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Mastaangi 16th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ria and Karan are searching in the jungle when Ria meets two boys Ankit and Shivan and asks of what they are doing here. They explain that they are lost and can’t find their way, Ria sees their map and guides them to guides to their destination and heads on for her search. One of the guy still has the pendant and says that it’s still ruining my luck. Karan warns him saying that who knows what will happen in the jungle as you are all alone here and imagine if you get stuck in this jungle and an animal comes, the guy listens and throws the pendant away which gets stuck on a tree. Later Karan is mocking Ria and steps away and falls on the ground and gets a scar on his arm. Ria bandages him and before Karan could say anything Ria starts saying what the hell, who do you think you are, stay away from me,

I hate you, you break peoples trust and stay away from me. She says that say all of it as you have full right to explain your personal opinion. She says that I am not doing any of this to change your opinion, I am only doing what I must you do what you have to and congrats on your Anaita. She leaves and Karan throws the bandage away saying that who does she think she is.
Jignesh is walking with Vanessa who gets tired and says why don’t we take some rest. Jignesh says of course we can but the thing is that we are here to complete an assignment, Vanessa says that I have a specific species in my mind and shows off. Jignesh says that this specie is even more special than the one of the assignment and and the two of them start to have a photo-shoot of Vanessa. Later Ria and Karan are arguing and Karan says to her that if you keep taking photos of everything like this than we’ll not even before 5 of the next day as this jungle is very big and our destination is very far away. Ria says that though this is team work but it doesn’t I don’t think that you are interested in it and says that at least let me do my work with honesty. Karan says that you roam in this jungle and I am not going anywhere. Ria agrees and Karan sits down and while she goes on her own to complete the assignment.
Anaita and Euro are listening to the two of them and Euro says to Anaita that this is what we wanted. He tells her to look after Karan and leave the rest to him. He gives a radio phone to Anaita. Later Euro changes the signs of direction and Ria goes towards the dense jungle instead of the cliff area. Euro is stalking Ria as she heads towards the jungle. Anaita comes and sits with Karan while he tries to avoid her and gets on a tree. Euro is following Ria when he suddenly falls and loses track of Ria.
Karan gets a little worried and leaves to look for her while Anaita tries to stop him from going. Karan says that she is a girl and is alone in the jungle while Anaita says that have you forgotten what she has done in the past to us. Karan gets a little convinced and decides not to go after her. Ria is still lost and is trying to figure out where she came from and shouts for help.
Anaita tells Karan to relax and says that she’ll come back soon. Anaita calls Euro and asks for what is happening Euro says that he is still looking for her but confirms saying that their work will be done today. Ria is looking her way through. She finds a mark on the ground saying, ‘Heer Ranjha Point’ where she once met Cabir. She goes through the place where there are old statues and she remembers some glimpses from her previous life.
Karan says that its very late and there is no sign of Ria, Anaita says that maybe she’s back at the camp site while we are waiting for here. Karan says to her that how can you take this so lightly, she is a girl and used to be your best friend. Karan says that she could be in trouble while Anaita says that she is worried and is thinking maybe she is at the camp so let’s go look there. Karan agrees with her and the two of them leave. Anaita says that I hope Euro finds Ria quickly.
Ria is looking through the place and starts remembering more about herself. She gets a headache first and then hears someone calling her Udita. She turns around and sees the face of the person who looks just like Karan. She yells to herself to not to shoot as the person as he loves her and has brought a ring. The girl in her vision shoots the guy in the heart and he dies. She starts to remember a connection and when the first time she touched Karan and he called her Udita. She says that maybe I was known as Udita in my previous life, that’s why he called Udita once and she called him Cabir.

Precap: Ria is taking her medicine when Euro comes and throws it away. He says that I have brought a medicine for you. It’s the same one that I gave to you in the fresher’s party but I will do the one thing today that I couldn’t do that day. I will make an mms of you with me and this will be Euros’ revenge. Karan calls Euro on the radio phone and says that I know Ria is with and you have only 10 seconds to let her go. He comes and fights Euro who runs away and Ria hugs him.

Update Credit to: Sona

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