something in his mind.
Ria was alone in the class, Karan comes there. He was about to say something, then doesn’t and goes straight to the board. He writes Thanks on it. Ria comes to the board and writes ‘You Too’. She smiles at him. Karan writes ‘You are nice’. Ria smiles and writes ‘You too Sadoo ’. He changes the smiley to a happy one, forwards his hands asking Friends? Ria says she will have to ask Anaita. Both laugh.

PRECAP: Karan watches a man spying around, then goes to point gun at Ria. Karan goes behind him. Singhania’s car comes to hit him. The girls shout Karan!

Update Credit to: Sona

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