Mere Angne Mein 22nd February 2016 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 22nd February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sharmili and Shanti talking over their new relation. Riya looks tensed as marriage is fixed in 8 days. Shanti says Riya is always in tension as manages home finance, but we will manage. Nandu thinks to call Mohit and inform him everything, as just Mohit can stop Preeti’s marriage now. Sharmili hugs everyone. Kaushalya and everyone keep shagun amount and greet Sharmili. Pari asks Rani to keep shagun money for her inlaws. Sujeev asks where is Amit. Sarla says he manages agency, unlike Shivam and Riya who do job and take leave. Shanti asks Pari why is she looking sad. Pari says I have two relations with Preeti now, Sharmili always taunted me about my Maayka giving less money to me. Raghav asks Pari what does she want, as Sharmili will not say openly. Pari asks will you really give me what I ask for. Riya worries and Shivam asks Riya now to say anything in between. Ashok looks on. Pari says I want gold necklace for me and Sharmili. Nimmi gets angry. Sharmili asks Pari what is she saying. Pari says I m saying what you want, you taunted me as I married in temple, I m saying so that you don’t taunt Preeti, sorry. Raghav says its okay, we will order the gold necklace. Rani says Pari, you have everything and still want more. Pari says shut ups. She asks Raghav to get necklace today itself, else she will not go. Ashok asks Kaushalya to refuse for this, what will happen in marriage.

Mohit runs on the road and falls. Nandu calls him. Mohit scolds him and asks him to be in his limits. Mohit asks will you love Preeti ji, I will not leave you. Nandu says I understand what you are going through, I m going through same. Mohit says forget to love Preeti, she is just mine, if you try to do anything, remember I will kill you. Nandu says you are misunderstanding me, I called to say that Preeti’s marriage is fixed with someone else, she is getting engaged today. Mohit gets shocked. Nandu ends call.

Shanti tells Raghav that I think Sharmili made Pari request for a necklace, I think Sharmili will ask for a big necklace, what to do now. Riya and Shivam look on. Shanti says I don’t want this relation to break, but we will tell them that we can’t give necklace. Raghav says no need, I don’t know whether Sharmili asked for necklace or not, but I will give if Pari asked me. Riya says its dowry. Raghav says no, Pari is our daughter and I have to give her necklace, its my mistake, I should have given her something from my side, I m also against dowry, its good they did not ask us anything. He says daughter’s father does a lot, we are not doing so much, your dad also gave you a lot. Raghav says I have one lakh rupees, and asks Riya to go and get two necklaces.

Nimmi and Sujeev argue when she asks them to sit to dine. Sharmili says I will sit here. Nimmi asks jiju shall I not ask you to sit. Vyom says no, I will sit here. Nimmi smiles and goes. Pari comes to Sharmili and says I asked for necklace, will I get it. Sharmili says stop it, we will have food. Sarla gets a call and goes. Bansi calls Sarla and says Mohit has run away. She asks what, find him, he should not reach Shanti Sadan.

Raghav comes to room and gives the money to Shanti. Shanti asks him to give it to Riya. Raghav asks Riya and Shivam to go and buy necklaces. Sarla asks Nandu to protect Shanti Sadan respect, stop Mohit from coming here. Nandu says you told me to stand here, how do you know Mohit will come here. She says I know everything, beat Mohit and hit it on his head. He says it will be much. She says fine, hit on his back, be careful, that romeo should not come here, its time you have to pay price for staying here, and return the favors, go now. Nandu goes. She asks him not to get scared, go ahead. He gets tensed.

Kaushalya, Riya, Rani and Nimmi serve the food to Sharmili and anyone. Sharmili likes the food a lot and asks who made this food. Ashok says I have made all this myself. I will be lucky to serve you food. Sharmilu asks him to get his owner’s card, so that she can get catering done. Ashok says I m owner myself, you maybe mistaken, no one introduced me to you, I m Pari’s dad. Sharmili coughs. She says sorry, I did not know. He says its fine. Sarla taunts Ashok. Nimmi says Ashok loves to cook food for others. Nimmi serves more food to Vyom and asks him to have it for her sake. Mama coughs seeing them and asks for water. Rani gives him water. Mama drinks water.
Sarla asks Shanti why is she sending Riya and Shivam together to get necklace. Shanti says don’t worry. Sarla says don’t send Shivam. Nimmi asks Sujeev to say if he wants something. Sujeev asks her not to come infront of her again and again, as he dislikes this. Shivam gets angry. Shanti stops Shivam, and asks him to stay at home to be with Nimmi. He says I will go and get necklace, and ask Riya to manage Sujeev. Shanti says Riya can’t manage Sujeev, he is ill mannered, you be here. Shivam agrees.

He goes to tell Riya to go alone and get necklace. Shanti hears them. Riya says I will manage, don’t worry. He says fine, go fast and come. Riya leaves. Shanti tells SArla and says I will tell jeweler to show heavy necklaces. Sarla says I have to do something, actually Amma, you know one secret, I have a small gang. Shanti asks what, you run a gang, are you joking. Sarla says no, I have two men, I give them money to make them do any cheap work, one is pandit and one drives rickshaw. Shanti says I will beat you if you do something wrong. Sarla goes and calls Bansi. She tells him that Riya is carrying 1 lakhs rupees and asks him to steal it. Sharmili asks Raghav to share his adventure stories as he is railway guard. Raghav laughs and agrees. Sharmili asks Ashok to have food, its very tasty. He asks her to have food. She asks Sujeev and Vyom to talk to everyone. Vyom smiles. Sharmili asks Vyom to make Preeti eat sweets. Sharmili asks Pari to give the sweets to Vyom and makes her jealous. Pari signs no to Vyom. Vyom goes to Preeti and feeds the sweets. Everyone smile.

Riya goes on the road holding her purse right. Bansi and Rajendra follow her. Shanti asks Sarla is there any news. Sarla says they work slow. Bansi makes an old woman fall. Riya runs to help the woman. Bansi steals the purse and flees in the auto. Riya runs after the auto. Riya thinks what to tell Shivam, everyone will be worried. She cries. Mohit comes there and sees Nandu standing to stop him. Mohit and Nandu walk to each other.

Nandu stops Mohit. He asks him to go from here. Mohit says I m saying with manners, I will beat you. Nandu says I can’t let you go. Mohit says you called me to come here and now you are stopping me. Nandu says yes, I have got mad. Mohit says I will stop Preeti’s marriage.

Pari asks Kaushalya for Riya, and acts annoyed. Kaushalya says it will take time, and asks Shivam to call Riya. Shivam calls Riya. Riya thinks to do police complaint. She answers Shivam’s call. He asks her to come fast, they are waiting. Riya thinks I can’t go to police now, I have to manage necklace now. Riya says I will come soon. Sarla talks to Bansi and is glad that work is done. She happily tells this to Shanti. Sarla wishes Mohit does not come. Riya thinks how to arrange money now, and thinks to keep her own necklace mortgaged.

Kaushalya waits for Riya. Shanti says whats there to worry now, Riya will do drama here also. If we could not give necklace to Pari, we will do something and not let this relation break. Shanti thinks I will see how Riya gets necklace now.

Shanti and Sarla see the necklaces Riya got and they both get shocked. Pari likes the necklace a lot. Shanti asks Riya how did she get it. Riya gets tensed.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Sarla and shanti are big chudails

  2. Dear Sir
    This show is interesting but throughout u r just showing negativity which is going to extremes how a mother can do so much bad of her son Raghav show some positivity also so that we like the serial or else after some time fans will feel that this is a negative serial through and through so please show some changeshanks. T

    1. Yess u r right sarla n pari r doing too much sometime doesn’t feel to see d show becoz of dem

  3. Hopeless serial, waste of time.

    1. Yes the same old stupidity due poor audience in every episode.

  4. I love This show. However I think that Vyom and Preeti should get married as
    Mohit is obsessed with Preeti. Obsessed to the point of being crazy. that Idiot Nandu is idiot and selfish.
    As for Nimmi, I don’t know that argument with Sujeev showed a little chemistry between them?
    I know he is married but to a selfish women who will sell her own mother for money.
    But anyway all we can do is wait and see.
    I would love for Sarla and Shanti to have their “tails cut short”.

    1. they showed nimmi hold preeti’s hand while preeti was holding vyom s hand in last episode…so i think at last nimmi will marry vyom…that is my thought

    2. I too had a thought of that sort…coz I know 1 thing that preeti will get married to that dumb nandu…otherwise his character wud be useless

  5. Same neha

  6. Kya writers sahab aisa mat kijiye itni negativity health k liye achi nahi..,riya kab samjhogi ye sare kand sarla n shanti k hain….preeti ki shadi vyom se nahi hogi shayad nimmi ki hogi…kuch positive dikhao.ab riya apna chandra har kahan se layegi ye dekhna baki hai..

  7. Kya writers sahab aisa mat kijiye itni negativity health k liye achi nahi..,riya kab samjhogi ye sare kand sarla n shanti k hain….preeti ki shadi vyom se nahi hogi shayad nimmi ki hogi…kuch positive dikhao.ab riya apna chandra har kahan se layegi ye dekhna baki plz show some interesting things

  8. Serial is full of negativity giving wrong social messages. Sarla’s character is the one who gives idea to break the family relations . Whereas Rita who innocently n honestly trying to manage house is always targeted n mis understood. This should be stopped immediately I hope director and producer reads this.

  9. I like this show but the negativity level showing in this serial is the worst part.people can’t this show any more if this is going to continue.for every issue they blame riya who acts positive for every situation.please showing every thing against riya !!!!!

  10. I like this show. It’s not a negative show. In the end every trick of sarla n shanti fails. So by no mean it is negative. It’s just family drama entertainment.
    Guys enjoy watching.

  11. i like this show but the negativity level showing in this serial is the worst part.people can’t watch this show any more if this is going to continue ahead. for every issue they blame riya who acts positive for every situation.please stop showing every thing against riya !!!

  12. Preety sid bieber

    Offff hooo….

  13. Loving the show….kudos to the creative team…v good serial better than the YRKKH and DABH like stupid dramas

  14. This show is nice. The thing is how could Shanti, Sarala n Pari is always try to do bad things. My question is what’s the point of showing one sided game over and over. I don’t get it. This show is very bad image for us.

    1. I totally agree with this particular comment. From this show it looks like to me that bad people always wins in life using their cunning bad minds. It is not a good example for others in the society.

  15. Starla is so greedy money will do anything, lie,cheat,break marriages so disgusting.

  16. Sujeev Will marry nimmi n pari Will run away with vy

  17. Hope there are some changes soon. Sooooooo much negativity. But somehow don’t think director or writer will listen.

  18. If Ria sell her things and become debt, she won’t find time to reveal the truth to Shivam which will make him upset and keep her away from Shivam, Amit will be arrested by the police bz of his gambles which will result in Ria’s career, she will be thrown out of her job and also be thrown out of the house.
    Marriage wise can’t come to any conclusion Priti and Vyom won’t marry. It can be Nimmi with Vyom or Sujeev like everyone’s thought. Priti might elope with Mohit which will be good for her. Otherwise Sarala will blackmail her to tell the truth to Sharmili or Vyom and make her steal from Sharmili. So many twists.. lets see. This is the best lower middle class story, each character is chose very well and acting very well.

  19. Wat about preeti ? Oh my god with nandu lal ? Its really bad.

  20. Waste of time this drama is now. Don’t even bother watching it anymore instead just quickly read the written updates. Until there is a change in the characters will not be watching it. So much negativity and stupid characters in here. No one can seem to see what’s going on around them. Not realistic at all.

  21. I don’t want preeti to get married with nandu lal. Its not a interesting pair at all.

  22. callmeprincess3

    This show is full of negitivity

  23. I think the serial is still very boaring and the director is still dragging the same old things in each and every episode. I think audience wants to see some positivity in the show now along with exposing the cunning minds. I am completely loosing my interest now in this serial as the same old story repeat in every episode.

  24. Yaa this serial is full of negativity awwwwhhh I hate this serial

  25. How come the DIR still make Ria so dumb. When she carry the money she should be careful. If some one fell why she has to go back and lift her. Why they are making this character so dull and complete idiot. Why don’t Raghav took Pari to the shop and but necklace himself. or atleast took Kousalya along with him and buy it. Its a complete stupidity.

  26. Please writers, do something good..
    Why are you showing things which are not possible.
    Why did they not send Nimmi and what the hell are elders doing in this household.
    Stupid Show . This show is trying to degrade Daughter in law.

  27. I completely agree with Shika. How can be a person who is educated and intelligent like Riya get cheated again and again. It is ridiculous that Riya has been given sattaa means she should manage everything including this big marraige event and buy everything alone. Raghav and Kaushalya are behaving just like puppets. Thoda melodrama kam karna chahiye.

  28. some romance between shivam and riya

  29. I hate this stupid nandu.He is 2 much irritating character. I’m sure Nimmi weds vyom. pls Nandu & preeti ki sadi maat karwana.Riya is part2 of kusiya.kitni dump dekarahai aajkal riya ko. We don’t want mohit tamasa anymore. pls don’t spoil mohit image anymore.& plzzzz reunite Mohpree happily.

  30. Director & Writer: what was that yesterday? Why kushia has to bown down for the marriage for pari who is much younger to her. I don’t understand that, can you explain that? why was neccessary? Makri mama and Vyom? Saas kabse damad ki pair par the hai? this is not done? Plz don’t show this thing it’s very insulting.
    Show ALSO SOME positive things (bas bahut hoga).
    Show good things about, Nimmi, Riya and Khusia. Make the dumb Khusia a good mother and Fighter/well wisher for her children.
    Tab hi serial mein kuch twist ayengi……

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