Humara Pyaara Sa Family( A love tale of ISHRA,ABHIGUN & ARSHI) Part 1

Tnx for ur comments guys…I will start with my episode 1

scene1:Bhalla Mansion
Khushi:What? Why isn’t anyone awake yet?Do they even remember that v r going to Chandigarh today?
Khushi:Dadi!?Where r my 2 brothers?
dadi:they must b asleep. ehy r u asking and why r u up early?
Khushu in hell shock:OMG!!!Dadi, did u forget that v r going to meet the Raizada’s in Chandigarh today?
Khushi:Then y r they still sleeping?

dadi:wait khushi,did u c the time?
dadi:its 6 in the morning beta…
khushi:erm…so what…The earlier the better!
dadi:oi…stop joking around…
khushi:but dadi…
Dadi:u can wake up at 8. Now go sleep
dadi:go sleep
khushi mumbles something and goes.
dadi:even raman will not b that eager to meet ishita

scene2:Raizada Mansion
Shagun comes out of her room in her fashionable nightgown. She comes to the puja room and smiles seeing ishita
shagun:good morning di…

she steps into the mandir but is stopped by ishu
ishu:gd morning shagun…but don’t come in, u still haven’t taken bath yet
ishu smiles
shagun:can I at least get the Prasad?
ishu:erm..what if I say no?
shagun:but I brushed my teeth
ishu gives her the Prasad:but u can say this to ur mother-in-law after u get married
shagun:i don’t care and I think u don’t have that prob.
shagun notices her confused look:my dashing doctor didi!dont tell me u forgot that the Bhallas r coming today
ishu:omg!i totally forgot!!
shagun:and here u r advising me! If Anjali di got to know this then…
ishu:come with me help me select a saree to wear

shagun:ok lets go

scene3:In abhishek’s room
abhi turns over his bed and opens his eyes
abhi:gem…what r u doing here!?
khushi:did u forget?
abhi sleepily:what?
khushi:today is what day?
abhi going to sleep agn: what? my birthday? happy birthday to me…

abhi:pls don’t give me one of ur stupd micro arts…My office and my room is flled with that damn stuffs!
khushi shakes him violently: bhaiyaa…R u drunk?
abhi:ahhaa…No…I mean a small glass at raman bhaiya’s bachelor party last night…
Khushi looks at him confused
abhi:so today…?
khushi:r u guys stupid to have a bachelor part even before u see the girl
abhi:yes…erm..I mean when u c a girl u r committed so yeah…
khushi:u r really that drunk!
khushi:get ready and come!im gonna c what my big brother’s condition is
with that she leaves and abhi slaps his forehead
abhi: luckily u didn’t blabber anything about piya man!
he goes to get ready

ishu:is this nice shagun?
shagun doesn’t reply
ishu goes to shagun:what happened?
Arnav comes there:arrey shagun! Y so sad?
shagun looks at the both of them
Arnav:di she had been like this since yeaterday
ishu:r u ok shagun?
shagun hugs ishita and cries
shagun:can u not get married?
shagun:dont go anywhere…stay with us pls!
now ishu is also crying:shagu…pls stop crying na…
now Arnav also has tears in his eyes. he hugs them as well
Anjali and nani r watching hem from outside
shagun notices them and run to them
shagun:nani can u ask ur fren if ishu di can stay here after marriage with her husband?
shagun:just like how prem jiju is staying with us
Arnav:shagun, v will talk abt it later and I promise u that u will meet ishu di frequently after her wedding
prem:guys…did u all notice something?
prem:im here!
everyone just realised that prem is back from Mumbai and soon forget abt the things they were talking abt

scene5:khushi enters raman’s room
khushi to herself:if abhishek bhaiya is like this then imagine raman bhaiya…man guys nowadays!
raman:what happen khushi?
khushi looks at raman and gets amazed
khushi:wah bhaiyaa…now that ishtaji is going to fall for u the moment she sees u!
raman looks dashing n his coat
abhi:gem…the moment u were waiting for has arrived
raman:what moment bijju?
abhi:ai! bhaiyaa don’t call me like that!
raman:its k bijju! what moment agn?
abhi:u wont change! and don’t act like u don’t know what time is it
khushi looks at the clock:cool…v r going to c ishta bhabi!
raman smiles:gem…she is not ur bhabi yet
abhi:she is going to b soon cos v know that at any moment today, she is going to marry u cos u look dashing
raman smiles and twist their ears
khushi:be sweet to ur going to be wife bhaiyaa…
they laugh and come down

precap:the bhallas arrive at the raizada mansion. Arnav opens the door and gets mesmerized by her beauty. later raman prevents ishita from falling and they have an eyelock.

—I will try to update as soon as possible guys…

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